Friday, December 25, 2009

As pie said:

A picture of me in my new gear:

And Ruune isn't going to believe this.

I don't want to grow up.

Isn't that what Peter Pan said? Or something similar?

Anyway, it's 6:50 a.m. here in Houston, TX. No one is stirring, except for me. I am the first one awake. It really stinks to have a house full of adults who want nothing better than to sleep in. I seem to be hardwired to wake up early no matter the day so here I am, staring at the pretty tree with all the presents.

And the Miniorc just started crying. I bet he wants to open presents.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And this is how we game.


Since I can't draw on Miniorc or Orclette.

It's on Purpose. Seriously.

You know how lots of people gain poundage over the holidays because of all the yummy goodies that are circulated at this time of year?

I have never been one of them. I have self-control. I eat the yummy desserts on Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's it.

Except this year. My parents and brothers are all trying to get me fat. Which is sad because there was potential for weight-loss: One of the fun things I do with my parents is go along to their YMCA (my mom teaches yoga, is a lifeguard and triathlete coach, my dad is also a triathlete coach) and workout with them. So I've done yoga, Spinning classes, and of course running. Had to try out my spiffy new red shoes with the awesome pink socks. They (the socks) cost $14. For one pair. Worth it though.

Anyway. My brother Alden and I went to see a movie last week and he, out of the kindness of his heart, bought me a pint of eggnog and smuggled it into the theater. I could not refuse, he had bought it without asking and of his own initiative, but I did ask if I could wait until Christmas Day because I can eat whatever I want on that day. He was fine with that. Until we noticed the expiration date a few days later. I had to drink the eggnog.

Then my brother Justin just had to be born on the 22nd (23 years ago:) And in my family the tradition is that the birthday person gets to pick whatever restaurant he/she would like to go to and there we go. He wanted Red Robin's. And they have really, really good burgers. And everyone else was ordering burgers. It would have looked odd for me to order a salad. So I had a juicy bacon cheeseburger. And their steak fries? You MUST try their steak fries. So, so very good.
And we had Carrot Cake afterwards.

And today is my dad's birthday. And there is Carrot Cake left over. Fortunately that is not a favorite of mine so I can resist. But .... all of my mom's relatives like to send cookies/candy. I'm not talking your chocolate chip cookie ... I'm talking gourmet stuff. You feel like you have to eat it because it's so darn beautiful. And my mom is baking pecan pie (I'm a Virginian gal. I like pecan pie) and lemon meringue stuff.

And of course Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are looming.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

He wanted to be in a post.

More proof.

So at my in-laws house... we ran out of spoons. And I needed PBJ. So in light of recent discussions I felt I should report on the experience.

It was horrible.

The knife repeatedly failed to get the right amount of jelly. And then spreading it was just... wrong. No curved spoon to spread it just right... instead a silly flat surface that did -nothing- for me.

Fortunately PBJ is such a great food that it overcame these huge glaring problems and I had a respectible sandwich. But IMAGINE. I could have had an amazing sandwich.


My christmas present

Came a bit early. But I'm really grateful for my inlaws buying me new running shoes. My previous ones had a huge hole in the right foot.