Friday, May 16, 2008

A Big Thank You

To bob the goat, who suggested the use of the Uncle Trinket in addition to all the excellent tips in The Tanking Guide (dammy will you link all these? I almost figured out how but then it got all wacko on me ...)

Orclette's uncle has consented to be a trinket, although he probably would want a month-cooldown.

We're going to see Prince Caspian tomorrow. I'm soooo excited =)

Shaman if you want awesome.

So on Tuesday[the time of me writing this post] I was asking on twitter which class I should play when I got home and while 99% of everyone said hunter.... Anna piped up with "Hunter if you want fast. Shaman if you want awesome."

I have to agree. Even on my lagdeath of a comp(which my brother says just needs a system wipe, a video card, some ram, a new monitor, and a new harddrive to fix) Shaman's are the awesome.

It's just hard to compete with Windfury(aka Awesome), Ghost Wolf(aka Awesome), Chain Awesome(comes now in two flavors), free mana(aka Shield of Awesome and Shamanistic Awesome), Totems(because the size does matter and they are awesome), Bloodlust, oh and Astral Awesome.

And thats just the beginning.

I poked around with my Orc Shaman a bit last night after becoming frustrated with typing lag in guild chat. Typing lag is when your keyboard accepts presses but the screen doesn't show anything happening until 5 min later. On DammShaman I don't have anyone to talk to so I don't get as frustrated.

A couple of things I found out. While level 61 pig-demons were freakin mean...the level 58-59 orcs are a walk. The greens are awesome. The xp is awesome. Outlands trumps the old world in every bloody way. I love this place. Hellfire Penninsula is so freakin cool.

Makes me wish that Sidhe Devils were horde.

Because then I'd be a Shaman. And you roll Shaman if you wanna roll awesome.

At the time of this post the Author is considering rolling a bluecow but on Sidhe Devils he's more concerned with speed than awesome.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The wonders of Vodka

Ooooh I likes the vodka. I had too much of it last night. Or at least I think I did. I'm very susceptible to suggestion. Case in point: my brother and I took communion once at our Catholic grandmother's church. They give you the real deal, no mamsy-pansy stuff for them. And I'm serious when I tell you that both of use had severe headaches and felt a little woozy. My grandmother, tough love person that she is, told us to knock it off-there was no way that little bit of wine could get us buzzed. And I think she's correct, but I certainly felt drunk that day. Anyway, we had You-Won't-Be-Single-For-Long Vodka Cream Pasta (Rachel Ray-well, what can I say? She's AWESOME.). Firstly, I was excited that I actually pulled the sauce off and didn't burn it. Secondly, it got rave reviews. Thirdly, I started worrying that I hadn't cooked it long enough, that there was alcohol still in the sauce ... and hence I had too much vodka. Brain kicks in, I start feeling wobbly and my words start not coming out right. Gotta love the power of suggestion.

Last night us Green Poxers took on Gnomer. I actually can't spell the entire thing. And I'm having to retype most of what I type ... must be the vodka ..... or the fact that I haven't gotten enough sleep for two weeks now. Anyways, my recollections of Gnomer are somewhat fuzzy. I was trying really hard to keep my eyelids open. I do remember Abuto falling one too many levels. Wulfa grimly pronounced, "We have a situation here." Then we jumped down to rescue her, and we killed 10? mobs? It was a lot. The floor was littered with our killz. And I had to heal for a bit as Raaksi accidentally got himself killed. That happened twice, come to think of it. Mobs just don't like him. And Kitzen, lovely Kitzen. Let me tell you what mad skillz she has. She (drum roll) can run in circles! Yes, that's right, she can run in circles and press the little red button. I know that she was instructed to do this for a boss. I can't remember which boss it was 'cause I was concentrating so hard on not thinking about sleep. We downed the bugger, of course. It was Abuto mainly tanking him because the boss dude likes to throw people around, show everyone how tough and mean he is. After that we hearthed, cause someone named Wulfa couldn't stay awake any longer, and that was that. I had an awesome time. Wish we could play more than once per week. Oh, and I came up with an awesome name for myself.

The Wulfa.

I am The Wulfa. I likes it (giggles at self).

And this is a shout-out to BRK. I have been working really, REALLY hard on only putting one space between my sentences. This means spacing two and going back one every time. But what other option did I have-BRK sayeth single space only, and let it be done =)

I wanted to talk a bit about how awesome last night was as well. We were levels 25-26 doing gnomer(we waited until 25 so we could get the quests). The majority of the instance was wonderfully easy. The alarm bots died so very very fast, and we quietly blew threw the area. We only had two hickups the entire night. In the room with the Elecrotbot 9000 or something like that. We started dropping down to get to the bottom floor. Well poor abuto got caught on a ledge above the ledge that all of us dropped onto and from that ledge you couldn't get to our ledge so she dropped to the bottom floor.

We stopped... looked around and decided we would join her. Yeah well the sight of a huge ugly bear dropping onto the ground was shocking I guess. We agroed immediantly two guys in spider mobiles. Then one of the leper gnomes in the middle. then one of the wandering patrols with 1 guy in a walkerbot and 4-5 leper gnomes...That group also linked another patrol of the sames size and a pacify-bot. All in all we had 14-18 mobs we were fighting at once. And I"m really proud to say that unlike the rest of the mobs in this instance I actually held agro on 10-12 of them for the majority of the fight. This fight was awesome.

The other hicup? Well it was and wasn't. I missunderstood Raaksi's description of the Tinker Somethignface fight. The one with all the bombs? Yeah. I thought one person could run around the outside pushing buttons and killing bombs and we would be bomb free while the rest of us killed the tinker. Turns out the buttons reset a -lot- faster than that. So we had a lot of bombs despite Kitzen being FREAKIN AWESOME and killing them by the bucketfulls and pushing buttons right and left. Raaksi told me this morning that we should have had the ranged dps/healers split up and stand next to the columns and push buttons and dps. Ah... well thats learning for you.

I'm wondering how Purple(particularly Harisan) did on this boss. I had plenty of threat according to omen and yet Abuto tanked most of this fight after the first 10-20% of boss health. Every time I pulled hate back I would be thrown into the air and would feral charge back immediantly and growl/taunt to force him to attack me....and then when taunt wore off he'd go back to abuto.... but there really isn't any way she had more threat than me...unless he wipes threat but wouldn't omen reflect this? I hate using addons for this reason. You don't know what bits you should trust and what bits you shouldn't.

Anyways thats my run down. All in all I think everyone had a ball and we'll be back after all to kill more gnomes in their halls.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Plethora of links.

Yay for Word-Things.

The Bear at his best. Seriously his stories are gold.

If I was making more characters this series would have been diamond. As it was I had to settle for the adjective "awesome".

Megan shows one of the many reasons why I'm not good at pvp.

Lassirra of Hunters Mark is and has been my hero for some time now. 750+ agi oh my!

I agree with Matt. Epic is numberless. Sides Arthas isn't the most powerful guy anyways. We all know that would be that druid NE guy who's lost dreaming.

Sonovar you should deffinitly blog. People put up with my junk all the time, people are nice and helpful, ignore the ones that aren't. As for finding time and all that. it just happens.

I want to know the answer to this as well.

You have to.

Trackhoof took the time out of kill trash mobs to talk to a n00b shaman. I feel like taking the time to link him!

I'd have more, but calls are started coming in. Adios and word-things for the win.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm warning you. Don't follow the breakline.

This is also a test.

The link

How many times do you need to rewrite something for it to be written correctly? I do not know. I do know that I need to work more on getting my work done before browsing the internet. I feel like I spend 75% of my time browsing. I need to correct this.
Currently all of my work is research and it frustrates me. I need to finish off the GL0100 CWR and get all of my work done faster so that I can ask for more. Letting the work fill the time allotted is not a good thing.
Also I need to be taking time to socialize with my co-workers. I am a recluse at the office. I spend all of my time in my cubicle and none of it talking with the people I work with. This is not good as the majority of promotions come as a result of talking to and listening to people I would say. Work is 25% but socializing is 75%. All of my percents are made up I know.
This is an excersize in writing. Actually it is more of a journaling process. Writing down my thoughts as fast as they come just so that I can see how many words I can put on paper.
Fiction is a bit more difficult as I wish for it to read correctly. Scenes to be measured and clear. Characters to have depth.
I figure if I write an hour a day for a month then I will have set a solid precedence and habit and should have a good idea on how feasible it is for me to become an author. I enjoy telling stories and I really want to stop this bad habit I have of quitting half way.
As Klaki said don’t do things half-assed. Do them completely or not at all. At work I currently half it due to spending all my time browsing and thinking about WoW. Tsk.
I mean I don’t want to give up on WoW. I enjoy it and enjoy the friends I’ve made. But I also don’t want WoW to take so much of my time that I cannot think clearly at work and end up idling my day away. I really really wish sometimes that the internet was not so vital for what I do. It always seems like the easiest form of self control is abstaining from being –able- to be tempted.
Okay so 400 words to a page. And I can blab a senseless page in 5 min. So I could produce a full novel of drivel in roughly two and a half hours? I’m awesome. Part of me wants to try this and simply see what so much random chatter would look like. Heh.
I may attempt to write 10 pages of plot in this manner. One after another what happens next and then what and who and why and why do we care. A torrent of bad ideas just waiting to be polished into a good idea.
I think I shall blog this. Take this huge block of text and just plop it down into my blog. Yep that is what I will do. I just took the time to tweet a request for assistance in adding a ‘break’ line so that reader’s have to –chose- to be smacked with this.
So right now all of what I have written would have barely put you to the point in the story where the hero says his first words. All you know at this point is that he’s from a place and he’s a he and we might even still be talking from the villains point of view. Poor bugger you. At the mercy of a madman like me.
Really, I don’t care. I shall torture you even more. You see I plan to see what four pages looks like! Yes FOUR. How do you plan to escape now Mr. Readerbond? I stole your LAZER chicken watch! Muahahahhahahahaha.
So why should something odd happen to our hero? Ah because I say so…but it needs to make some sort of sense. A premise of something. Hmm. A distracted prophet from the future. A young man who isn’t doing his job well because the past is very very cool. Merlin like powers… Kender mindset.
Ah yes, that’s the man. Popping into the past, surprising the heros, and forgetting why he came. Something dreadful most likely. Poor future. You send a messenger to try and prevent yourself and –blam- you get an overly curious Monkey King of a tourist. The heroes can’t even understand what you are trying to prevent.
Oh which heroes you ask?... Those guys over there. The low-30’s Librarian, her younger brother who works in retail, his girlfriend the gamer, his best friend the gamer/mechanic and his bestfriends love interest who just happened to come because they had free pizza.
Yeah, she’s almost as bad off as you dear reader. You just clicked past here to see what I wrote. And then blam I snagged you with 1200 words worth of dead time.
Well actually at this point its only 858 words but who’s counting?

I want to see what it does.

Ah okay so my -read more- link is broken. But the bit that hids the main post isn't. I added a link for you guys so that you could see the huge section of spam I'm hiding.

It really is spam. Reading it would be painful.

Today's Subject.

"Good writing depends on maintaining positive attitudes about the project and about yourself as a writer."

Until recently I viewed having a good attitude as something that was optional in my life and annoying in others. My mother would often try to get me to cheer up and think positively and I would for the most part ignore her.

"Thinking positively" seemed a naive approach to something as serious as life. Shockingly, when I started researching how to improve my work and other aspects of my life I ran into a single glaring fact.

Every author I have read without exception has pointed to maintaining a positive attitude as a major step to success. And now when I Google how to improve my writing.... I find the link above.

Slowly, but steadily I am now eroding away at the mistaken belief that my outlook has little affect on my life.

I -will- prevail.

Also, as an added bonus this article was only written with one misspelling on the first draft. This is a small and very encouraging event.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Hangover

Hey, it could've happened! Especially if the moms who don't normally drink decide a glass of wine would be appropriate. We went to the Olive Garden. Oh wait-back up. I was going to tell you the ENTIRE mother's day story.

MY present had already been given to me. A white/green bookbag from B&N. If you're in the market for a stylish, durable bag that will also make anyone looking at you think you're smart because you read books, this bag is for you. I LOVE it. Anyway, that was bought awhile ago. So I said I didn't want anything this Mother's Day. And I read somewhere that husbands, if they value their lives, would do well to ignore their wives when they say that. I thought to myself, "I'm not one of those women! I really don't want anything ...."

So I wake up Sunday morning, log on to WOW. "Happy Mother's Day" pops up in guild chat. Oh right, it's the big day. Hmm. I wonder if Dammy has a surprise waiting for me. I told him he didn't have to. But he's sweet like that. I'm sure I got a card. Ooh, flowers. Maybe he bought me flowers. And then Orclette decided to wake up early to tell me Happy Mother's Day.

I think she knew it was a special day. She is an incredibly active 10-month old who doesn't really like to cuddle, and usually I don't either. But yesterday for at least 30 minutes we snuggled in front of the tv, flipping through all of the churches that had their services broadcast (boring .... although I like going to the real thing). And then, when I couldn't stand waiting for my surprise anymore, we went in to wake Dammy up (I had told him he could sleep in. Sleeping in is 7 am, right? I mean, I got up at 5:30 am). We woke him up and I asked what he had planned. Very smart man, he said he had things up his sleeve. Me being a very smart female, I started to describe how I would love the day to go. And it happened.

Firstly the Olive Garden. I love that restaurant. My favorites were the lasagna, breadsticks w/ salad and not soup, numerous diet cokes w/o ice, and then their chocolate lasagna. They don't have the chocolate lasagna anymore. Very sad. Anyway, Orclette was squirmy at first but as soon as the breadsticks appeared and we started feeding her the squishy inside (avoiding the salt) she settled down and appeared to have fun, although we had to hold her. She wouldn't sit in the high chair. And I ordered wine. A risoto (have no clue if that's how you spell it). And then they poured me this HUGE glass. I thought a serving was like 1/2 cup? Nevermind that I get sleepy after 1/4 cup (yes, I've actually measured ...) I just have no tolerance. Anyway, it was excellent, and after I had the few sips that I wanted I passed the glass, which looked like it had just been poured, to my brother-in-law.

And then we went shopping. To Old Navy, where I got a fab new top. And only the one, because clothes are expensive. I totally understand now why my mom went to the thrift store. She just couldn't justify buying outrageously priced items when you could get it for a $1.50. 'Sides, God tells her when to go. I'm serious. She'll get the urge, go, and find something that she had been looking for/wanting for an awesome price. It's an awesome thing.

And after Old Navy, I went to work, which was a complete MADHOUSE, what with mom's spending their gift cards and the hassled people (mainly men) buying last-minute gifts. IT was soo messy that we got out half an hour later than usual. Bleh. Oh, and the interesting part of the evening.

We had the cops called on us. You see, we have a minivan named Bunny. We took the back seat out and made that back area a sort of play pen for Orclette. Dammy stays for the day when we drive to my store and he'll alternate between being inside and being out there with her. And might I add that Orclette is never, ever, EVER left alone. Not even for the two-seconds quick rush. She. Is. Never. Left. Alone. But someone saw her playing through our tinted windows, evidently didn't see Dammy who was sitting right next to her, and then left a nasty note on our windshield. And then they left. They didn't stick around to make sure that Orclette was really ok. They didn't knock to see if just maybe someone was in there with her. They just left. And that's what got Dammy so mad. Soo, the cop showed up, said that there had been a call, Dammy explained that he had been with her the entire time, and cop left. Now, my mom called the cops once when a parent left their baby, in the middle of summer, in the car while they rushed into the bank. And this was right after a story about child-leaving had been plastered all over the news. She called, the cops, and then proceeded to stay where she was. I think their car was running (oh, and she had checked to see if someone was in there with the child) so she wasn't concerned about the heat. If the parent had been away too long, or if someone not the parent had approached the car, all hell would've broken loose. And that's how stuff like that should go down (btw, that kid was ok, the parent came back).

So that was my mother's day. How was yours?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Learning to Work

I don't know how school was for the vast majority of you out there. Heck I don't know what it was like for the minority.

For me it was fairly easy. I learned what I needed to pass tests and write reports and did so with ease. Schoolwork was stripped down to mini-games of find the answer.

And now I sit in 'real life' staring at 'work' and wondering why 'just finding the answer' doesn't work as well as it used to.

To advance, to make it to the top, you don't 'just find the answer' faster than others. You spend your time finding out why. You spend your time finding the right questions. You delve into how things work, not just which buttons you need to press. You answer your boss' question and then ask insightful ones of your own. You dig and research and develop tools to make digging and researching easier in the future.

Its incredibly frustrating to me. I feel like a backyard dog that is used to simple games of fetch being transplanted into a world where all the other dogs are Lassie. I don't even know who Timmy bloody is! All the ball-throwing-things are the -same- to me! And what is a "well" anyways? Bleh lets just go find new smells and take a nap.

Obviously this isn't going to cut it....