Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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How many times do you need to rewrite something for it to be written correctly? I do not know. I do know that I need to work more on getting my work done before browsing the internet. I feel like I spend 75% of my time browsing. I need to correct this.
Currently all of my work is research and it frustrates me. I need to finish off the GL0100 CWR and get all of my work done faster so that I can ask for more. Letting the work fill the time allotted is not a good thing.
Also I need to be taking time to socialize with my co-workers. I am a recluse at the office. I spend all of my time in my cubicle and none of it talking with the people I work with. This is not good as the majority of promotions come as a result of talking to and listening to people I would say. Work is 25% but socializing is 75%. All of my percents are made up I know.
This is an excersize in writing. Actually it is more of a journaling process. Writing down my thoughts as fast as they come just so that I can see how many words I can put on paper.
Fiction is a bit more difficult as I wish for it to read correctly. Scenes to be measured and clear. Characters to have depth.
I figure if I write an hour a day for a month then I will have set a solid precedence and habit and should have a good idea on how feasible it is for me to become an author. I enjoy telling stories and I really want to stop this bad habit I have of quitting half way.
As Klaki said don’t do things half-assed. Do them completely or not at all. At work I currently half it due to spending all my time browsing and thinking about WoW. Tsk.
I mean I don’t want to give up on WoW. I enjoy it and enjoy the friends I’ve made. But I also don’t want WoW to take so much of my time that I cannot think clearly at work and end up idling my day away. I really really wish sometimes that the internet was not so vital for what I do. It always seems like the easiest form of self control is abstaining from being –able- to be tempted.
Okay so 400 words to a page. And I can blab a senseless page in 5 min. So I could produce a full novel of drivel in roughly two and a half hours? I’m awesome. Part of me wants to try this and simply see what so much random chatter would look like. Heh.
I may attempt to write 10 pages of plot in this manner. One after another what happens next and then what and who and why and why do we care. A torrent of bad ideas just waiting to be polished into a good idea.
I think I shall blog this. Take this huge block of text and just plop it down into my blog. Yep that is what I will do. I just took the time to tweet a request for assistance in adding a ‘break’ line so that reader’s have to –chose- to be smacked with this.
So right now all of what I have written would have barely put you to the point in the story where the hero says his first words. All you know at this point is that he’s from a place and he’s a he and we might even still be talking from the villains point of view. Poor bugger you. At the mercy of a madman like me.
Really, I don’t care. I shall torture you even more. You see I plan to see what four pages looks like! Yes FOUR. How do you plan to escape now Mr. Readerbond? I stole your LAZER chicken watch! Muahahahhahahahaha.
So why should something odd happen to our hero? Ah because I say so…but it needs to make some sort of sense. A premise of something. Hmm. A distracted prophet from the future. A young man who isn’t doing his job well because the past is very very cool. Merlin like powers… Kender mindset.
Ah yes, that’s the man. Popping into the past, surprising the heros, and forgetting why he came. Something dreadful most likely. Poor future. You send a messenger to try and prevent yourself and –blam- you get an overly curious Monkey King of a tourist. The heroes can’t even understand what you are trying to prevent.
Oh which heroes you ask?... Those guys over there. The low-30’s Librarian, her younger brother who works in retail, his girlfriend the gamer, his best friend the gamer/mechanic and his bestfriends love interest who just happened to come because they had free pizza.
Yeah, she’s almost as bad off as you dear reader. You just clicked past here to see what I wrote. And then blam I snagged you with 1200 words worth of dead time.
Well actually at this point its only 858 words but who’s counting?

I want to see what it does.

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