Friday, December 28, 2007


Druids aren't the only ones that hibernate. I'd been hibernatin for a few weeks while my cousin Zujoo grew up. But now I'm back. I picked up an awesome hammer that gave me ~23dps, 11str, 4stm and a 2.5 attack speed. My wonderful guildie Darkkon called his cousin(alt) and had it crafted just for me. And I'm using this new axe!... new stuff all around. I think +48 str, +54agi, and 13.69% crit is pretty good for my season. I also found a great shield off of a night elf druid guarding their crappy treasure north of the Stonetalon MOuntains.

Oh I didn't mention that? Yeah some lazy blood elf with a grudge against night elves told me to kill Ordanus(he's a centaur night elf.. you know 4 legs, normal torso) and she would reward me. Her reward was telling me that the night elves had this 'awesome' treasure trove in the north west. Yeah right... it just had a ring, some bleh heavy mail gear, and a shirt that was okay. I'm still wearing the shirt. The other stuff I sold to a goblin.

I also spent a great deal of time in Ashenvale hampering the plans of the Burning Crusade. Aparently some really low level demons thought they'd try to become the next Mal'Gannis or something... I don't know. I didn't wait for them to start handing out blood-water to drink. I walked in and explained to them what nature's fury was. Incase you don't know nature's fury is me killing you with one blow and a full windfury crit to the face.

They died pretty easily, the infernals were annoying, the missfigured blueguys with axes were not, the lashers were easy. However I was a step too late. Apparently they had already infected the local water and the elementals had water-rabies. They had to be put down. I did this switfly and gained 4-5 elemental waters in the process. Yay for gold. I also found out about a group called the Earthen Ring. They do stuff. Not sure what... the troll was yammering about this and that and had a some gold or something he was going to give me. I nodded and nodded and grabbed the stuff and ran. He's boring. I think the shaman in Splintertree only sent me to him because I had annoyed him(the shaman) and he figured he would annoy me back with this boring troll.

I'm done with helping Ashenvale, I've helped and helped and helped and still no parades for me, no nice comfy chairs nothin. Screw them... I'm going to go handle the centaur menace in Thousand Needles.

Oh as I packing to leave for Needles I stopped by the trainer, you'll never guess what I learned... LIGHTNING CAN CHAIN. Yeah so now I've got this bouncy new lightning to play with... gonna play ping shock pong on some centaur faces.

Have fun,
Kill Alliance,


A little shiny yellow thing . . .

Bah! The little yellow dots drive me nuts!

There is a new addition to the Dammerung clan. His name is Arthes, which I have been told is very similar to the name of the really bad guy who did some really bad thing in the WOW lore. This was not intentional, I just wanted him to have a name similar to Arthur, legendary king and knight. Arthes is a hulking Draenei paladin who's having fun bashing and hammering things. He decided to pick up herb-garthering, which brings me to the main point: I hate the little yellow dots! Yes, it means there's an herb waiting for me to pick up. Yes, more herbs=good things. But I find myself following the dots no matter where I was headed or where the little dot is located. So I end up in the most out-of-the-way places. I can't stop-it's like the color red to a bull. Bah again! It's like BBB with his trees. Just one more! Sorry, after this I'll stop. Really!

Dammy made a Draenei hunter, a little dainty thing called Kylii. We decided we'd create opposing genders for ourselves, just for the fun of it. They're also keeping Angie company. She was getting pretty lonely and a bit jealous of all the relatives Beowulfa & Dammerung have. So now we have the Angie Clan, a subsidiary of the Clan Dammerung. :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A post!

So Beowulfa recieved the Burning Crusade as one of her many christmas presents. As a side note, she also recieved a picture of a chick with a pet lion. Sort of like Angharad. Anyways, we're poking Drenai characters in a "ooo that would be cool" kind of way. Since it was her birthday present and all... and if the characters were not BElf or Spacegoat then it wouldn't be using the present! So we're going to at least get them to 10.

And BElf's are too... pretty in an ugly way. I don'ts like them. She doesn't like them(much?).

I said Spacegoat. She quickly created a male drenai priest(this morning). We talked about it at lunch and she's going to make a paladin instead, I think. I slightly warned her off of priest because I've heard they solo about as well as a warrior heals.

I'm.... undecided. We have warrior, paladin, mage, priest, shaman, hunter. I've been told I need to be something tankish. So mage and priest are gone. I'm defining tankish in the we don't raid, and mostly just mess around, so shaman and hunter get to stay in. But I've already got a shaman and would feel bad if I accidently liked an alliance shaman more than a horde shaman so we're getting rid of shaman. Warrior.... just... it... I just can't do it right now. Paladin...well she's a paladin now so thats out. So I'm stuck with hunter. The pet can tank just fine for a two person party. I suppose.

But I REALLY wanted to be a druid. A spacegoat druid. Just so you know.

I hear killing tree's as a druid is FUN times. I hear tanking as a druid is FUN TIMES. It certainly sounds a lot more interesting than tanking as a warrior. Even if you are an awesome orc with an ugly green helmet who can kill SM mobs in just yer underpants.

Too bad them spacegoats aren't in the Cenarius in-crowd. Or whatever that druid guy who started the druids is called.

BBB and that pretty rogue who's name I cannot spell cassie something. Anyways, him adding her to his blog showed me how to add Beowulfa to mine! yay! No more posting under Dammerung for her. I had been wanting to know how to do that and didn't ask and well it was nice that he did that.

Brk linked to this hunter's website and I've added her to Beowulfa's links. She's cool but I don't remember the name other than its something about a hare and she did the same thing I did when I started: attack button spam for the win!

I really badly want Dammerung to be level 40.

I really badly want the following characters to exist and be level 40+:
My non-existant Druid alt. I would do herbalism/alchemy.
My troll hunter alt. I would do herbalism/skinning.
My undead rogue alt. I would do mining/skinning.


Well thats it. I have posted. My sad posts are not very well thought out and tend to ramble but 1500 times someone has read our site for at least 1 second. So thats something. Maybe that tells you something about what the internet does to your mind.

Dammerung who desperately needs to get back to a document he's writing for work.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How life rolls

I currently have the following key bindings:

1 = The really fast mana inefficiant healing spell highest current rank
2 = Lightning bolt highest current rank
3 = Earth Shock highest current rank
4 = Lightning shield HCR
5 = Flame Shock HCR

Middle Mouse Roll up = Mana Stream Totem
Middle Mouse Roll down = Macro:
/cast bloodfury(orc racial)
/cast Strength of Earth Totem HCR
Middle mouse click = The fire totem that shoots bolts of fire for low damage at mobs.
Shift-M-Mouse roll down = Ghost wolf(1sec cast)
Shift-M-Mouse roll up = Healing Wave HCR

My current fighting style goes something like this:

1) Cast lightning bolt at mob
2) Throw down mana and SoE totem, for elites use the recast icon of bloodfury to know when my totems wear off.
3) Mob gets in melee range, begin beating.
4) Save earth shock for runners or for mob spell casters
5) Use key binding = "1" if needbe
6) If I a haven't used ES and I don't need a heal and my lightning shield is down then recast.
7) Mob dies at this point hopefully
8) Recast LS and pull next mob OR cast a large heal and then sit down and regen mana.

A very crowded recap of spells I have gotten recently.
Windfury has sped things up a lot. Totems have a large agro range(30 yards right? or is it 20), I've often agroed 3-4 mobs if I'm in a tight place and forget how large. I am going to start using Totemic Call to get my mana back on all the totems I leave behind. I also am going to start always carrying Ankh's now that I have reincarnation. Astral Recall has been cast about 5 times per hour(yes I know it has a 15 min reset but I use is SOOO much that I swear it goes 5 times in 60 min), I love this spell. Far sight I used once to see what it did, I'm sure it is useful to someone. The resistance totems would be more useful if I was fighting a lot more elementals then I am. The poison removal totem I got a few levels back is PRICELESS. Stupid spiders. I haven't really used the Grounding totem as I simply did not have training cash for a long while, I will probably experiment with it but I have a hard time believing it will be added to my totem rotation while soloing.

Leveling mining(80?) is a pain. /whine.

Leveling skinning(212?) is so easy. /cheer

Leveling cooking(175) happens.

Leveling first aid(0) needs to happen.

Leveling fishing(140?) is on hold as I am 7 levels behind Beowulfa.

Two posts in one day... work must be slow. I wish I was getting windfury crits instead of working...


Taking a moment to describe a windfury crit for all of you non-shaman out there. Imagine that your average white damage looks like 80-100. Then you trigger windfury, you get 2 extra immediant blows. Now imagine they all crit: 220, 220, 220... BLAM you just did 660 damage when you normally would have done 80-100. Nice ain't it. They don't always do this... usually it looks more like 80, 100, 90. But extremes make better examples.

The difference between RP and XP.(RAMBLE)

Before I start. Let me say this: Windfury windfury how I love thee, you make me so happy, windfury! When you crit, I start to cry, tears of joy pour from my eyes! Windfury Windfury how I love thee, you make me so happy, Windfury!

Okay, now that that painful example of why orcs are not named Byron or Tennyson is out of the way, I can get on to my main subject.

I love the way Shaman characters look. I love the idea of the totems, the mail, the crit based combat, the extra hits. I mean I'm a combination of the bard in FFXI and a barbarian from dnd. Huge axe, aoe buffs with 2 min durations. I love the idea that I'm a wandering diplomat between us(races with skin) and them(the elemental races). I even love the playstyle(WINDFURY) again. Reincarnation was always my favorite WCIII hero ability, doing 600+ damage in 1 white swing at level 30... its only happened once but when it happens you stop EVERYTHING and think... did I really just do that? This is what I mean about RP. I mean thinking my character looks cool, feels cool, acts cool.

But RP doesn't automaticly convert to xp. My warlock looks stupid(dresses on a mail orc), he acts stupid(I hate casting), he feels stupid(I hate demons).... but he auto converts time into xp without almost any effort(comparitively). Today's post is me rapidly putting down thoughts, it is not a kirk or ego post :p(You guys are the standard for well written posts for me).

I want to level faster, but if everyone levels super crazy fast then leveling doesn't have anything to is just pressing a button and getting a cookie, which is fun sometimes but not worth paying money for. But why do I want to level faster? Because I play with and talk with people who are higher level than me. I want to be able to talk about the same things, and do things with them. I think WOW does this very very well. They speed up the leveling game so that -everyone- is level 70. Then you can start other segments of the game and spend your time with those people who you talk so often with.

Wait a second I was just complaining about how long it takes to level... then I thought about the other timesinks out there. FFXI was easy to level in... if you had a -great- party the entire time. If you didn't then you spent a lot of time de-leveling, yay joy fun. And you couldn't solo almost at all. So I want to qualify: within WOW I get frustrated when I compare my leveling speed with a hunter, but I do not want to play a hunter or a warlock, and I do not want to have Blizzard code me a win button. The solution? Stop comparing. So I will stop my tears and wander over there---->

Alright now that we are over here away from the crying sobbing baby that is me when I -start- writing. Some ideas for those of you leveling:

1) Music(everyone already knows this)[it helps]
2) Small short term goals[pretty awesome golden hammer!][then windfury]. Short term goals help you get past then next 10k xp. Without staring at the remaining 1million to go.
3) Don't compare your leveling speed/time/methods with other people. Even though guides are handy, for me and others they mostly derail us and suck out the enjoyment.
4) Read the quest text, try to care about the poor sod who you are doing something for. Then you have a reason other than XP to mindlessly kill tons and tons of melgrim centaur. Because you -really- care about the Gelkis and their plight.
5) Beowulfa got me this one: Try and change zones every 1-2 levels... just for a change of scenery. Level 23-24 Stonetalon, level 25-26 South Barrens, Level 27-28 Ashenvale, level 29 Stonetalon, level 30 Thousand Needles. as an example.

Well I think that this is all for now. When I get home tonight more socializing. Hopefully I will start leveling again on Thursday night, have to catch up with Beowulfa who is level 37.



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

'Twas the morning of Christmas, when all through the house,
The children were active, disturbing a mouse.
The stockings, all hung by the chimney with care,
Gave ample proof that Saint Nick had been there.
The children all jumped with glee from their beds
And pounded our door, as we lifted our heads.
And Mother, who was rather irritable said,
"It's four in the morning, now get back to bed!"
Then Mama in her gown and I in my cap,
Settled to bed for a four hour nap.
At eight that same morning, there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter.
Away from my bed, I jumped like a flash,
It had come from the kitchen, and there I did dash.
The tree was alight, the candles did wink
And the light from the kitchen caused me to blink.
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Then my children looked guilty, and close to tears.
My daughter, Molly, so lively and quick
Gave a gulp of her throat and a lick of her lips
And with these two gestures she began to explain,
As her story poured forth, this is how it came:

"We was just a' breakfast fixin'
An' I did the cookin' an' Joe did the mixin',
An' Joe gave the pancake batter to Paul,
An' Paul tripped and dropped it! Dropped it all!"
And she was right, for there on the floor
Were batter and broken dishes and more.
Then I gave a sigh, and smiled as I said,
"Let's get this cleaned up before Mom comes from bed."
As they cleaned it up I went, on bare foot,
To the fireplace, swept up the ashes and soot,
I lighted the fire, and then I went back.
They were sweeping the last of it into a sack.
The tree, how it twinkled, the presents, how merry
The paper and wrapping as red as a cherry
And each little gift was drawn up with a bow
And the window revealed the fresh falling snow.
But I could hear Mama's pattering feet
And the children still needed something to eat.
So I went to the kitchen, and filled each belly
With some lightly browned toast covered in jelly.
Then Mama came down and as she drew near
She said very softly, "What happened in here?"
A wink of my eye, and a nod of my head
Soon gave her to know she had nothing to dread.
With a great many words the kids went to work
They emptied each stocking and turned with a jerk.
Then focused their eyes on the gifts on the floor
And the wrapping and bows piled up more and more.
And though, on Christmas it's the giving that counts,
The spirit of getting is what this amounts.
And so my final words to say:
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day."

(from the TeenInk website, I have no clue how to paste a URL, written by Joel F.)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Who got me into Wow . . .

That would be Dammy. He brought out the inner nerd in me. Before I met him I would have described myself as athletic, bookwormish (it wasn't me that read through that dictionary for fun), and so NOT a gamer. Then Dammy and I met one fateful day in a bookstore and my doom was sealed. He started asking me to try various games to see if there was one we could play together. I was on a roll, not liking any of them, when he introduced me to WOW. I was instantly hooked by the character creation screen. I started playing around with a dwarf, finally settled on a warrior. I called her Adalwolfa. (I created a priest while Dammy wasn't around and promptly got her killed and have since avoided the healer types.) I look back and sigh about how much I didn't know about WOW and about gaming lingo. I still have to ask for translations as I'm reading through guild/general/trade chat. But I'm officially a nerd/geek/ whatever you call the gaming type. I was at my wonderful bookstore the other day, chatting it up with fellow employees, when the subject of WOW came up (probably because of the recent commercials). I started animatedly discussing what my character(s) had done recently and blah blah blah. I noticed one of the guys was staring rather amazedly at me. I asked him what was up and he said, and I quote, "I figured you for the jock type, but you're more of a nerd than I am!" Heehee.

Christmas update: My mother, whom Dammy described as the orc warrior, has now referred to herself as an orc warrior. Rather proudly. Turns out she reads our blog, or at least the parts where Orclette is mentioned. And when I told her the story of my fellow employee calling me a nerd she commented that she is the original jock in our family, which, considering she watches over little orcs in the water hole, referees their little gnome-head soccerish games, and teaches their orc mamas how to stretch into weird positions/contortions, is true. My brothers still haven't figured out that you can't "win" WOW. My gnomish-engineering dad has asked probing questions about the game (darn it can't remember any of them-some of them were funny). And I went to the movies for the first time in ages. It is so hard to get a good babysitter (especially when the baby's mother is rather paranoid). We saw National Treasure: The Book of Secrets and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Asked my producer-in-training brother when the third one is coming out (they so set it up for another movie) and he said he didn't know because there was a writer's strike going on. I had heard about the strike but didn't know any of the details. He filled me in, I proclaimed the whole thing stupid, and then he told me the last writer's strike lasted for two years. Two years of no sequels? fewer movies? I think some fledgling writers should jump for the opportunity to write the big-time movies/shows since the old-timers are off striking. But that's me being selfish and wanting to see the third National Treasure soonish rather than laterish.

Merry Christmas Eve!


P.S. Kestrel had asked the question "Who/what got you into the game of WOW." I tag everybody!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas christmas so far away.

Waiting on christmas is slow and boring.

A thought I had while waiting. Imagine if you are a new raider, and you guys just down [X] mob and all the plate wearing people rejoice as this awesome plate item drops. You are just happy to be here and not doing anything so you scroll over to click on pass and BLAM your daughter reaches forwards and taps your mouse button and GAH YOU ROLLED NEED!

Oh crap you win the roll. So here you are... a new raider and you've just accidently NINJA'd on an awesome rare epic amazing item you can't use.(In this example you are a Shaman).

So in my mind, the Shaman goes like this:
"oh crap guys... oh crap oh crap.... I didn't mean to... what do I have to do to pay for that.. how can I make up taking something that is rare and hard to get?"

Shaman offers to pay all plate repair bills, and forfeits all DKP or other similair gear point systems.

Anyways... my silly morning daydreams aside, what measures does your guild have in place for accidents like this? I mean accidents do happen, even if the one I've given is a bit of a stretch. If you have any measure of trust in your guild then you can't just boot someone when an accident like this happens. Unless you do. Who knows.

Bleh leather gear is 99% agi and only -1% str(made up numbers). I want more str! 12% crit is just fine at my level. I also got this AMAZING +11 str 22.? damage level 29 hammer with 2.5 second delay(swingtime?) from a guildie who has blacksmithing. 2handed maces is near 100/145 skill and I actually do damage now.

Note to self...don't skill up on xp mobs :P

Well that is all for now. See you tomorrow likely.