Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The difference between RP and XP.(RAMBLE)

Before I start. Let me say this: Windfury windfury how I love thee, you make me so happy, windfury! When you crit, I start to cry, tears of joy pour from my eyes! Windfury Windfury how I love thee, you make me so happy, Windfury!

Okay, now that that painful example of why orcs are not named Byron or Tennyson is out of the way, I can get on to my main subject.

I love the way Shaman characters look. I love the idea of the totems, the mail, the crit based combat, the extra hits. I mean I'm a combination of the bard in FFXI and a barbarian from dnd. Huge axe, aoe buffs with 2 min durations. I love the idea that I'm a wandering diplomat between us(races with skin) and them(the elemental races). I even love the playstyle(WINDFURY) again. Reincarnation was always my favorite WCIII hero ability, doing 600+ damage in 1 white swing at level 30... its only happened once but when it happens you stop EVERYTHING and think... did I really just do that? This is what I mean about RP. I mean thinking my character looks cool, feels cool, acts cool.

But RP doesn't automaticly convert to xp. My warlock looks stupid(dresses on a mail orc), he acts stupid(I hate casting), he feels stupid(I hate demons).... but he auto converts time into xp without almost any effort(comparitively). Today's post is me rapidly putting down thoughts, it is not a kirk or ego post :p(You guys are the standard for well written posts for me).

I want to level faster, but if everyone levels super crazy fast then leveling doesn't have anything to is just pressing a button and getting a cookie, which is fun sometimes but not worth paying money for. But why do I want to level faster? Because I play with and talk with people who are higher level than me. I want to be able to talk about the same things, and do things with them. I think WOW does this very very well. They speed up the leveling game so that -everyone- is level 70. Then you can start other segments of the game and spend your time with those people who you talk so often with.

Wait a second I was just complaining about how long it takes to level... then I thought about the other timesinks out there. FFXI was easy to level in... if you had a -great- party the entire time. If you didn't then you spent a lot of time de-leveling, yay joy fun. And you couldn't solo almost at all. So I want to qualify: within WOW I get frustrated when I compare my leveling speed with a hunter, but I do not want to play a hunter or a warlock, and I do not want to have Blizzard code me a win button. The solution? Stop comparing. So I will stop my tears and wander over there---->

Alright now that we are over here away from the crying sobbing baby that is me when I -start- writing. Some ideas for those of you leveling:

1) Music(everyone already knows this)[it helps]
2) Small short term goals[pretty awesome golden hammer!][then windfury]. Short term goals help you get past then next 10k xp. Without staring at the remaining 1million to go.
3) Don't compare your leveling speed/time/methods with other people. Even though guides are handy, for me and others they mostly derail us and suck out the enjoyment.
4) Read the quest text, try to care about the poor sod who you are doing something for. Then you have a reason other than XP to mindlessly kill tons and tons of melgrim centaur. Because you -really- care about the Gelkis and their plight.
5) Beowulfa got me this one: Try and change zones every 1-2 levels... just for a change of scenery. Level 23-24 Stonetalon, level 25-26 South Barrens, Level 27-28 Ashenvale, level 29 Stonetalon, level 30 Thousand Needles. as an example.

Well I think that this is all for now. When I get home tonight more socializing. Hopefully I will start leveling again on Thursday night, have to catch up with Beowulfa who is level 37.




Daxenos said...

I love I almost never read the text; I use a very efficient guide; and I try to burn through the levels as fast as I can.

There are no roses for me to sniff on the way to Outlands...heh....heh.

Poor Daxie arrived in Outlands at 58 still wearing level 40ish gear, the poor girl!

I like the fact that players can enjoy the different aspects of the game. Wanna stop and smell the Briarthorn? Go right on ahead! Feel like getting your skinning to 300 @ level 35? Have at it! Wanna raid Kara? Get yer butt in gear!


Dammerung said...

Ah good point ;P

I didn't mean to exclude those power leveling people. Some people like to get to 70 in [x] days [x] hrs.

For you people, read my guide like I was writing it on opposite day!