Thursday, December 27, 2007

A post!

So Beowulfa recieved the Burning Crusade as one of her many christmas presents. As a side note, she also recieved a picture of a chick with a pet lion. Sort of like Angharad. Anyways, we're poking Drenai characters in a "ooo that would be cool" kind of way. Since it was her birthday present and all... and if the characters were not BElf or Spacegoat then it wouldn't be using the present! So we're going to at least get them to 10.

And BElf's are too... pretty in an ugly way. I don'ts like them. She doesn't like them(much?).

I said Spacegoat. She quickly created a male drenai priest(this morning). We talked about it at lunch and she's going to make a paladin instead, I think. I slightly warned her off of priest because I've heard they solo about as well as a warrior heals.

I'm.... undecided. We have warrior, paladin, mage, priest, shaman, hunter. I've been told I need to be something tankish. So mage and priest are gone. I'm defining tankish in the we don't raid, and mostly just mess around, so shaman and hunter get to stay in. But I've already got a shaman and would feel bad if I accidently liked an alliance shaman more than a horde shaman so we're getting rid of shaman. Warrior.... just... it... I just can't do it right now. Paladin...well she's a paladin now so thats out. So I'm stuck with hunter. The pet can tank just fine for a two person party. I suppose.

But I REALLY wanted to be a druid. A spacegoat druid. Just so you know.

I hear killing tree's as a druid is FUN times. I hear tanking as a druid is FUN TIMES. It certainly sounds a lot more interesting than tanking as a warrior. Even if you are an awesome orc with an ugly green helmet who can kill SM mobs in just yer underpants.

Too bad them spacegoats aren't in the Cenarius in-crowd. Or whatever that druid guy who started the druids is called.

BBB and that pretty rogue who's name I cannot spell cassie something. Anyways, him adding her to his blog showed me how to add Beowulfa to mine! yay! No more posting under Dammerung for her. I had been wanting to know how to do that and didn't ask and well it was nice that he did that.

Brk linked to this hunter's website and I've added her to Beowulfa's links. She's cool but I don't remember the name other than its something about a hare and she did the same thing I did when I started: attack button spam for the win!

I really badly want Dammerung to be level 40.

I really badly want the following characters to exist and be level 40+:
My non-existant Druid alt. I would do herbalism/alchemy.
My troll hunter alt. I would do herbalism/skinning.
My undead rogue alt. I would do mining/skinning.


Well thats it. I have posted. My sad posts are not very well thought out and tend to ramble but 1500 times someone has read our site for at least 1 second. So thats something. Maybe that tells you something about what the internet does to your mind.

Dammerung who desperately needs to get back to a document he's writing for work.

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Tengu said...

Actually priests solo pretty well if they go shadow. Although in the beginning you depend a lot on a good wand. But after you get Mind Blast and Mind Flay things go sooo much easier.

I heard if you spec Discipline you can solo even better than Shadow but I have no experience with this.