Monday, December 24, 2007

Who got me into Wow . . .

That would be Dammy. He brought out the inner nerd in me. Before I met him I would have described myself as athletic, bookwormish (it wasn't me that read through that dictionary for fun), and so NOT a gamer. Then Dammy and I met one fateful day in a bookstore and my doom was sealed. He started asking me to try various games to see if there was one we could play together. I was on a roll, not liking any of them, when he introduced me to WOW. I was instantly hooked by the character creation screen. I started playing around with a dwarf, finally settled on a warrior. I called her Adalwolfa. (I created a priest while Dammy wasn't around and promptly got her killed and have since avoided the healer types.) I look back and sigh about how much I didn't know about WOW and about gaming lingo. I still have to ask for translations as I'm reading through guild/general/trade chat. But I'm officially a nerd/geek/ whatever you call the gaming type. I was at my wonderful bookstore the other day, chatting it up with fellow employees, when the subject of WOW came up (probably because of the recent commercials). I started animatedly discussing what my character(s) had done recently and blah blah blah. I noticed one of the guys was staring rather amazedly at me. I asked him what was up and he said, and I quote, "I figured you for the jock type, but you're more of a nerd than I am!" Heehee.

Christmas update: My mother, whom Dammy described as the orc warrior, has now referred to herself as an orc warrior. Rather proudly. Turns out she reads our blog, or at least the parts where Orclette is mentioned. And when I told her the story of my fellow employee calling me a nerd she commented that she is the original jock in our family, which, considering she watches over little orcs in the water hole, referees their little gnome-head soccerish games, and teaches their orc mamas how to stretch into weird positions/contortions, is true. My brothers still haven't figured out that you can't "win" WOW. My gnomish-engineering dad has asked probing questions about the game (darn it can't remember any of them-some of them were funny). And I went to the movies for the first time in ages. It is so hard to get a good babysitter (especially when the baby's mother is rather paranoid). We saw National Treasure: The Book of Secrets and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Asked my producer-in-training brother when the third one is coming out (they so set it up for another movie) and he said he didn't know because there was a writer's strike going on. I had heard about the strike but didn't know any of the details. He filled me in, I proclaimed the whole thing stupid, and then he told me the last writer's strike lasted for two years. Two years of no sequels? fewer movies? I think some fledgling writers should jump for the opportunity to write the big-time movies/shows since the old-timers are off striking. But that's me being selfish and wanting to see the third National Treasure soonish rather than laterish.

Merry Christmas Eve!


P.S. Kestrel had asked the question "Who/what got you into the game of WOW." I tag everybody!

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