Friday, December 28, 2007


Druids aren't the only ones that hibernate. I'd been hibernatin for a few weeks while my cousin Zujoo grew up. But now I'm back. I picked up an awesome hammer that gave me ~23dps, 11str, 4stm and a 2.5 attack speed. My wonderful guildie Darkkon called his cousin(alt) and had it crafted just for me. And I'm using this new axe!... new stuff all around. I think +48 str, +54agi, and 13.69% crit is pretty good for my season. I also found a great shield off of a night elf druid guarding their crappy treasure north of the Stonetalon MOuntains.

Oh I didn't mention that? Yeah some lazy blood elf with a grudge against night elves told me to kill Ordanus(he's a centaur night elf.. you know 4 legs, normal torso) and she would reward me. Her reward was telling me that the night elves had this 'awesome' treasure trove in the north west. Yeah right... it just had a ring, some bleh heavy mail gear, and a shirt that was okay. I'm still wearing the shirt. The other stuff I sold to a goblin.

I also spent a great deal of time in Ashenvale hampering the plans of the Burning Crusade. Aparently some really low level demons thought they'd try to become the next Mal'Gannis or something... I don't know. I didn't wait for them to start handing out blood-water to drink. I walked in and explained to them what nature's fury was. Incase you don't know nature's fury is me killing you with one blow and a full windfury crit to the face.

They died pretty easily, the infernals were annoying, the missfigured blueguys with axes were not, the lashers were easy. However I was a step too late. Apparently they had already infected the local water and the elementals had water-rabies. They had to be put down. I did this switfly and gained 4-5 elemental waters in the process. Yay for gold. I also found out about a group called the Earthen Ring. They do stuff. Not sure what... the troll was yammering about this and that and had a some gold or something he was going to give me. I nodded and nodded and grabbed the stuff and ran. He's boring. I think the shaman in Splintertree only sent me to him because I had annoyed him(the shaman) and he figured he would annoy me back with this boring troll.

I'm done with helping Ashenvale, I've helped and helped and helped and still no parades for me, no nice comfy chairs nothin. Screw them... I'm going to go handle the centaur menace in Thousand Needles.

Oh as I packing to leave for Needles I stopped by the trainer, you'll never guess what I learned... LIGHTNING CAN CHAIN. Yeah so now I've got this bouncy new lightning to play with... gonna play ping shock pong on some centaur faces.

Have fun,
Kill Alliance,



Ratshag said...

Grats, bro!

Is them Warsong Ninnies still loosing manual pages up in Ashenvale? As I remembers, you could wallpaper the place with all the paper layin' around.

Dammerung said...

Oh yeah.


Its due to orcs like this that we haven't defeated the alliance.

However the silly papers sell well(probably as wallpaper) so we've made several gold off the extras.