Friday, December 28, 2007

A little shiny yellow thing . . .

Bah! The little yellow dots drive me nuts!

There is a new addition to the Dammerung clan. His name is Arthes, which I have been told is very similar to the name of the really bad guy who did some really bad thing in the WOW lore. This was not intentional, I just wanted him to have a name similar to Arthur, legendary king and knight. Arthes is a hulking Draenei paladin who's having fun bashing and hammering things. He decided to pick up herb-garthering, which brings me to the main point: I hate the little yellow dots! Yes, it means there's an herb waiting for me to pick up. Yes, more herbs=good things. But I find myself following the dots no matter where I was headed or where the little dot is located. So I end up in the most out-of-the-way places. I can't stop-it's like the color red to a bull. Bah again! It's like BBB with his trees. Just one more! Sorry, after this I'll stop. Really!

Dammy made a Draenei hunter, a little dainty thing called Kylii. We decided we'd create opposing genders for ourselves, just for the fun of it. They're also keeping Angie company. She was getting pretty lonely and a bit jealous of all the relatives Beowulfa & Dammerung have. So now we have the Angie Clan, a subsidiary of the Clan Dammerung. :)

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