Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas christmas so far away.

Waiting on christmas is slow and boring.

A thought I had while waiting. Imagine if you are a new raider, and you guys just down [X] mob and all the plate wearing people rejoice as this awesome plate item drops. You are just happy to be here and not doing anything so you scroll over to click on pass and BLAM your daughter reaches forwards and taps your mouse button and GAH YOU ROLLED NEED!

Oh crap you win the roll. So here you are... a new raider and you've just accidently NINJA'd on an awesome rare epic amazing item you can't use.(In this example you are a Shaman).

So in my mind, the Shaman goes like this:
"oh crap guys... oh crap oh crap.... I didn't mean to... what do I have to do to pay for that.. how can I make up taking something that is rare and hard to get?"

Shaman offers to pay all plate repair bills, and forfeits all DKP or other similair gear point systems.

Anyways... my silly morning daydreams aside, what measures does your guild have in place for accidents like this? I mean accidents do happen, even if the one I've given is a bit of a stretch. If you have any measure of trust in your guild then you can't just boot someone when an accident like this happens. Unless you do. Who knows.

Bleh leather gear is 99% agi and only -1% str(made up numbers). I want more str! 12% crit is just fine at my level. I also got this AMAZING +11 str 22.? damage level 29 hammer with 2.5 second delay(swingtime?) from a guildie who has blacksmithing. 2handed maces is near 100/145 skill and I actually do damage now.

Note to self...don't skill up on xp mobs :P

Well that is all for now. See you tomorrow likely.



Stale said...

Master Looter.

Yes this has happened before, everyone was told to pass and a lock was afk... when she got back she rolled greed (as most ppl do) and the leather bracers were off to vendor land. From that day forth, Master Looter was used for all Raid Loots.

My friend was pissed that she didn't get her Leather Rogue Bracers lol!

Another Backup I use in pugs is not to roll until after everyone else when my loot drops. That way I can roll Need if someone accidently clicks the wrong button.

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Daxenos said...

Yup, Master Looter. I was PuG'd for Kara and in a similar position:

Just glad to be there.
Hoping to not screw up.
Determined to pass on all drops.

Thankfully, as soon as I joined the group, the Raid Leader changed the loot to Master Looter. I was still somewhat afraid to loot Attunmen, but the corpse was sparkling! But, then I found out about Badges of Justice. haha. I also found out that I could only loot the BoJ and was safe from accidentally ninjaing an item.



Dammerung said...

Huh. I've seen that option but don't know how to use it. How does it work?

Daxenos said...

The Master looter gets a dropdown list of raid members when they select an item to loot. They then pick which member gets the loot.