Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How life rolls

I currently have the following key bindings:

1 = The really fast mana inefficiant healing spell highest current rank
2 = Lightning bolt highest current rank
3 = Earth Shock highest current rank
4 = Lightning shield HCR
5 = Flame Shock HCR

Middle Mouse Roll up = Mana Stream Totem
Middle Mouse Roll down = Macro:
/cast bloodfury(orc racial)
/cast Strength of Earth Totem HCR
Middle mouse click = The fire totem that shoots bolts of fire for low damage at mobs.
Shift-M-Mouse roll down = Ghost wolf(1sec cast)
Shift-M-Mouse roll up = Healing Wave HCR

My current fighting style goes something like this:

1) Cast lightning bolt at mob
2) Throw down mana and SoE totem, for elites use the recast icon of bloodfury to know when my totems wear off.
3) Mob gets in melee range, begin beating.
4) Save earth shock for runners or for mob spell casters
5) Use key binding = "1" if needbe
6) If I a haven't used ES and I don't need a heal and my lightning shield is down then recast.
7) Mob dies at this point hopefully
8) Recast LS and pull next mob OR cast a large heal and then sit down and regen mana.

A very crowded recap of spells I have gotten recently.
Windfury has sped things up a lot. Totems have a large agro range(30 yards right? or is it 20), I've often agroed 3-4 mobs if I'm in a tight place and forget how large. I am going to start using Totemic Call to get my mana back on all the totems I leave behind. I also am going to start always carrying Ankh's now that I have reincarnation. Astral Recall has been cast about 5 times per hour(yes I know it has a 15 min reset but I use is SOOO much that I swear it goes 5 times in 60 min), I love this spell. Far sight I used once to see what it did, I'm sure it is useful to someone. The resistance totems would be more useful if I was fighting a lot more elementals then I am. The poison removal totem I got a few levels back is PRICELESS. Stupid spiders. I haven't really used the Grounding totem as I simply did not have training cash for a long while, I will probably experiment with it but I have a hard time believing it will be added to my totem rotation while soloing.

Leveling mining(80?) is a pain. /whine.

Leveling skinning(212?) is so easy. /cheer

Leveling cooking(175) happens.

Leveling first aid(0) needs to happen.

Leveling fishing(140?) is on hold as I am 7 levels behind Beowulfa.

Two posts in one day... work must be slow. I wish I was getting windfury crits instead of working...


Taking a moment to describe a windfury crit for all of you non-shaman out there. Imagine that your average white damage looks like 80-100. Then you trigger windfury, you get 2 extra immediant blows. Now imagine they all crit: 220, 220, 220... BLAM you just did 660 damage when you normally would have done 80-100. Nice ain't it. They don't always do this... usually it looks more like 80, 100, 90. But extremes make better examples.

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