Friday, November 21, 2008


I don't really know what to write today.

I wish jobs were more like guilds. More likely to give you a trial period before telling you hell no. Gimme a trial period and I'll have the job. Don't...and well yeah.

Loving my DK still. Wish I had more time to play.

Really really wishing I had a nice solid job. I had this one lead I was certain would work out. I knew the company and had worked with some of their people before. I wrote a rather good email explaining to them how hiring me would help them and how it would help me. I called the guy. And this morning.. blam no go. *Sigh*.

Now I know several people who are currently looking for a job just like I am. And all of them are probably experiencing the same crap.

I had always heard that having a job made a huge difference to your psychy. Until I move here I did not realize how much.

I'm really glad I moved. I love how my Orclette is happier. I -know- that this was the right move overall. I love the area. I'm getting far more exercise than I was before(I actually lifted weights 4 of the 6 scheduled times this week). I'm getting more time to spend with the Orclette and Wulfa.

But hell I'm depressed whenever I try to find a job.

I have more time in the day than I have had in the last 3 years but I get less done.

Meh(its a word yay)... ignore me I'm whining. Things really are good. If I get a job at some point things will be great.

So Delos I'm waiting on the blood post. For me personally I ignored almost all of the 3 min timers. When you are just scoping the tree out you see them and yeah they look intimidating...but the talents you really care about and the ones that make blood ...well blood are not cooldown based.

First there are the passive buffs:
Bladed armor(5 AP for every 180 armor)
Two-handed Weapon Specialization(4% more damage with your whack-a-mole-stick)
Veteran of the Third War(6% more STR and STM)
Dark Conviction(5% crit)
Bloody Vengeance(3% more total damage when you crit.. stacks to 9%)
Blood Gorged(10% more damage when your at >75% health)
Abominations Might(3% more str and chance at AP boost)

Nothing special but just pure DPS boostage. (oh btw with 16 points in unholy you can get +11% str total. Just yay for people like me that like big numbers in one stat)

Then the "Make Heart Strike 30-40% of your dps" talents:
Bloody Strikes
Might of Morgraine
Heart Strike
Death Rune Mastery
Not going to describe them. Orclette wants me to run her around. They make heart strike awesome. Blood is all about heart strikes.

Then there are the blood talents that dont' require watching. Just swing and a hit. These are the ones that make blood so awesome:
Vendetta(gain 6% of your health back after getting honor or xp)
Bloodworms(Spawn 2-4 crappy dps "pets" that generate -great- healing(about 20-40 health per attack each if I recall correctly.)
Blood aura(2% of damage back as health. Stacks with Blood presence)

With those three you should never have to regen while doing normal questing. Now if you want to kill 9 at a time or kill 60-70k+ hit point elites you will need the cool downs. But they are more like emergency buttons:

Rune Tap(with 3/3 ImpRT) 20% of your health every 30 seconds for one blood rune. I use it anytime I'm low on hips and running to the next mob. Priceless in bigger fights.

Mark of Freakin Blood(For 20sec every time the mob you mark hits someone they gain 4% health). 3 min cooldown. I use it -maybe- once an hour. Or once every boss in an instance.

Vampiric Blood 150% healing from all your spells and affects for 20 sec. 1 min cooldown. Did I mention boss fights?

Quick note: Boss fights refers to group quests and elites when soloing. Not to instances as I'm never really up for pugging or waiting around for a group to form.

Those three cooldowns... I really only use for boss fights. Never while doing kill 10 of x quests. Never while fighting less than 4 mobs.

This is what I would do at level 61 if I were building a building a soloing blood spec for me.

Please note I'm ignoring Sudden doom because I -very- -very- rarely remember to use death coil. Usually mobs die too fast and it only gets used as a oh bother my runes are all gone... hmm what to do. Death coil is great for DPS rotations when you remember to use it. If you remember then Sudden doom is awesome sauce. Also because I ignore Sudden Doom the talent Butchery becomes filler to get me to the next level. Otherwise... DC DC DC.

When I started I intended to use this to talk Delos into blood spec. Then I spent 10 min fighting Orclette for my keyboard and decided I would just describe the greatest soloing spec for all DK's. I'll turn Delos over to the inquisition for his heresy later.

And I think I'm off.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

From the outside!

Still no job. Currently three good leads... none of which have actually led anywhere. But Ess spread me some jobcorn to catch the jobdeer so I should be better off :p

Death Knight. Wow... Delos.. if you haven't tried blood... try it. Same dps as unholy(at level 68) but 3 times the survivability. Sadly no pets. Your call.

My shaman is -starting- to call me. Only because I know this huge cow tank who I might be able to sweet talk into farming me resto gear. Because I have none. Because resto is so awesome.

But DK's are my new thing. I played my resto druid for about 10 min(2 hours) with Moon on Wednesday night. His stupid blood DK only lost hps once......when he didn't stop dpsing on the boss after the boss threw up reflect(the quest tharisson gives you in tundra guy at the top of the tower). But even then..he didnt stop dpsing at all... took 5k+ damage almost instantly and never got close to dying.

Kalmerung(alliance DK blood) is level 60. Dalmerung(horde DK frost) is level 58 but has almost 5 days rested now.

As everyone has already noticed it seems the gear in Northrend is so much prettier simply due to the detail. Amazing detail.

Oh...the title of this post? I'm writing this in our backyard. I never write posts outside....but today I am. While Orclette runs around in the brown grass screaming "Dohw dohw" at the dogs reclining on the ground. Orclette has BLOOMED with the three dogs and all the attention she gets here. She's having a blast.

Now that we're keeping Bambi everything is so much shinier. If I had a job we'd be perfect.

Well, I should be on in about 2 hours from tonight. Not sure who I'll be playing. We'll see.

Ninja Close to Home

Sooooo ...... I've been through Utgarde Keep 3 times now. Twice in my hunter, once on my priest. Here's how the looting went: Dammy, Dammy's, oh and only Damm could use that. THEN, when I brought my priest through because UK seemed only capable of dropping clothie stuff, it was Hunter, Hunter, Plate, Hunter. Gah. So yeah, Damm be the ninja close to home.

So far no upgrades for Wulfa, who dinged 72 this morning. Her purple gear is lasting. Some stuff has come close but enchants/gems make what I have just a wee bit better. I've decided to get a gorilla for some AoE tanking, as I keep on pulling threat from my cat and bird. I did notice fewer problems when Boru (cat) dinged 71, but then I dinged 72, and it all starts again. Beowulfa is sitting in the Tundra inn waiting for wulfa to get to 80. Woofwoof, my DK, is waiting for her avatar to research how DK's should be played before she's brought out again.

And more importantly, TWILIGHT THE MOVIE IS COMING OUT TONIGHT. And guess who;s going to the midnight showing? Oh yeah, me me me!

And for our guildies who haven't seen much of us, we're still here. I'm adjusting to working more than 8 hours a week, Damm is spending more time with his dad because he never really got the chance to back when he was a kid. And Moon is leveling so fast because he gets to play all day. Who can compete with that? And the Orclette is wearing herself out playing outside, hugging the doggies, and in general hamming it up :D

Longer post later, for reals.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I GET TO KEEP BAMBI!!!!!!!!!!!

The rescue shelter we got her from did not have any openings, and had no time frame on when they could take Bambi back. So the powers that be, i.e. Damm's parents, decided that they were fine with Bambi staying as long as the two females were supervised when together and that the Orclette was always kept out of harms way.

So yeah, Happy Days.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Big Cow:

I did as you asked and delivered the message. Of course there was a response(isn't there always).

New Favorite Class

Death Knight.

Wow I'm having so much fun.

Although I was able to kill stuff instantly it took me almost all weekend to get a solid grasp on runes. Runic power is silly simple like rage. But hammering out a rotation hasn't been.

It was simply so difficult to stop having fun and -think- about how I was obliterating things.

Because of this it wasn't until last night that I really got it worked out.

Then this morning I was writing up my findings and ran across this at EJ's.

Much much better.

I still think for myself soloing I'll go with IT>PS>DS>HS>HS>DC>HS>HS. This is because I use IT to pull and I don't have en ought talents for the gargoyle instead of DC and I don't have obliterated yet.

Anyways. I love the class and the plate and the awesome.

I'm preferring Blood for soloing and Ice for grouping and like I said on guild chat last night: "Unholy sucks because moon loves it and he is always wrong on principle".