Monday, November 17, 2008

New Favorite Class

Death Knight.

Wow I'm having so much fun.

Although I was able to kill stuff instantly it took me almost all weekend to get a solid grasp on runes. Runic power is silly simple like rage. But hammering out a rotation hasn't been.

It was simply so difficult to stop having fun and -think- about how I was obliterating things.

Because of this it wasn't until last night that I really got it worked out.

Then this morning I was writing up my findings and ran across this at EJ's.

Much much better.

I still think for myself soloing I'll go with IT>PS>DS>HS>HS>DC>HS>HS. This is because I use IT to pull and I don't have en ought talents for the gargoyle instead of DC and I don't have obliterated yet.

Anyways. I love the class and the plate and the awesome.

I'm preferring Blood for soloing and Ice for grouping and like I said on guild chat last night: "Unholy sucks because moon loves it and he is always wrong on principle".

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