Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Long Journey Ends

And we're back. Left Waco, TX at 2:30 a.m. yesterday and drove into LC at 2:30 p.m. So 13 hour drive. I cannot comment at all about our homecoming because I am being positive, not negative, and if there's nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

Highlights of our trip:

1. (I'm numbering because I like to be tidy) The Orclette, after watching LOTR with my brothers (my mom covered her eyes at the appropriate moments), picked up her new toy spatula and told us that she was going to fight the bad guys with her stick. How cute is that?
2. The Miniorc smiled his awesome cute smile at everyone and let grandparents and friends hold him (the Orclette at his age decided that only momma and daddy were worthy to hold her awesomeness).
3. Damm forgot his beret and had to buy a new suit for his brother's wedding. 50% off at Sears. And he looks smashing. I need to see about posting a picture of that ...
4. I got Kat Von D. makeup at Sephora. I LOVES IT LOVES IT LOVES IT. Why doesn't LC have a Sephora? I'm currently in mourning because I had to leave the one in Houston.
5. The Orclette walking down the aisle as flower girl in brother's wedding. She did everything she was supposed to except for throwing the flowers. But she made up for that by throwing them on the ground as the bride and groom were pronouncing their vows, chattering away to herself. In front of everyone. (I don't think the lovebirds noticed.)
6. The groom's cake. I believe the bride made both cakes. I'm so glad she's my sister now. She's doing all my cakes from here on out. It was chocolatey with espresso beans. Just wow. That's why we're alive. To eat stuff like that.
7. 7th season of the Gilmore Girls. I now own the complete set.
8. It's over. Traveling with two kids is exhausting.

Big sigh. Christmas is once again over, school is about to start, life is about to become extremely regimented. No resolutions because there will be no time. But that's the way I prefer to roll.

2010. Orclette will turn 3 and is starting preschool. The Miniorc will turn 1 and will start walking and talking at some point this year. I will turn 26 and it's the first birthday that feels like I'm actually getting older. Not old, but beginning that aging process. It's weird. Damm will be officially joing ROTC, turning 29, and becoming a smartypants (his major is Double E. Electrical Engineering). It will be a better year than the last one because there will be no 6-month training absences or the birthing of a child (child good labor bad).

So there you are. The Orcs (although we only play Elves now) are back and ready to rock.

Friday, December 25, 2009

As pie said:

A picture of me in my new gear:

And Ruune isn't going to believe this.

I don't want to grow up.

Isn't that what Peter Pan said? Or something similar?

Anyway, it's 6:50 a.m. here in Houston, TX. No one is stirring, except for me. I am the first one awake. It really stinks to have a house full of adults who want nothing better than to sleep in. I seem to be hardwired to wake up early no matter the day so here I am, staring at the pretty tree with all the presents.

And the Miniorc just started crying. I bet he wants to open presents.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And this is how we game.


Since I can't draw on Miniorc or Orclette.

It's on Purpose. Seriously.

You know how lots of people gain poundage over the holidays because of all the yummy goodies that are circulated at this time of year?

I have never been one of them. I have self-control. I eat the yummy desserts on Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's it.

Except this year. My parents and brothers are all trying to get me fat. Which is sad because there was potential for weight-loss: One of the fun things I do with my parents is go along to their YMCA (my mom teaches yoga, is a lifeguard and triathlete coach, my dad is also a triathlete coach) and workout with them. So I've done yoga, Spinning classes, and of course running. Had to try out my spiffy new red shoes with the awesome pink socks. They (the socks) cost $14. For one pair. Worth it though.

Anyway. My brother Alden and I went to see a movie last week and he, out of the kindness of his heart, bought me a pint of eggnog and smuggled it into the theater. I could not refuse, he had bought it without asking and of his own initiative, but I did ask if I could wait until Christmas Day because I can eat whatever I want on that day. He was fine with that. Until we noticed the expiration date a few days later. I had to drink the eggnog.

Then my brother Justin just had to be born on the 22nd (23 years ago:) And in my family the tradition is that the birthday person gets to pick whatever restaurant he/she would like to go to and there we go. He wanted Red Robin's. And they have really, really good burgers. And everyone else was ordering burgers. It would have looked odd for me to order a salad. So I had a juicy bacon cheeseburger. And their steak fries? You MUST try their steak fries. So, so very good.
And we had Carrot Cake afterwards.

And today is my dad's birthday. And there is Carrot Cake left over. Fortunately that is not a favorite of mine so I can resist. But .... all of my mom's relatives like to send cookies/candy. I'm not talking your chocolate chip cookie ... I'm talking gourmet stuff. You feel like you have to eat it because it's so darn beautiful. And my mom is baking pecan pie (I'm a Virginian gal. I like pecan pie) and lemon meringue stuff.

And of course Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are looming.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

He wanted to be in a post.

More proof.

So at my in-laws house... we ran out of spoons. And I needed PBJ. So in light of recent discussions I felt I should report on the experience.

It was horrible.

The knife repeatedly failed to get the right amount of jelly. And then spreading it was just... wrong. No curved spoon to spread it just right... instead a silly flat surface that did -nothing- for me.

Fortunately PBJ is such a great food that it overcame these huge glaring problems and I had a respectible sandwich. But IMAGINE. I could have had an amazing sandwich.


My christmas present

Came a bit early. But I'm really grateful for my inlaws buying me new running shoes. My previous ones had a huge hole in the right foot.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow that was crazy.

I gained a ton of honor. I think about 4-5k worth. I -know- I gained about 700k xp off of two dailies and then battlegrounds. I ran AV and AB over and over for about 4 hours.

And I healed my everliving heart-out.

I'm no longer feeling invincible... enough rogues and mages ate me up to dispell that feeling...but I -am- feeling awesome. I was complemented several times and happily lead healing in every BG where I was there from the start.

The last one is always the most memorable but this one more so then some.

Picture this:

AV score 250 to 250 or so. Alliance charges drek. Gets him to about 40% and then the tank drops... a wipe... except? Every single one spawns ... at Dun Blargrhrjmmdjklj way the heck up north. Yeah.... The furthest graveyard from drek...and 30 alliance players find themselves there.... zero near drek.

So we say screw it and just mass out and meet them on the road. And for 40 min or so it seemed slug it out. We win on points...after we get 250 points 1 kill at a time. I had about 840k healed at the end maybe more. There were two other healers in that fight with me(that had a noticable impact). A druid and a priest... they had about the same healed(700k and 500k?).

Yeah I healed a bunch tonight. Sometimes solo...sometimes with buddies....sometimes 40 people at once...others just the one. And never felt better about grinding xp. This is way more fun than questing. You just get gear at about 1/80th the rate.

His chubbyness in all his pre-lunch-with-friend glory

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Orclette in an outfit her mother once wore. She is in a marvelous mood this morning wanting "some more" and "to run with mommy"(after I showed her mommy's toon and she saw it running through SW).
And yay 8/8 of my Battlecaster set! I have a FULL SET THAT MATCHES.

I have arrived.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beware the Leopard.

But don't panic.

Anyways. Love the tree. Love 3 hordies(hunter, rogue, warlock) trying to kill me for 5 min while I sat and healed through their dps. Just them...and me.... and my treeness.

Walked away with a 1/0 WG win. Yay for us healers(there were 3-5 of us) and our indomitable healyness.

Oh and I rocked the charts with double the healing of anyone else. Those first 5 min may have helped I think. Innervated twice. Happy days.

Anyways... I hate the fact that the LFG tool won't let me create a party with level 80's and join the random dungeon. Any time we've tried we've ended up just sitting and being told over and over that one or more members do not match the requirements for the dungeon.

And yes we are NOT on heroic. Ended up doing Occulus by me being leader and selecting it(not random) and ToC by walking to the instance and jumping in.

Newest newsies.

I got to heal a regular ToC. I've healed some Drak'a'ma'blah'blah instance. And I continue to heal battlegrounds. I can actually claim to be a healer.

Parallel has been a wonderous guild so far very relaxed. I'm fairly happy with staying on server.

My druid now has 5/8 Overcaster Battlegear and has over 1k spellpower in treeform unbuffed.

And thats it. I've got to hold munchkins and do holiday things.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vacation First day without driving.

We made it to Houston visitin Ishvi on the way. His fiance is charming and the orclette and Wulfa both fell in love with her.

My priesty is level 8 now. Yay!

Watched Alien. It was interesting as I had already read the book and watched a few of the other books.

I'm enjoying vacation even if Texas is making us cry tears of longing. We really wish we had stayed but there isn't any way now we could be back in the next four years.

Going running tomorrow and doing a lot of pushups.

Spent a lot of time talking with my brother-in-law about the US and our world cup draw and possible crazy situations(like US meeting Mexico in the final which is theoretically possible but so incredibly NOT happening).

And now I have to give wulfa the laptop.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


We will be logging in a lot less frequently until after the holidays. My brother is getting married and we will be driving about 1700 miles round trip to visit him and wulfa's family. We will still log in and will be back after this but until then.... Enjoy your holidays.

New blog looks continue to sneak in as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I blame New Mexico

The Orclette has been sick very infrequently. At least until we moved here. The Miniorc has been to the doctor more times than the Orclette already in the 4 months since he's been born.

And last night he got croup. I had noticed he had a lot of junk in his nose so I cleaned it out (a process he hates) and then he coughed. A nice, barking sound. Hadn't heard it before. I knew it was croup so we got the humidifier going and I looked it up on the interweb to see if we needed to rush him into the ER. Answer was no but sitting in the bathroom with the hot water running was recommended. I did that.

We were having fun. He thought the whole being awake thing was awesome.

Then a geyser of spit-up came out all over me. Fun time over.

After that he seemed to be breathing without laboring so we went back to sleep. And he seems fine this morning.

Due to a lack of sleep this post is a bit choppy in tone. At least it seems so to me. I also seem to have morphed into my dad and type two letters, go back and delete, type two more, delete. I used to be a nice, accurate, steady typist. How the mighty have fallen.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogging from the fort.

We made another fort. I have been instructed to stay "in here daddy with me".

Shaman changed a lot in the time I've been playing alliance. I like the new totem thing. I also like wind shear... I don't remember having it anyways. All in all very happy with it(ele right now). Really want to play my shaman again but on Lightninghoof I know no one anymore now that Herk has gone idle. Playing without friends is blehg. Really wish my bonus would come in so I could make my shaman alliance and move him wherever I am going to be.

Monday, December 7, 2009

On the guild situation:

As a treat this post we will offer two versions.

My version(with royal we):
To everyone who has been commenting and reading about our guild situation: We are still trying to decide between looking for a new guild on our server and transfering off. We are still talking with friends who are in the guild to see what is happening there. In short... we have not decided anything.

Dear Stephi and Fio. We are currently deep in negotiations with the Wulfa. We have several close friends on the server we are on and do not wish to just abandon them(some of them even came to our server because we were there)(some means one that we know of). At the same time we've found in our visits that Hidden Flame is a fun guild and we don't want you to feel like we are ignoring you.

Oh and she has no excuse... she kinda surprised me mid thought and I thought the dress was "cute". How was I supposed to know that wasn't the response she wanted... my mouth was on auto and doesn't do the thinking bit very well. By the time my brain got off of coffee break... the damage had already been done.

Basically the deal is we are seeing what our friends are doing and what the end result of the drama is. If there is a guild where those of us who are no longer in the guild are going then we might get told by the Wulfa that we are going there.

Her Version:
I never wear skirts. I used to but the advent of kids ushered in the era of "practical" clothing. But tonight I elected to wear a skirt because Damm's mother has her first-ever choir performance with her choir and I wanted her to know that we were taking it seriously.

Damm really likes skirts. When they're on me. I expected a "wowzer" type of response. Instead I got a "that's cute" response.

But to the guild situation. I don't want to be hasty. I don't want to leave any more hurt feelings. So basically I want to sit tight, see what happens, see where my friends are going. I think you guys(Stephi and fio) are awesome and I liked what I saw of your guild. But I don't think I'm ready to move yet.

*Stephi not Softi. Thanks TJ.

Heh. found this funny.

Quoted from gchat:

Ishvi: Huh?

me: the guild that you were going to recommend

Ishvi: Ah right
Kung Fu Ninja Bang

me: you serious?
that name is horrible

Ishvi: Yeah
Talk to Meatbeef


Yell BEEFCAKE at him and then tell him Ishvi sent you

I'll... try that... maybe

In their defense Ishvi said they were really fun smart people.

A post!

"I need to hold chu"(translated: I need to climb in your lap)

Drill this weekend was slow but fun. Wulfa got to meet most of my new chain of command and there was a christmas party.

"Daddy I'm coming to get you! Daddy I coming."(translated: I need to climb on your lap again)
"I know"(without any response from me = I'm in your lap)

In WoW, Kitsen(who doesn't have a blog I think)(I hope because I'll be embarrased not to link her if she did), forced me to level by explaining how fun sholozar is. 90% of that fun is nessingwary. I tried to find an old post explaining my love for his expiditionary force but couldn't.

"I wish I need food"(Translated: I smell the food mommy is cooking and I want it now)

Which led me to:
Can anyone help me add a search thingy to my blog so that I could search my blog for items without having to click all the way through the addons? PLEASE TELL ME.

"da da da da da uuuuuuuuh"(translated: content to wiggle in an uncomfy manner while daddy posts this)

As you can see from the bold/italics/caps I'm all srs bzns.

In RL our house has IMPLODED and needs to be burnt to the ground and then the dust blown away. I told my landlord* I needed to do this so that it would be clean again and he didn't take it very well. Oh and we've got a million errands to run and I need to run and the entire time -they- need attention. Bah it feels like monday.

Welp. Thats my post for the day.

* didn't tell my landlord

Sunday, December 6, 2009


So I was watching People Magazines little Time videos of stars/starlets and how they've changed over the years.

The Orclette was watching as well.

Turns out she likes Britney Spears and Katie Holmes but does NOT LIKE Lindsey Lohan.

Go figure.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sad but heartwarming.

I have drill this weekend. My two year old daughter upon seeing me pull out my uniform ran over and started crying and yelling "don't leave me don't leave me". We had a long hugging session and explained that I wasn't leaving her. Everything is happy now.

As an update to my previous note we now own:

Peta abbit.


Max and Wuby.

To go with Poo Beh so I don't have to overdose on Poo Beh so much.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Too much!


I have watched this every day since I got back. Sometimes 3 times a day.

My birthday present is a new movie.


Me and Wulfa are now guildless.

This came as kinda a shock and with no communication from the deciding party. I'm currently looking for a guild for us. We are not "raiders" and will never be. We do research our gear and fights and in general our classes. We are looking for a guild that we can be a part of, chat with, and not be expected to raid or be on specific times. I think that means we're looking for a "social" guild.

We are primarily alliance but once finances get squared away(aka my bonus arrives) we could possibly convert to horde.

If anyone knows of any guilds that they would recommend please let us know.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm egotistical.

TJ interviewed Pajamas and Pajamas said:

MM: Not being afraid to look like a nutjob? Check. And can I say? Your blogroll? Reads like some kind of Blogger Rock Star Hall of Fame. I want to be on it, and not just because being on the same Blogroll with the Bloggess gives me a bloggasm.

I'm on that I just want everyone to know. I'm a BLOGGER ROCK STAR HALL OF FAME.

Pajamas seems cool even if she sounds very much like a Wulfa blog. BUT... her comment under her blog title?.... AMAZING.

And I quote:
Pajamas and Coffee
Where mediocrity kicks perfection's ass.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Druids, Hunters, Mages, and Death Knights.

Sunfei is my newest toon. A human DK on Kael'thas. I love wearing plate. I love chopity big weapons... until I start doing things with lots of people... melee dps or melee pvp sucks. Sorry. But until I try that again I'll be happily loving my DK.

My hunter... my dear sad stuck hunter. Level 52... is the suck. You aren't in Outlands yet... your gear looks horrific. You simply have no where fun to kill. Life is suck. I've been too afraid of the suck to even spend your talents. Yeah. Even though I WANT A RANGED DPS TOON SO I CAN DO FIVEMANS.

(Balance druids are UGLY ELK-CHICKEN-BEARS and have healing spells which constantly I feel the desperate need to use.... too bad no one brings along undergeared extra healers....)

Dear Bell, this is the one nice thing about being a dps.... when you are 3 levels too small... people invite you because you are still better than nothing. An extra low level dps in a 5 man... is -almost- as good as another hunter pet.... an extra low level healer... is about as good as an extra potion.... that is... not at all. (I refer to friendly 5 mans in guild situations... not the cutthroat world of pugs where people check gear and things of that nature.....)

Flight didn't redeem my druid as much as I was hoping it would. It turns out that I'm still only wanting to play a tree and tree's simply don't level worth... anything.

My mage... she's still in old world content... but as soon as all those quests get rejuved.. I'm going to be leveling like crazy. I want ranged dps... I want teleports... I want cloth drops. I want burst... I think they can burst anyways.

Fleece Pants on Pumpkin Bread

For my birthday so far we have made a fort! And washed Dishes! And found our silly sunglasses! And sung along to Skillet, Within Temptation, Nickleback, 'pocket full of sunshine', and Jars of Clay.

I've had so many ideas for posts in the past 48 hours that never made it to writing because I was too busy being a dad. Even as I write this miniorc is fussing. That is him in the picture above.

Dammerung should always check the history of payments before freaking out. When he did rent had been paid up for the next two months already. This was pointed out to the landlord and the previous posting stuff deleted out and edited.

School scheduling is great. I have EXACTLY the classes I wanted to take this semester: Chem I, Calculus I, Physics II, and a class that looks like the engineering version of C++.... not really sure but it is the base requirement for all my EE classes.

Speaking of EE... I still haven't actually changed my major. The lady I need to talk to hasn't replied to email and I haven't been able to catch her in her office... so I'm a history major who just happens to be taking the right classes for EE but isn't taking a single history class. I figure it is always better to just do what I "feel is right in my heart" and ask forgiveness later. This is something that I learned in the army.

Paperwork in general in the Army seems to go either VERY VERY FAST or VERY VERY SLOW. Whichever path they decide to go... they go with gusto. Still waiting on my GI Bill N.O.B.E. and Tuition Assistance and all my leave days to be cashed out. Still need to get my 2808 form from my unit but haven't really be active on that front.(I've been active on the other three... heck yesterday I called every 30 min for about 3 hours until I got ahold of someone to find out why I didn't have my NOBE yet.)(google it if you don't know).

AVATAR is looking awesomer by the second.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guess what.

Warning: New Moon Spoiler

I've seen New Moon twice now. Oh, I'm sorry-I've seen Twilight Saga New Moon twice now. At least the very long name gives me a legitimate reason to say "ticket for one, Twilight please" without looking like a forgetful idiot.

The first time through my first and oft repeated thought was "wow this is slow." But then I got home and remembered that the book itself is slow. The scenes with Aro and his posse were pretty awesome though. And the wolves. They did a really nice job with the wolves, in my opinion. And the changing from human to wolf was believable and not super-obviously graphics (I need to work on my adjectives. Super-obviously? I need to re-enroll in college. Oh wait, I did. /squeel of glee).

They also made the whole diamond skin thing more obvious. The first movie it looked like he had put on some glimmer makeup whereas in this one he is SPARKLING. And the eyes? SO much better. And the super-fast movement and lightning reflexes had by both vampires and werewolves (or rather, shapeshifters)? Artistically and tastefully done. My favorite is the bird flying in slow-motion with Victoria running underneath.

They did depart from the actual plot but they stayed tightly wound with the overall feeling of it. I was upset by none of the changes, though since I do not yet own a Twilight t-shirt (hint to the man I'm married to) I cannot be classified a true fan. So you may not want to listen to me.

Second time watching it I knew it was going to be slow and I had time to enjoy and observe without waiting for the action to kick in. Some other things I really liked about this second movie: the music. It's a symphony. A serious, make-you-cry ode to love. I loved it. Bella's hair: that's what I want mine to look like. I love her hair. Third: when the months are passing from when Edward leaves to when Bella finally begins to wake up notice the walls. It changes.

Hopefully I'll be able to see it a third time with Damm. He wants to see the wolves. And he is solidly Team Jacob. I don't see the point of having teams since we all know that Edward was always the one. Jacob was Bella's Paris (if you don't understand that read the books). I could see getting a shirt that said Team Jane. Jane is awesome.

Speaking of Jane ... if you are a tenderhearted mother of young children cover your eyes as the Cullens leave Aro's throne room. Trust me, you don't want to see it. It's not in the book, they threw it in only (in my opinion) to underscore how evil vampires can be.

And while watching the previews ... Wolfman, anyone? I don't watch scary movies anymore but I want to see this one. Although del Toro is the one who did Pan's Labyrinth (pretty sure that was him) and I hate/loath/despise that movie so I'm uncertain. Avatar I am seeing. That looks like it could turn out to be another Cameron epic.

I love movies. Someday, many years from now, going to see them won't involve babysitters and keeping my phone clutched in my hand in case I'm needed.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just like mangle spam.

I have only one tactic:

1)Gently bounce crying kid.
2) Sing the following:

Hush little baby don't you cry.
Daddys going to sing you a lullaby.
If that lullaby won't sing.
Daddies going to buy you a diamond ring.
If that Diamond ring won't shine.
Daddies going to buy you a lowing kine.
If that lowing kine won't low.
Daddies going to buy you a buffalo
If that buffalo won't roam.
Daddies going to buy you a brand new phone.
If that brand new phone won't ring.

3) Repeat the italics until kid is asleep.

I will do this for up to an hour before I find the need to try and come up with new lyrics or swap tanking with Wulfa.

Damm's main toons. not counting the 15-20 level 15 and below toons that i didn't log in.

This is thanks to the AllPlayed addon from ace addons that Tobold mentioned in his post today.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Orclette just hit outlands.

Many posts in one.

Lessee.... where to start.

First... I know a certain hunter... who recently hit 80... who asked me to clean up her bags because she hadn't played in so very long. And when I did... I saw she was still wearing all her gear from level 70. 0% upgraded. I whined about this. She's in the process of upgrading now :P(this was going to be a much more detailed and longer post.)

Second. I respecced Balance and am fidgetting around with it. My talent tree. is... ick. even for a 'just for leveling' tree. I just sped through it slapping down points in things that looked shiny.

Third. My bonus still hasn't come in from the Army. I'm saddened by this and can only hope it hits soon.

Fourth. Texas A&M lost and didn't get blown out. I am sad and happy at the same time. We only lost the game because of a few key mistakes. The interception we threw in the endzone. The fumble after we stopped TU and made them go 3 and out. The missed fieldgoal at the end. Three plays and the game would have been won :P. There were more but these are the scoring ones that stand out. TU couldn't stop our offense 90% of the game. Too bad we could only stop them 3 times.

Fifth. Wulfa saw New Moon. She should write a post about things like that.

Sixth. I'm trying really really hard to resist the urge to pickup one of my alts. I have so little play time that I want to funnel it into just one toon. Must resist urges.

Seventh. And thats all I have. Each of these numbered things could have been a much longer post earlier this week but I was understandibly distracted by what the rest of the world knows as happy third thursday in November.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family pictures.

This is all of us after a long and triumphant battle against the forces of the universe that were conspiring to destroy "picture day".

We're Behind the Times

Damm and I missed quite a few movies while he was away at basic/AIT. I managed to see Star Trek, Transformers 2, and GI Joe but I missed everything else. Including the movie Up.

But I need to include some info you might need.

We watched GI Joe last night. Just ourselves-kiddos were with grandma. It was wonderful. And Damm was talking about the movies he'd like to see and they were action films so the Orclette wouldn't get scared, right?

Haha. Just haha.

So he compromised and we rented Up. We thought it was going to be funny, uplifting, etc. I mean, Doug the dog saying "I have just met you and I love you." Funny. Old man + young boy=funny. Supposedly anyway.

But instead=poignant story of two young kids falling in love and spending their lives together. Then she dies. And not only dies but dies when he was going to present her with tickets to their lifelong dream vacation destination.


Must watch something else to purge the incredible sadness.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm not organized.

Coming back from Basic I thought it would be really easy when I got home because I was used to waking up early and I had so much more energy from being in much better shape.

All the married people with kids who are reading this... check that again: I thought it would be -easy- to come home to my wife and two year old and 3 month old and fall into a nice routine where everything was organized.

So now that that has failed to happen I'm stuck trying to get something that works. I've thrown off my wife's organization and I've utterly failed to bring anything to the table. Well, she carries the kids less than she used to.

To add to this Orclette has been SICK. She has thrown up a couple of times, is on antibiotics for stuff in her breathing areas, has a fever every other day etc. So keeping the house clean is considered a good day. And it shouldn't be. Wulfa was keeping the house clean with sick kids even. With me here we should have increased what we were getting done. Not barely maintained.

Not even sure where to start but am spending naptime expressing my frustrations here. I think I'm going to go change over the laundrey now. Oh how I wish someone would kick on a nice song and I could rush through a cleaning/organizing montage and in 30 seconds you'd see like 15 different scenes and then boom I'd be ready to move and have all my school stuff done.

Haven't gotten the Montgomery Gi Bill stuff done because the last time I called the Education office they directed me to a voice mail. Haven't gotten Tuition Assistance done because I need a CAC reader and the nearest one is 20 min away and I don't really know. My bonus hasn't arrived yet but the paperwork is at the write place for it and I'm just waiting. I haven't gotten my paperwork filled out for ROTC because I forgot that 6 months ago the secretary there told me to bring my packet to them first so she could make the copies she needed and instead I brought my packet to my unit and now I have to somehow get my 201 file back from my unit.

Oh and I haven't registered my 214 paper with city hall. *Sigh*

Thursday, November 19, 2009

On clothing.

Thanks to dubiously awesome hunter sources:

Wulfa go to:

Whee. One more item off my list of things to do for Wulfa now that I'm back.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So he had 24 hours.

And hasn't posted anything so...

I'm one uping him.

Ishvi(who is fully retired from WoW).
Ishvi asked someone.
Someone said yes.
So yeah.

If you know him via other means.... you should congrats him.

(my mother fussily pointed out he's only had 22 hours to spread the news)

Slightly Distressed

So Damm came home late Thursday night. It was and is wonderful. Both Miniorc and Orclette seemed to bond right away and last night I caught him fussing over Miniorc's cold head (I don't know if anyone but a mother would understand but it was really endearing to me). As for myself ... I think I learned a lot during his absence: mainly how to be independent. I lived with my parents until I got married and then lived with Damm. And during his training not only was I by myself but I was the sole caretaker of not one but two kids. Hooah (or however you spell that. I still can't say it right)! I be Army Strong. And so it's a bit difficult for me on some levels to adjust to not being alone anymore.

On the other hand, having someone to take out the trash so you don't have to: priceless. And it was a HUGE relief to hand over the reins of responsibility. Not all responsibility, you understand, just the bits I didn't like :D And now life can resume. It's really odd looking back and realizing that you were on pause the entire time. And dealing with ALL the emotions that built up during that pause? OMG I AM A FREAKIN BASKETCASE. I'm up and down and all around. Usually I'm very steady with HUGE UPS and very low downs. So the emotional outpouring is slightly distressing for me.

Happy news: the lights in my Christmas tree are now working, thanks to my handy-dandy Army man. It's not decorated yet and normally I wouldn't have put it up til after Thanksgiving but I needed some good cheer those last few weeks of waiting. Apparently though everyone is celebrating Christmas earlier this year. The day of Halloween Walmart was taking down the orange and black and putting up red, white, and green.

Speaking of Christmas ... I found this awesome book entitled "Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas." I figured that if I was going to be a Christmas fanatic I should be a well-informed one. First nugget I read: for those of us who mourn the commercilization of Christmas: that's the ENTIRE reason we're able to celebrate it today. Before it became a children's holiday (I must've never grown up because I still LOVE this holiday) it was a drunken revelry. Women and children were afraid to come out into the streets. Wealthy houses were afraid because when groups of drunken sots showed up asking for their finest ham, they meant it. They would ransack your house if you didn't provide. And the policeforce (in England at least) looked the other way.

But then The Night Before Christmas was written in 1822. And Charles Dickens penned The Christmas Carol in 1843. And Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840 and he imported his German customs which were the beginning of our modern-day traditions which are WAY more family-friendly than the origins of the holiday. And the origins of the holiday? Funny enough the early Christians didn't seem to focus much on the birth of Christ but rather on his resurrection. And dates for celebrating his birth varied from church to church until one of the popes decided to pick a date and he chose December 25th which is nowhere near the actual date of Christ's birth. But he chose it to combat the influence of the winter solstice celebrations. He failed spectacularly: now people partied, got drunk, and then repented afterward (instead of merely partying and then continuing on with their lives).

And there are many more interesting facts but you'd have to read it yourself. I am not yet a history professor. I wonder if one could specialize in holidays? I'm guessing yes. I love my field.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And Hanukkah. And I know there's another one in there.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Healing is easy I think.

It is so easy to top the healing charts in battlegrounds. This tells me that I'm effectively the only one healing. Because I'm not good at this and I'm always at the top(3 of 3 battlegrounds).

Just got done with AV. Someone capped? a FW? and this led to the game taking forever? I dunno. We were up 430 to about 100. We won 202 to 0. The last bit from 430 to 202 was a long long stretch of me running into this tower thing.... healing for long times... then getting wiped out by a sea of red. I'd ask what to do to keep myself alive more but.. when you suddenly have 8 curses and 4 of whatever the DK thing is and 5 pets on you and this beast of a warrior thing... well you stop asking what killed you.

. I'm going to just point Wulfa at this and tell her to copy the talents seen there. She was wanting a BM build. And I trust you enough that I figure yours is the best I'll find.

Also based on your latest post thingy on the subject I've recomended wolf things for pet choices.

Wulfa's first foray into Azeroth should be some point tonight. I got lucky to do my playing during naptime.

And now I'm off again.


I get to go to -my- church. At Ft. Gordon we had a chapel but I didn't feel comfortable going there. Not sure why. I'll be glad to get back to church.

After church is dinner at my mom's house.

Currently watching Winnie the Pooh with the Orclette. She is fascinated.

Yep thats all.

oh yeah. i just figured out why I didn't have nourish. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yay for healing again.

So my account is now active once more. People can see my armory page again. I played one EotS game. I was top on healing. We lost despite being up by more than 100 points for the vast duration of the game.... I was too busy healing to really know what went wrong.

I'm sure that once I get used to the game again I'll be able to do more than just wander around and heal heal heal.

As for healing I'm going to have to adjust my buttons a bit. I have all my keybindings so that at least 15 if not more of my spells are simply a button press for my left hand. Shift/ctrl add to that number. However the choices of spells for those keys are NOT optimaized and that will simply take a few more battlegrounds. For example I had completely not used lifebloom because it wasn't keybound at all just sitting in my spellbook. Same with swiftmend?(the spell that burns the duration of regrowth and other hots to instantly heal someone).

Getting xp for the battleground was a dream come true. I've always wanted that. Always.

My talent choices... I logged in and just sped through the tree picking what looked great. And some like Improved Barkskin I picked because uhm I dunno. Looking back at my talents I wince slightly.

Wulfa hasn't played yet so her impressions are still forthcoming.

No glyphs... I know... apparently when I quit I had no clue about those things.

Lacking in professions... yeah... same story.. I'll just hide now.

And now Wulfa is requiring me. More stuff later.

PS. PVP Healer input help wanted. Gear suggestions/talents/thought patterns/spell choices.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lazy blogger.

I feel kinda sick still and am tired from sitting at the airport ALL DAY yesterday.


Anyways this post is about my utter fail at redesign of blog. I was going to actually come up with colors that matched and swirly design things and stuff like that. Instead. Well you have the blue.

I hate the blue but am not going to try and fix it on this computer so it will wait until Wulfa gives me back the laptop. Which is never.

But that is okay because we are GOING ON A DATE tonight. Yeah we really are. I'm excited and stuff.

Uhm thats all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I did not just say that.

(Orclette. Or Elflette since we are now Alliance): "Mama I need salad."

(Me): "I don't think you'll eat it so I'm not going to give you any."

(After a moment's thought by me): "You know what? I'll give you vegetables. Since you're actually asking for them."

And of course she eats it.

I'm having guilt thoughts that I almost deprived my child of nutrients.

It's hard being a mother.

Some people find me funny.

I've read many books about personalities over the years. Well, read is maybe too strong of a word. Perused would be better. And I've taken the tests to determine what mine was and also went through those checklists to determine what my family was.

For those of you who haven't spent valuable time on personality research there are four categories (that I've read of anyway):
1. Sanguine: people person, difficulty in keeping focus, they like shinies, etc.
2. Melancholic: pessimistic, sensitive, prone to withdraw, really likes schedules.
3. Choleric: born leaders, tendency to stomp over obstacles, not compassionate, always right.
4. Phlegmatic: easy-going, needs direct motivation, basically is perfectly happy sitting on the sidelines watching life happen.

My hubby is sanguine-melancholic. I am choleric-melancholic. And I was talking to a friend the other day and she was describing her personality. And I said:

"I've got the ability to lead. I'm really good at it. I just don't care enough."

And she laughed. And then I laughed because it's awesome to have a friend who thinks what you say is funny.

And I could go on from here and write a really profound, educational post centering around the different personality profiles. I could label everyone in my family for you (because I am always right).

And I could end this by saying "I just don't care enough," thereby tying in the funny bit of the post to the ending.

But the reality is that Miniorc (I wonder if we're going to stitch to Minipaw?) is talking to me. Yes, talking. He doesn't cry like normal. He looks at you and really tries to communicate. And right now he NEEDS to be held.

There's my flashy ending.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday post the third.

I commented like 5 times this week. So I'm totally a comment-a-teer. Also I've linked someone like every other post.

Seeing as I'm me and sitting in the library on post with wet shoes and no Wulfa I feel obligated to let everyone know.


Okay. So I cannot currently call myself a healer as I haven't played in ages. But when I play, and when I group/pvp healing is what I do. DPS/tanking is never as satisfactory as keeping someone alive to taunt the enemy. And since Bell pointed me at Miss M-------. I saw this thing. And decided to answer it.

Also Miss M. I plan on leveling a holy priest first when I get back thanks to spending my bored library time reading your blog. Well, after I get Dampanza squared away which hopefully won't take that long. Then after that happens(if I don't get stricken by the alt-it-is that is so common to me) I shall move over my Shaman into dwarfness and have THREE HEALIES. What is the world coming to? I dunno. Its not like I'll ever have time to raid. Heck Damp won't even get to 80 until about 3 weeks after cata-mis-im comes out most likely. But THREE HEALIES.

A me can dream.

* What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?

Dampanza -----Druid -------Resto.
* What is your primary group healing environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)
PVP(battlefields) and 5 mans. ahahahahhahah this is a joke. I have not healed in the last uhm nearly 12 months. But when I did thats what it was.
* What is your favorite healing spell for your class and why?
Freakin regrowth. Because it used to be all critty and I vaguely recall a heal over time aspect. I'm trying to do this from memory dang it and my memory was flushed recently.
* What healing spell do you use least for your class and why?
that big slow casting heal that druids have. The one that Bell said she is barely talking to.
* What do you feel is the biggest strength of your healing class and why?
Mobility and a steady source of heals even when I'm not actually casting at you because I died but at least I put up some freakin hots on you before that loser rogue sapped my ass right?
* What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your healing class and why?
The fact that uhm... we don't uhm... do something that one of those other classes does? I don't know enough anymore.
* In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best healing assignment for you?
Fetcher of potions from town really fast so that no one else has to leave the raid or instance.
* What healing class do you enjoy healing with most and why?
Currently druid although priest has always tempted me. Mobility Mobility Instant cast spells.
* What healing class do you enjoy healing with least and why?
Paladin. Because.
* What is your worst habit as a healer?
Getting distracted by what the DPS is doing. Not paying attention to when the fight starts.
* What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while healing?
People who don't pay attention to things. Tanks with low... don't-get-hurt-juice...
* Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other healers for PvE healing?
Sure. Why not?
* What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a healer?
-Did anyone die? Good. If someone died did the tank die? Good. If the tank died did we wipe? Good. If we wiped did I ensure that someone stayed alive to rezz us all? Good. If we wiped and had to walk back from where ever the nearest graveyard thingy is why am I even bothering to heal because my tree should be chopped up for firewood.
* What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your healing class?
That I have enough gear/stats to heal the poor poor fool of a tank who let me heal for him.
* What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new healers of your class to learn?
When to use the emergancy buttons.
* If someone were to try to evaluate your performance as a healer via recount, what sort of patterns would they see (i.e. lots of overhealing, low healing output, etc)?
Massive over healing, probable missuse of mana funds.
* Haste or Crit and why?
Crit. Because the shiny.
* What healing class do you feel you understand least?
* What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in healing?
* Do you strive primarily for balance between your healing stats, or do you stack some much higher than others, and why?
I love crit and mana regen of any nature. Because I hate being low on mana and I like the shiny.


It is raining.

Thats all I really have to say :P.

I'm going to go back to waiting for Thursday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The end result.

I ran all over the post today trying to get my outprocessing done as fast as humanly possible. I was completely done with everything but the very last briefing at 1400 today. At which point I was informed I have to wait until 0700 on Thursday for the briefing. I am not a happy person regarding this news.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Titles are too melodramatic.

I really really want to change up our blog's design and name and am torn about how is best to do this. I want to shift from the Horde based color/name that we have now to a much more druid/wild/night based one. I've mentioned this before in the last couple of weeks and am only coming back to it because I'm getting ready to go home and trying to plan out everything I want to get done.

For those of you who have swapped blogs before or changed major themes any thoughts? Any steps to make it less work? Please pipe up.

As for coming home here is a brief run down of my schedule(posted here for my benefit more than anything else)

Day 1: Hang out with Wulfa, Orclette, and Miniorc. Wait for Orclette to get used to me again so that she'll let me hold her. Try to adjust to Miniorc. Wait for dinner when I get two hours alone with Wulfa.

Day 2: Report to unit?(not sure on exactly when this has to happen but will know before I leave). Clean house and unpack.

Day 3: Sit down with Wulfa and do budget for next month. Make a list of dates and times for major events(moving/christmas/school enrollment/guard dates).

Day 4: Give Wulfa a day off. I watch kids for the majority of the day with her only returning to feed MiniOrc.

Day 5: Work on website/setting up WoW again?

Hmm.. that sounds about right. I'll have to ask Wulfa to check what I've written here and fix it a bit.


"I'm terrified of being an adult while at the same time I really, really want to stop being a dependent." - That rings terribly true to me.

I have 8(19 yay for 15 min extra) min remaining on my computer session at the library here. So I don't really have time to come up with anything deeply interesting. Being at home with infinite computer time(if not infinite free time) will make writing things easier.

I danced around Bell's blogs today which was yay. She's fun reading.

Life here at Basic and AIT has slammed into my soul the need for music. One of my hopes and dreams for my upcoming BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS is a music playing thing that everyone else in the world seems to have. One of the ones with buttons that have headphones.

And that is about it. I'm off to go find something better to do now... like stare boredly at the ceiling and call Wulfa to whine about not being home yet.

Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths, can I ever go back?
Dreaming of the way it used to be, can you hear me?
Falling in the black, slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths, can I ever go back?
Falling inside the black
Falling inside, falling inside,
the black.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Being of The Done.

So I'm about 6 days away from home. I've got my shiny shamshield badge(I'd show you if I had a way of getting that picture to the interweb). I passed my PT test on monday(I saw that Wulfa posted about it). I finished up my dental on Friday(no longer a dental class three and am cleared to go home). So as long as all the rest of my paperwork is good on this upcoming Monday I will be out of here thursday night or friday morning. Graduation itself is Thursday.

So I went out last night. Something I generally am loath to do and avoid thanks to a deep aversion to watching other people drink. I don't. Drink that is. I just don't like the taste of that stuff.

So I'm out. With people. At a restaurant. Eating what Georgia calls mexican food. Generally having a good time. I sipped a Bud Light(I'd never tried one)(It tasted nasty like all drinks of that nature). My battles were amazingly upset about the fact that I don't drink. Shock and astonishment was had by all. A bartender was called. A drink was paid for. It was not to taste anything like alchohal. It was to be completely drunk. I believe Chugged was the word.

Yeah, that was nasty. It tasted like cough syrup with extra alchohal. I drank it. I got harassed all evening about whether I was drunk yet. There was no nifty side affects(other than the slight warming of the chest right after drinking and the horrible aftertaste all night). Not even a hangover. I was incredibly disapointed by my first non-sipped alchoholic beverage. But the night was fun. We were all very jazzed by the going of the home and the being of the done.

I think even Wulfa had some fun(even though she wasn't there) because we were texting her and sending pictures. She kept telling me to watch out for "roofies" and warning me that I had no tolerance because I hadn't drunken anything before.

I will post up pictures once I get PV2-Fireman-Ford-Lover to send me the pictures off his camera. They had me pose with all their bottles so it looked like I had drunk them all.

After finishing off my drink I finished off a Georgian Fried Icecream and me and Specialist-Good-At-Madden-But-Really-Quiet decided that was enough and we went to the barracks while everyone else went out to go find another place to drink.

I slept like the dead and then woke to hit chow and meander to the library to post this. Being of the Done is amazing btw.

Oh. And Brother-the-Third confirmed that technically TAMU can still win the Big 12 South. Which is kinda amazing this late in the year after our last five or so years. All that has to happen is we win out(Beating OU, UT, and Baylor), and UT has to lose one other game(not likely but hoping), and OSU has to lose two more games. I can see us beating Baylor easily. I can see us beating OU, and that just leaves UT... who we play as rivals and have beaten when our team was a LOT worse than it is now. But most likely... we finish 8-4 and going to a bowl game.

And that is all for my posting for now. Internet don't miss me too much I'll be back soon.


Friday, November 6, 2009

New Year's Reminiscence

It's not even December but already I'm summing up this past year. Last night my opinion was this:

2009 STUNK!

But that's because I woke up FREEZING and achy which are symptoms of the flu. I was not happy. And taking a nice hot shower at 2 a.m. with two young ones is not fun. It did, however, raise my temperature and now I feel like I'm running a fever.

Before 2009 I got sick maybe once a year. Usually it was a doozy of a sickness. But again, just once a year. This year I got sick with upset stomach/flu in January, February, and March. And then the whole pregnancy thing. I know it's not a sickness but you sure don't feel at the top of your game those last 3 months. And then getting mastitis, then thrush, and then waking up last night feeling crappy. Oh and taking care of the Orclette and Miniorc who also got bouts of sickness.

But ... I started school again. The Miniorc smiles ALL the time and constantly looks around for me (which is very endearing). Damm is making more right now than when we first got married and it only goes uphill from here (he was happy about that). The Orclette is talking more than ever and is just a bright, cheerful kid. Even when we're having our daily "Battle of the Wills." Damm gets back next Thursday. All good things. And next year will so unbelievably better that making it through this year will totally be worth it.

I just need to stop getting sick. At least until Damm gets back and he can take over kiddo care for me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Update Day

The cousin who was ill is on the upswing I think. His parents are on their way down to see him/talk to doctors and all that good stuff.

Damm passed his PT test :D He was on Cloud 9 this morning when he called me (really early in the morning). Everything is set for him to graduate now.

The Orclette is scared of Land Before Time. I figured "Sharptooth" might be a bit scary but I wanted to see her reaction:

"Momma it scary. Turn it off. We don't watch it!"

I'm stepping up my efforts to filter what she watches. But when you consider Bambi to be a lovely kid's film and forget that there is a tragic death scene ... sigh. I hate that I've accidentally given my kiddo bad images that are now dancing around in her head.

Miniorc is 15 pds and not quite 3 months old. He's currently fitting into 6-9 month clothing. At least he's not too fat to sit upright like his daddy (Damm was 6 months and 25 pds? I think. Huge. Which frequently happens with breastfed babies). He has quite a smiling, gurgling personality which is awesome to experience since the Orclette at that age screamed. And screamed some more.

And me? I'm dreaming of switching to formula. Complications followed the mastitis that while not dangerous in any way make feeding Miniorc pretty painful. But I am a staunch proponent of breastfeeding (although I know there are situations where formula works out better) and so I keep on sticking it out. If it's still painful when school starts (he'll be 5 months then) though we might just switch because I don't think I could handle classes + pain. We'll see.

Kung Fu Panda seems to not be too scary for the Orclette. Yay for animated movies/cartoons. I think I'm stuck with them for awhile.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My cousin.

I have a cousin I'm fairly close to who currently has 'Toxic Shock Syndrome' or TSS. He is extremely ill and despite being an overly outgoing person is now turning down hospital visits because he simply isn't up to talking with people.

Any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated.

The good news is: He is not in the ICU (which means that multiple organs have not failed- probably no organs have failed); he's in a big hospital which is better for someone who has this sort of thing and lots of people are praying.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hmm more thoughts.

The dental stuff has gone much better than expected. I got a tooth pulled today and two fillings and was given an appointment for Tuesday to get the final three fillings. I was expecting to get two fillings, get told I had to do a root canal(three appointments all told for just that) and having to spend about 1-2 weeks showing up at 7:30 for "on call" to try and get in when someone didn't show to their appointment. This is obviously much better.

PT... well I was on track kinda but haven't gotten any today or most of yesterday. Can't do PT again until after tomorrow because dentist is afraid I will burst open whatever he did when he pulled my teeth. I think I'll just ask the Sargents to smoke me when I go to my final FTX. That should be enough. I'm off profile tomorrow tomorrow. This is very yay. I'm praying that nothing will happen to jack me up again. Being a PT stud was one of my dreams for basic but due to the three month hernia profile that never turned out. I will recover eventually.

WoW. I'm gearing my mind up for warcraft again. I'm kinda out of touch on things and was hoping to have a few quick links to viable BM specs, enh. shammy specs, and druidy specs so I had somewhere to start from when I get back without having to test it all again myself. Any and all assistance will be appreciated.

All done for now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

News from the me.

So I'm proceeding decently on the PT front. My PT test is on Monday the 9th of November. I graduate the following day and HOPEFULLY go home. Any and all prayers are welcome.

The end of the training is so much better as Sgt's are finally starting to treat us like well... people. So if my classmates don't manage to screw it up for us by abusing this treatment life should be pretty chill until the end of training. (And if I do get held over for Dental or PT then I don't have to deal with the Sgt's so much as just constantly be working to get those two things fixed).

Hmm... its $30 to change Faction. And $25 to change servers. So to move my Orc Shaman over to Kael'thas would cost me $55 + tax. hmm. No longer certain that it is worth it. *quiet whimper* Maybe...

I really really want to have access to a bookstore and be able to read certain new books that are out.

Uhm... bother. That is it for now. I've got a battle buddy waiting on me so I'll be cutting it short.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All I have to do is make it for another 3 years.

When I was 6 I think I had fun playing with my brother. That means I only have to make it another 3 years til the Orclette and the Miniorc start to have fun together.

At the moment, their day goes like this:

6 a.m.: Miniorc wakes up, needs food. I feed him then meander out to the living room because my awesome coffee maker has made my coffee for me (the preset option:).

6:10 a.m.: The Orclette wakes up, discovers that I'm not in the room with her and proceeds to wake the entire apartment building with her bellows. Oh, she also woke up the Miniorc who was sleeping peacefully in his bassinet.

6:30 a.m.: Miniorc is finally asleep again on my shoulder. The Orclette and I are watching t.v. Suddenly the Miniorc starts squirming and then starts crying. Turns out the Orclette got bored and started poking him with her cold fingers.

And so on and so forth. I know it'll get easier once Damm is here to run interference (14 days), but at the moment there are many many times that I wish I could ship the Orclette off to Grandma's house until Damm gets back.

Although, I remember my mom making that threat (shipping one off to Grandma's) when I was much older than 6. So maybe keeping both children alive and safe never gets easier.

So ... what happens when they turn 18 and are out of the house? Or much older than 18 and still living at the house? Will I still be running interference?

Sigh. Suddenly I feel so tired.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Locked down.

So this weekend I've been on lockdown with little or no time to do anything other than formations, inspections and bay maintenance. Joys.

Wow is going to be starting again soon. All you friends who we've neglected so long I hope you are still around.

Wulfa should be starting again this week and I should be starting again in about 2-3 weeks.

We are debating a blog change to an alliance theme as the coming Worgen have forever stolen me away from the horde. Yay and stuff.

And that is about it. Time to go.


Friday, October 23, 2009

The Orclette comes through

As I've mentioned before, the Orclette cried the first 3-4 months of her life. And right now I'd describe her as "strong-willed," "determined," "pushes boundaries." And so on. And at the same time she's usually cheerful and adorable. Which was done on purpose by God, I'm sure, because otherwise she'd have been shipped off to grandma's house by now :D (a threat my mom used on us for years. It worked: at Grandma's house we had to help muck out the horse stalls ;)

And nowadays I read several "mommy" blogs. And I am not being critical. But they'll describe their mornings and they'll mention dealing with all of it before coffee. Because of crying children. And that's one of the worst (i.e. heartbreaking) sounds in the world (unless you are the Orclette and 2 1/2. You can wait). You want to stop the crying, fulfill whatever it is they need.

But that's where I thank the Orclette.

I could not stop her crying (daddy could). All I could do was hold her while she cried. Thus I developed a tolerance for baby cries. I have no problems putting Miniorc down for two minutes while I make my coffee. Even if he's screaming bloody murder. Because I will be holding/feeding him for the next hour at least. The Orclette can wait because she's over the age of 2 and it's never too early to start learning patience (ok, when you're not yet 1 maybe that's too early ... ).

So thankyou, Orclette. Your crying those first few months means I'm one of the fortunate mothers who gets her coffee before wading into the fray.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today will be better.

Some days the world crashes down on you and you're able to do nothing else but keep your head out of the deluge gasping for breath.

That was yesterday.

I had been experiencing some health issues that coalesced and started MAJOR SCARY THOUGHTS in my head Sunday/Sunday night. Monday morning I was like a zombie from a combination of symptoms/stress/plain tuckered-outness. So I call the doctor and they don't have room for me. Just loverly. Then Damm calls and says that he doesn't have a PT test on file which means he can't graduate which means he'll be home later than we had expected.

Then I drove to m-i-l's choir performance and really scared myself with how out of it I was and how I probably shouldn't have been driving (this actually happened before Damm called but whatever).

Then things started looking up. Doctor's office called to tell me they could squeeze me in. Male doctor though. I don't like going to male doctors. He tells me that nothing is seriously wrong with me and confirms my self-diagnosis of mastitis (with a few accompanying things that made me worry it was something else). I am now on antibiotics and painkillers and no longer stressed out about hospitalizations and the like.

Then Damm called and although nothing can be done about the PT test he took and passed but didn't get recorded he's in better shape than he thought and he thinks that with a week or two of training he can pass the damn PT test (I'm not emotional AT ALL about the issue). After having been on profile for over two months. I am so proud of my warrior.

And last night I got a full night's sleep. And I have my coffee. And my pills. Things are looking up. We are no longer in danger of drowning.

21 days to wait til the happy reunion.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wanting to chat.

But not wanting to talk.

Wishing Wulfa was near a computer so we could cheerfully type at each other.

Anyone else ever wished that someone would type with them but not that anyone would -talk- to them?

I too am not a picnic.

Today is Sunday. Incase you didn't know.

I'm pondering all sorts of things.

On my life here:

I failed at drawing for an hour every day this week because Thurs and Friday were full of "GAAAH WE MIGHT HAVE TO MOVE AND IF EVERYTHING ISN'T CLEAN FOR AN INSPECTION IN 30 MIN THE WORLD WILL END FOR US". ...

The inspections never happened. The move never happened. That didn't stop this from repeating every hour and a half those days. The one thing good out of it is I've now reached that level of not caring where you look at the newsbringer and just shrug and state that when a sargent comes up to your room to tell you to move or to clean it you will but not until then.

This is a new state of being for me. I'm that nervous guy who knows all the rules and is always trying to do them. And it feels so odd to honestly no longer care. I'm not showing a lack of respect for the Sargeants I'm just not moving a finger for a private who swears he heard it straight from this or that authority. And I'm sliding a LOT further towards "do and ask forgiveness later". If I don't ask, then I don't technically know, and I'm -not- doing something that in anyway will harm others/myself/etc. Or that will disrespect the Uniform or the Army. So ha to the voices in my head that are muttering angrily about how this almost sounds like what the dirtbags say.

Three... weeks... left. One week of class at the hall I'm at now. One week of ? at ?(not sure except we carry rifles that week). One week of FTX. Then 3 days of outprocessing and graduating. And then if all of my check boxes are checked off I get to go home. I'm praying that nothing will go wrong and make me stay another couple of days or weeks... this is my biggest worry at this point.

On Stories:
That kid that wrote Eragon is a Doctor Who fan. I found this out.....when to my extreme disatisfaction the series didn't end with the third book. Not happy.

I found a problem with my story idea from yesterday. The people have no purpose/goals. I'm not sure why this was a problem... it just seems to be. Even the cast of Friends had jobs to go to. But people stuck on a moving ship as passengers for centuries? No jobs... no duties... too much boredom leads to EVERYBODY DIES. Bah.

On blogreader things:

I read Tobold XKCD and TJ everyweekend now. Tobold because him and PA make me feel like I'm paying attention to the computer game world I used to be so deeply deeply invested in.

XKCD because they are 70% of the time funny and 30% of the time just familiar and warm fuzzies.

TJ because... well reading her makes me feel like I still have internet friends even if I'm only on for about 2 hours a week. TJ you really do produce that "we're just friends B---S------ about things while at work" vibe very well. Besides one of these days she will find a drink that is better than Coke Zero and Diet Coke and as I love both of them extremely I want to be there.

And I check the webcomics at PA, GG, Gunnerkrigg, QC, Schlock Mercenary, the Giant, ScaryGoRound, Applegeeks, Starslip, and NuklearPower. Then I check gmail and ESPN(during college football season).

This is about 30% of my cultural input.

On the next 30%:
Books, mostly from the science fiction/fantasy section. Occasionally alternating with roleplaying sourcebooks. Almost never with factual books or "normal" fiction(like uhm grisham or clancy or that ilk?).

I read a lot... but a lot of what I read is simply the same song using a different instrument. I find that I immerse myself in mythical worlds. If the place isn't real than it is interesting.

Warning... I got boring but couldn't decide whether to delete this or not: Go to the bottom.
I've started putting an effort into learning the author names that I read, but I'm not good at it... lets try again:
LE Modesitt, Jr., Laurell K. Hamilton(short stories and her earlier books that were not so sex obsessed), Robert Jordon, Steven Erikson, Jack McDevitt, Terry Pratchett, Orson Scott Card, Andre Norton, Patricia Briggs, Ann McCaffrey, Harry Turtledove, Larry Niven, bah... I'm going to stop there... I'm bored with this.

But just that list will get you a good idea of books I like and don't like. Briggs and Erikson are probably my favorite authors right now... I keep trying Salvadore but every time I do I hate myself later. I don't understand how he sells books I really don't. Weis and Hickman's stories fall into almost the same catagory but not quite. McDevitt is nice. Norton... I read her because she inspired so many authors I like/liked but I dislike all of her characters... they feel fake to me. Jordon is fun because I like his world. Hamilton's characters in her early books felt incredibly real and interesting. The last time I tried reading her though it felt like one of those pink covered books in the romance section where from front to back all that happens is clothes come off. McCaffrey was good when I was younger but I don't think I would be happy if I tried her again. I remember even then thinking that her stories felt like they were missing something. Larry Niven's books I enjoy and his characters feel real.

I remember liking Card... but now I find that I don't even like Ender's game. Isaac Asimov is the same. I read them. But I don't recomend them anymore because I no longer like them. Tolkien... -almost- to that point. Turtledove is at that point. Dune...

Where the Author pulls himself out of even deeper introspection about his realization of how much his entertainment tastes have changed:
And I've written too much again today. Well you sit down on a sunday morning and spend time thinking of things to write after spending a week not talking to anyone you used to know :P.

And then kick rocks.

I'm also not a drum solo.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ninjas Vs. Pirates


From The Army Orc.

This is my chinese dragon with wolf paw prints. If I do it again I will do the same basic idea but without the outlines for the dragon... it will simply be the pattern in the shape.

I fixed the bird from a while back. This one looks okay I think.

I tried to draw a dragons' head profiled from the side and only outlining... kinda like the deer. Some aspects of it turned out better than others.

This is me with a horrible look on my face. I would take a better one but it is kinda wierd taking picture after picture of yourself while sitting in a library with people walking behind you. I feel self concious.

So I now have a very verah nicely warm underarmor hoodie. Plain black with the UA logo. The picture is taken by my very sad little old phone that I'm borrowing from that brother over there.

I needed the hoodie because it is like 52 degrees here and THAT IS FREEZING. I was cold dang it.

Story idea below

There is a vessel... or ship... or something of that nature. The outside changes more. Care wrought stone architecture fills the inside. A geas has been placed on these stones. Trapping it "outside but near" according to the few crew members who stop to talk. The Captain of this vessel is never seen or heard, but the crew refers to him often. The crew never talks of themselves, not even to give a name... they talk about the vessel and sometimes the captain. They never ask questions and rarely talk for more than a few words.

However the vessel carries more than just crew and cargo. Occasionally passengers will come aboard. Most by accident. And then when the vessel "sails" they are stranded on board. It only takes one trip to realize that the vessel almost never returns to the same place twice. Some have been traveling centuries and never found their way back home.

Here are a few of the passengers:

Fesson's crew:
-Fesson, a blue haired pointy-eared female with a penchant for ice tricks.
-Dust, a grey skinned bulky alchemist with many small techno-etheric pets.
-Almost, a wiry raven shapechanger that rides on Fesson's shoulder. Almost is Fesson's mate and is the leader of her crew.
-Freckles, a furtive brown rat often found in Fesson's sweater pocket. She likes plants, fire and swarms. She has a relationship with Dust.
-Shhh, a female with mottled skin, she is a great healer and doctor with odd mind tricks. Having her working on you is rarely pleasant as she tends to enjoy the pain a little too much while fixing you.
-Jeffries, a sharpshooter with a really odd crossbow. Obsesses over vampires despite how many times she has been told that they are mythical.
-Kel, a shadow mage. Despite his deep aversion to physical combat he has a reputation as an assassin. Works with Dust on projects.

Fesson's crew controls the gardens and the observatory. The stars seen in the observatory change all the time but you can always see "the hunting man"(from earth's sky Orion). The gardens are large enough to easily get lost for weeks in. Kel and Almost are certain they change size, Dust isn't sure about that but the three have proven that the contents will change when not under observation.

Fen's Pack:

-Fen is a wirey male librarian with necromantic tendencies. Always has a pack of chalk on him.
-Kaa is a self-aware python with immense strength and limited shapechanging abilities.
-Kissa is a small female musician with a hissing accent and lizard eyes. Rumor goes that she used to be a lizardfolk(humanoid lizard societies are sometimes found at the ports the vessel stops at). Her music is bewildering.
-Copper young teenage girl with mental tricks.
-Brass, Copper's brother. Carries a lot of knives and has a few mental tricks of his own.

Fen's crew controls the library and service halls(which gives him control of any access to deep storage by non-crew). Fen will sometimes hire Kel and Dust to analyze things he finds in deep storage.

Other notables:
-The-light-that-moves. Dust: "Something guards the Captain's room and access to the crew quarters and luxury suites. Me and Almost tried finding out a few times... but all that ever happened was we saw a moving light. It's odd but that was enough to prevent us from pushing further. Every attempt ended the same way. Us both seeing a moving light."
Brile's Men. Brile is a lithe swordsman with a fast tongue. He has about 20-30 sworn men and women who bear arms at his call. He controls the only non-crew entrance to the vessel and all of the "coach class" passenger rooms as well as the cafeteria and entertainment rooms. A trader of odd goods at every port he barters with natives... selling them items they would never find on their world for items that otherworlds have never known. He passes himself off as captain to those who do not go further into the vessel than the pub and social areas.

The vessel announces subtly when it is about to make port and leave port. Anyone who has been on for more than a year can tell about 24 hours in advance. Fen can tell about a month in advance.

Fen, Kel, and Almost have been here the longest by common reckoning.

The vessel's crew is untouchable and uninterruptable. Crew doors cannot be passed by non-crew no matter how knowledgeable you may be or how strong you are. At least so far as anyone knows.

For those who get stranded on the vessel(there are many passengers who never get stranded the vessel will regularly make port on a world for a year or more... and while on this world act within the world as a passenger/cruise vessel) it is easy to spend decades and never get past Brile's domain. And you can do so without ever feeling like you've explored it all. Brile uses his swornmen to control any other minor gangs in his area.

The vessel is huge on the inside. Huge like impossibly so. Total population of passengers is somewhere in the low thousands and yet the ones I've named are the only ones so far that have gone past the obvious passenger areas.

And yet... when you first visit... the vessel seems to be about right for a common passenger vessel on your world.

The Vessel has not always existed. It is obviously and purposefully made. The purpose though is unkown. The crew do guarantee that ports of call are not made for passengers or the trade that happens then. Any non-crew on the ship are happenchance. Like the dust found in the back of a traveling truck.... only there for a limited time.

Briles wants to maintain his control of the passengers.
Fen wants to find out more about the hidden treasures on the ship.
Almost wants to know about the ship itself and about its maker and crew.

Story plotline ideas:
View from a newly stranded passenger.
Short stories about some of the more wild ports of call.
Story about a particularly odd/dangerous item/box found in deep storage.
Story about Fessen's Crew's research into the ship and what it was created for.
End story idea

And that is that. I don't have much more to say in this post and will have to leave all further writing for another time.

Only three more weeks left.