Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Long Journey Ends

And we're back. Left Waco, TX at 2:30 a.m. yesterday and drove into LC at 2:30 p.m. So 13 hour drive. I cannot comment at all about our homecoming because I am being positive, not negative, and if there's nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

Highlights of our trip:

1. (I'm numbering because I like to be tidy) The Orclette, after watching LOTR with my brothers (my mom covered her eyes at the appropriate moments), picked up her new toy spatula and told us that she was going to fight the bad guys with her stick. How cute is that?
2. The Miniorc smiled his awesome cute smile at everyone and let grandparents and friends hold him (the Orclette at his age decided that only momma and daddy were worthy to hold her awesomeness).
3. Damm forgot his beret and had to buy a new suit for his brother's wedding. 50% off at Sears. And he looks smashing. I need to see about posting a picture of that ...
4. I got Kat Von D. makeup at Sephora. I LOVES IT LOVES IT LOVES IT. Why doesn't LC have a Sephora? I'm currently in mourning because I had to leave the one in Houston.
5. The Orclette walking down the aisle as flower girl in brother's wedding. She did everything she was supposed to except for throwing the flowers. But she made up for that by throwing them on the ground as the bride and groom were pronouncing their vows, chattering away to herself. In front of everyone. (I don't think the lovebirds noticed.)
6. The groom's cake. I believe the bride made both cakes. I'm so glad she's my sister now. She's doing all my cakes from here on out. It was chocolatey with espresso beans. Just wow. That's why we're alive. To eat stuff like that.
7. 7th season of the Gilmore Girls. I now own the complete set.
8. It's over. Traveling with two kids is exhausting.

Big sigh. Christmas is once again over, school is about to start, life is about to become extremely regimented. No resolutions because there will be no time. But that's the way I prefer to roll.

2010. Orclette will turn 3 and is starting preschool. The Miniorc will turn 1 and will start walking and talking at some point this year. I will turn 26 and it's the first birthday that feels like I'm actually getting older. Not old, but beginning that aging process. It's weird. Damm will be officially joing ROTC, turning 29, and becoming a smartypants (his major is Double E. Electrical Engineering). It will be a better year than the last one because there will be no 6-month training absences or the birthing of a child (child good labor bad).

So there you are. The Orcs (although we only play Elves now) are back and ready to rock.

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