Saturday, January 2, 2010

Druid Healer.

I have officially graduated into the realm of a 'real for real serious really' healer. I healed Heroic Violet Hold, Heroic Utgarde Keep, and Heroic Gundrak last night. All two of three were my first time healing that dungeon(Gundrak and VH). UK I had runsuccessfully 3 times on normal back last year before I took my break... roughly a year ago.

I lost DPS 3 times. Once the warlock wouldn't stop standing in the purple goo. There was a third time that I don't remember. And then in Gundrak my buddies decided to get whirlwinded right when I got impaled. Sux2bu kthnx.

But all three runs I was thanked profusely for my healing. I know I overhealed a lot and I need to fix my gear(I even have an empty glyph slot). But I used nourish for the first time and liked what I saw(so fast). And on that fight with the whilrwind I kept the tank alive with even while tapping mana after every rejuv. These aren't me bragging about skills but about the fun last night, they thanked me despite dying, they were cheerful and I got to use fun toys and had several close calls.

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