Friday, April 6, 2012

Outdoor Fun

The Orclette, displaying the tiny bug (which you can't see) on her dinosaur.



Something? I had the markers in the pots but two little someones took them out.

Miniorc wanted his picture taken.

The water toy, which has been permanently banished to the front porch.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Too many things to decide on a title.

We launched into Spring Break about two weeks ago. I got on my laptop maybe once or twice but otherwise had a laptop-holiday. It was very freeing. It's also the reason I managed to go three weeks without posting anything (I thought it had only been two).

We were glued to the t.v., however, and the kids saw new shows such as "Godzilla" and movies such as "The Fly". I was in the mood for campy SF.

We ate way too much. My sister-in-law and mother both like to cook and they flow seamlessly from one meal to the next. I can make pasta, pancakes and eggs (and I love to make bread-that I'm good at) but anything else requires thought and planning and it certainly doesn't feel effortless. You should have seen the change that occurred in our refrigerator: one day it was packed with food and the next it wasn't because my mom had flown back home.

We made it through the Bataan Memorial Death March. I managed to get myself dehydrated and ended up in the medics tent with an IV but I made it across the finish line (10 hours 51 minutes, if anyone's curious). Damm stayed with me (my parents had gone on ahead since they had actually trained for the marathon and we hadn't, not really) and said the most romantic thing he's ever said: "If you can't make it, I'll carry you across the finish line." Really, it gave me goosebumps. And apparently one can reach my heart through sports:)

I went to the midnight premier of The Hunger Games with my sister-in-law. It was good, it was worth it, but I was tired the next day. It didn't help that at 10 a.m. Damm was in the room telling me what a beautiful morning it was and that no, he hadn't made coffee yet. My response? "I just saw the Hunger Games. I know what to do now." He laughed.

I had to read Philip Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for school. It is a weird book, and I don't think I like his style. He launches into his world with little explanation, which can work, but in his case the whole world was so alien that it was hard to sympathize with the characters. He did bring up the question of "What it means to be human!" but I'm not sure I'm satisfied with his answer (empathy only). He also had a fatalistic world view (i.e. the human race is evolving towards its end), one which I do not happen to share, so it was also off-putting to have to read something so depressing. Hitchchiker's Guide to the Galaxy was much the same (that's what we read the week before Spring Break), funny as it was at certain points. We're on to The Hobbit now, thank goodness. Lots of scary things and talk about doom but it isn't fatalistic and has rays of hope shining throughout the book.

We're looking forward to the end of school. Four more weeks then wonderful summer, with only jobs to occupy us. It'll be like we're not doing anything:) You'll note that I said "wonderful summer", something I can say now that I live in a place with real AC, not the inadequate and useless swamp cooler.

And on that note I'll end. We're good, I hope you're good, and I'm back on my laptop.