Saturday, September 20, 2008

What to say...

Wulfa's sick. And refused to give up Kara which she had been looking forwards too all week. So she went to bed at 12 midnight ish last night extremely exhausted.

Dammerung my hunter was level 46 on Thursday morning. He was level 50 last night. And as always level 50 is when life gets happy again. I say this because I hate levels 40-50.

Orclette has been extremely cute and fairly patient with both her parents being sicko this week.

I've go to go. Today we drive into town to get Wulfa some new glasses

Friday, September 19, 2008

On Focus

This is a braindump. Warning the thread -will- wander. I'm not gonna stop it.

On focus:

I like getting on and relaxing. I dislike getting on and feeling stressed.
While I don't mind raiding once or twice a month... I dislike being more scheduled than that.
I like pvp as it usually happens in quick short bursts that do not allocate a large portion of my time.
I don't mind spending ingame resources like gold/mats to obtain a goal but I'm very picky about my time-spent.
So I would say I'm an extremely casual, player who prefers a good battleground to a good instance.
I do not mind at all if everyone is raiding and I'm farming mats. I like farming mats :P.

For players like me, guilds with a strong focus are a two edged sword. On the one hand the guild focus makes it easy to choose what I'm doing tonight. On the otherhand I'm NOT a focused game player. I could be, but I'm not. I get on WoW... tinker around and get off. If my CoD4 CD wasn't scratched I'd likely spend just as much time running missions. If I could run pvp with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard I'd spend all my time in battlegrounds(the mouse/keyboard combo and me hate eachother).

When awesomely smart people like GLDC and CGM start saying you need focus I start fidgeting. You inject too much focus into my WoW and I slide away. I don't mind if the rest of the Herd pickup the focus and run deep into the endgame. But I like my hazey WoW with its ambigious objectives.

Short term gaming. Get on, pick a quest/battleground/instance complete it. Get off. No signups and no schedules. I'm not a guild leader. I found that out in recent experiments. I also found out that I don't like sitting at the comp for more than say... two hours. I can play halo or CoD or Disgaia or NCAA football all day, but I can do WoW for about 2 hours before I start getting tired of it.

And you know... I like it that way. I don't need to be motivated to level. It is completely fine to just... log in and think hmmm what do I want to do today. Sometimes having a clear idea of what you want out of a game... is over thinking the game.

Now as a guild leader who wants the guild to grow and go somewhere... you HAVE to have a goal. Otherwise you just have everyone sitting around, and slowly those people who -want- to go places will leave.

But me? I don't care if I never make level 66. I play, because its fun. And because my CoD4 CD is scratched. Not that I've been thinking about that much. No not at all.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jumping up and down

If you are a guild member and you signed on recently you probably were accosted with "Hi! I'm 58! Look at me I'm in Outlands!" I was just a wee bit excited about Beo going through the Dark Portal :D

Already 59 thanks to Damm helping me with quests-it was actually very fun questing together. Resto druid and shadow priest seem to go very nicely together. I'm looking forward to more duo questing :D

I've been on a mission to get exalted with Darnassus so I can retire the elekk (and this is why I'm posting, I'm jumping up and down inside because ....)-I'm only 1K rep away! I've accomplished this through questing and cloth turn-ins. I'm not telling you how much gold I've spent on runecloth these past few days. About half the rep came from questing, half from cloth (I was already revered). I will probably not be able to resist buying one right away though the lvl 60 one is right around the corner ....


A good friend of my family died yesterday or today. I just found out. He was a very good friend of Moon and my younger brothers and my family and his family were really close.

Him and a friend were working with some rifles and one of them was loaded. There was an accident.

Any prayers will be appreciated.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Factions. Scryer or Aldor. This Centaur or that. Bleh most of the time I don't get too excited.

BUT In wrath... you have UGLY-AS-SIN things vs. Oh wow I want to play one. Guess which one I'll be getting friendly with?

Also Kaliope wrote something. I can see wulfa goin for that!

Nothing more from me for now.

Weird, just weird ...

I'm a hunter. Not the best by far nor the fastest. And ohmegosh I saw some of the prettiest chain trapping last night-Wolfwood, Blusummer's hunter, knows what he's doing. Anyway, even though I wouldn't win any huntering contests I do feel as if I know huntering. I get it, it's in my blood-and that's a totally weird thing to say about a video game, but there it is. So, is my point well established? I am totally comfortable with Wulfa in any and all situations (well, now I am, I remember a few hyperventilating moments :).

Last night Beowulfa tagged along with Nasirah, Wolfwood (he has weird little symbols over the name, my keyboard doesn't have them that I can tell), and Damm. And it was weird. Especially seeing another BM hunter chain trap, bestial wrath, feign death-I definitely felt I was on the wrong side of the fence.

Don't get me wrong-I enjoy playing Beo. I've got her spell rotation down, I've gotten her reasonably good gear, we go well together. I just don't feel like a shadow priest yet. I'm hoping that comes with more practice, more run throughs. I will say that seeing even my small bit of health/mana return was pretty cool :D

So, no point other than that. Just had to share it with you :D

Last Stands and Pretending to be Broccoli.

I like grim survivalist stories, no matter the setting. I like football games where players are dropping right and left and the score is low and the conditions are brutal. I like death marches where a group of soldiers cover incredible distances fighting off enemies the entire time. I like expiditions that find themselves trapped far from home and only a few make it back alive. I like heroic sacrifices where the few hold of the endless so that the many have time to escape/prepare. I like this.

I enjoy fights in wow where we lose people right and left but bring them back and barely win with just the tank a healer and a dps standing. I like fights where something goes wrong and and the fight takes 8 MINUTES on 5 corehounds but we eventually prepare. I even *shudder* enjoy AV fights that come down to winning by <10 reinforcements.

And I like settings and stories where this is prevelant. WAR40k, even though I despise the empire and their twisted emperor worship is a very very tasty setting where there is only endless struggle/war simply to survive. Xenon's march. Steven Erikson's books. The alamo. The battle of the bulge(I may have the wrong battle here but I'm thinking of the one in the snow in northern france/belgium where the germans made a big push and it failed to break through). The Japanese defense of the various pacific islands. Etc.

Hope of victory being a slimmer of a glimpse.

I really enjoy.

No point really to this rant I was just talking with my Uncle and found out that he doesn't like this kind of story and realized that I really do. I like grim but not gritty. Gritty is the tendance to display coarse rough characters. I don't like coarse anything. I don't like language in books or movies(it offends my delicate nature :P). I don't like sex scenes either(its an intensely private act and isn't something I like to read or see in a movie)*.

I don't like main characters who intentionally go out of their way to hurt others around them emotionally, its okay if the bad guy does it offscene I just don't want to watch/see it....and if I do watch/see it I want the bad guy dead. Very dead. The good guys better be decimating the bad guy afterwards. But I'd prefer not to see it.

I cannot watch/see suffering and enjoy a story. I might think wow, that was a well written book that shattered my heart. But I sure as heck won't read it again(if I even finish it), I won't recomend it and I won't list it as a favored book. C.S. Friedman had a few books like this. They were enrapturing books but in one in particular I was so pissed off at a character that I begged her silently to kill him somehow through out the series. Tess of the Dubervilles is another book like this. How I hate that book.

Bah the rant go away from me. I should re-write this but I'm short on time/energy so I'll just redirect. Prepare for abrupt change in topic:

Playing a druid: Pretending to be brocolli.
Nessingwary: Hunting isn't hunting if you don't kill 30 of each.
Lifebloom: About 3x shorter in duration than I want. Regrowth is where the good stuffs are.

Proof that people have different values than me: Somepeople dislike white damage being their main source of damage. They -LIKE- pressing buttons every 1.5 seconds or faster. *shiver*

Should I take every friday off in October? Or should I save my PTO "incase I need it". I feel like I'm pondering whether or not to use a potion/trinket.

Well thats all folks.

*I'm not claiming that sex scenes are not arrousing, that would be lying. I'm saying I find them distastful and dislike them in things I watch.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You Need to See This

Wulfa tried to upload this earlier this week but it never made it. Here is Orclette trying to keep our floors clean.

Totally excited

Beo is lvl 56, halfway to 57, and *squeal* I did it! Third character to go through the Dark Portal! Of course, shouldn't count my chickens before they're hatched but if I'm allowed my normal playing time I should hit 58 tomorrow. We'll run around Hellfire for a bit and then most likely come back to Azeroth to finish quests. Of course if Beo doesn't find Hellfire difficult then we might stay ..... Other exciting news is that Beo has started getting Shadowcloth for her gorgeous robes at 70. Not making it yet, but using Windburn's and Xiliah's cooldowns (thanks guys!).

I bought the Orclette new clothes. Fall clothes-long shirt and pants. She's absolutely adorable. And she likes to pick out her own colors. I think she despairs of my taste. Have you seen that store White & Black? That's where I'm gonna shop when this voluntary-back-to-school poverty ends. White, black, shots of pink thrown in because Damm likes it and it is a color of mine. Oh and jeans. Can't live comfy without jeans. Back to Orclette: she likes pink. Lots and lots of pink. She has her own pink book about a kitten. She has pink shirts. She picked out pink Pooh shoes. Pink pink pink.

A while back 3B posted a video of our first take-down of the bear boss in ZA. He used a song by Within Temptation. I was surfing iTunes yesterday because I needed an infusion of running music and remembered that I only had one song of theirs. Ended up buying the whole album. I'm not sure what they're saying, but I ADORE the music. Now perhaps I should go see what their message is, since I'll be listening to nothing else the next few days ....

Started Elantris. Like it, not finished yet, so no thoughts on the book.

Wulfa is now a farmer. She exists to farm for motes. Gold sometimes too. I think she's very excited about the Nov. 13 release since it means leveling once more :D I've heard that cats are getting nerfed-is this true? /cry. I don't really read anything about WotLK. My eyes start to glaze over and I skip entire paragraphs. It's not that I'm uninterested, just waiting until it's released.

And now to see if my realm is back up ....

oh bah my realm is part of the extended maintenance.
/poof in smoke visions of dinging 57 this morning.
/make self go running instead.
/slightly wishes she had slept in today ......

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cakk me Issmell.

So sleepy. Keep mispelling my name and words like "call".

Stupid Weber and his stupid books. "Hell's Gate" a book about a gateway that two empires fight over kept me up till 2:30 last night. To be honest....I'll have to reread the book. Towards the end I had the sinking realization that it wasn't a stand alone book. Fighting this I skimmed more and more and sped towards the final page HOPING I was wrong. I wasn't. Now I have to re-read it to figure out what happened outside the brief conversational widgits.

Purchased Elantris last night so Wulfa could read it. I plan to re-read that one too.

November, huh? So two weeks after I move BOOM Wrath.


My plans are as follows: Poke around the upper level outlands. Avoid other players. Not play much the first week(pfft like I'll be playing much at all once I move).

More to come later if I remember.