Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weird, just weird ...

I'm a hunter. Not the best by far nor the fastest. And ohmegosh I saw some of the prettiest chain trapping last night-Wolfwood, Blusummer's hunter, knows what he's doing. Anyway, even though I wouldn't win any huntering contests I do feel as if I know huntering. I get it, it's in my blood-and that's a totally weird thing to say about a video game, but there it is. So, is my point well established? I am totally comfortable with Wulfa in any and all situations (well, now I am, I remember a few hyperventilating moments :).

Last night Beowulfa tagged along with Nasirah, Wolfwood (he has weird little symbols over the name, my keyboard doesn't have them that I can tell), and Damm. And it was weird. Especially seeing another BM hunter chain trap, bestial wrath, feign death-I definitely felt I was on the wrong side of the fence.

Don't get me wrong-I enjoy playing Beo. I've got her spell rotation down, I've gotten her reasonably good gear, we go well together. I just don't feel like a shadow priest yet. I'm hoping that comes with more practice, more run throughs. I will say that seeing even my small bit of health/mana return was pretty cool :D

So, no point other than that. Just had to share it with you :D

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Nasirah said...

Eh, just call him Wolfwood. The symbols are only there because the name was already taken the normal way.