Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Totally excited

Beo is lvl 56, halfway to 57, and *squeal* I did it! Third character to go through the Dark Portal! Of course, shouldn't count my chickens before they're hatched but if I'm allowed my normal playing time I should hit 58 tomorrow. We'll run around Hellfire for a bit and then most likely come back to Azeroth to finish quests. Of course if Beo doesn't find Hellfire difficult then we might stay ..... Other exciting news is that Beo has started getting Shadowcloth for her gorgeous robes at 70. Not making it yet, but using Windburn's and Xiliah's cooldowns (thanks guys!).

I bought the Orclette new clothes. Fall clothes-long shirt and pants. She's absolutely adorable. And she likes to pick out her own colors. I think she despairs of my taste. Have you seen that store White & Black? That's where I'm gonna shop when this voluntary-back-to-school poverty ends. White, black, shots of pink thrown in because Damm likes it and it is a color of mine. Oh and jeans. Can't live comfy without jeans. Back to Orclette: she likes pink. Lots and lots of pink. She has her own pink book about a kitten. She has pink shirts. She picked out pink Pooh shoes. Pink pink pink.

A while back 3B posted a video of our first take-down of the bear boss in ZA. He used a song by Within Temptation. I was surfing iTunes yesterday because I needed an infusion of running music and remembered that I only had one song of theirs. Ended up buying the whole album. I'm not sure what they're saying, but I ADORE the music. Now perhaps I should go see what their message is, since I'll be listening to nothing else the next few days ....

Started Elantris. Like it, not finished yet, so no thoughts on the book.

Wulfa is now a farmer. She exists to farm for motes. Gold sometimes too. I think she's very excited about the Nov. 13 release since it means leveling once more :D I've heard that cats are getting nerfed-is this true? /cry. I don't really read anything about WotLK. My eyes start to glaze over and I skip entire paragraphs. It's not that I'm uninterested, just waiting until it's released.

And now to see if my realm is back up ....

oh bah my realm is part of the extended maintenance.
/poof in smoke visions of dinging 57 this morning.
/make self go running instead.
/slightly wishes she had slept in today ......


Blusummers said...

The deal with Cats was that every pet family was going to have 2 abilities: a focus dump like claw and a specific family ability. Most of the family abilities were damage attacks. Cats kept prowl. So while all the other DPS pets were going to be doing more damage, cats were being left behind. However, I just read that Cats are also going to get Rake (similar to the druid ability) since Prowl has almost no combat use. /Cheer for kitties everywhere!

Papersmith said...

I'm really hoping they don't nerf cats...but then I'm fine with raptors too. My Orc Hunter (lvl 60 : Whisperwind)ran with one named Sugarplum for a long time.