Friday, October 21, 2011

Orange, Orclette and Overworked

I'm thinking orange. Orange pumpkins, orange candles, orange foliage. Mixed in with a few other fall colors, of course. Rather than jump immediately into Christmas-planning mode (like I usually do) I've been mustering up enthusiasm for Thanksgiving, and even in some measure Halloween. I do not celebrate Halloween because I am not enthused about the origins of that particular celebration but we do participate in festivities if they are kid-friendly. For instance, this year Damm and the Orclette will be participating in the ROTC Halloween Run dressed as (we're thinking) Dorothy and the Tin Man/Straw Man. It'll be awesome.

Speaking of the Orclette, I had a moment yesterday that I was strongly tempted to say "Why can't you just be more like Miniorc!" I didn't say it, in case you were curious. What had happened was that she and I were in the bathroom getting ready for bed and Miniorc and Damm were already asleep (bathroom connects to bedroom). She was singing loudly, playing with the toothbrushes and completely ignoring my whispered "Hush!" es. Occasionally Miniorc is the one who manages to stay awake and when he's with me he quietly sits on the floor and reads books. He'll occasionally point out a "fly" (bug of any sort) to me in one of his books. The difference is extreme, but I still don't think it's wise to verbally compare one child with another. Or maybe it is? Anyway, in that situation I chose not to.

Overworked! Yesterday I listened to an hour-long lecture on the psychology inherent in the story of Cupid and Psyche. I am a history major, not a psychology major, so it was, to be blunt, rather boring. Then I wrote a four-page paper and participated in a Discussion Board for an online class (usual format is: create a post to teacher's specifications and reply to two other students' creations). All in three hours. I usually don't have that much time at once so I was fairly exhausted by the end of that session. I guess you couldn't really called me "overworked" as I enjoyed getting that much done but it fit in the title.

There you go. Have a great weekend!