Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shoulders anyone?

Looking at shoulders I think these are the best. But or might be easier to get.

The first one requires a drop off of Keli'dan the Breaker in Blood furnace. The 2nd require The Mag'har - Revered and the last requires you complete Deathblow to the Legion.

Anyways... Thems my enh shoulders.

The Neck of the issue.

For the neck we have the following lovely options: <-----Looks the best to me. <----if I had two +10 str gems might be easier than exalted Consortium.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I wantz it

Ok, so I was reading through my daily blogs and I discovered that BlizzCon 2008 has been announced and will be in October. I think I want to go. And I am shocked that I am admitting this because it means I really have turned into a nerd. And I want to know if any of my fellow guildies (Sidhe Devils) or bloggers is planning on going 'cause if you are we can like, totally hang out (insert Valley Girl voice, which I do a very poor imitation of).

BTW, Dammy, would you like to go too?

Yes but when is it? How much will it cost? How many days off will I need? Seems pricey. Etc.

Oh and also: Totem at 70 is now picked:

So I'm 99% happy.

Like Wulfa twittered yesterday I finalized my level 70 headgear.

First choice if it is on the AH is:

If I can't find that item, then I will get a LW to make me:

I -really- thought about leveling Engineering for these:
and I might still...but I was planning on BS for my Weapons and both would be crazy.*

After even the lowest level of searching I realized that my first post was -way- under researched. I am currently making a full list of each slot that is fully searched(both mail/leather and for all 4 main stats I care about Agi, Str, AP, Crit Rating).

Once I have a full list I shall post it and also post the steps for getting every item on that list in the order that I plan on going about it.

In other news I'm pleased as punch by the reception of my last post. Not sure why but almost every comment made me smile. Even a certain someone who conspired with Wulfa to tease me about the post while I was tanking Orclette.

*I -really- like the Season 2 axes and am under the impression that they are honor fodder. If they are then holy crap I need to spend some serious time in battlegrounds.

Well...that is about it for today. Everyone else in the blog world needs to gimme some posts to read dagnabit.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"The Fallacy of "Play what you want"".

I want to be needed. I want to feel like I am an integral and important portion of my guild. So I ask "what does the guild need?" and the worst thing I can hear back is "play what you want". I don't want to play what I want. I want to know that what I play is going to bring something to the guild that no one(or few others) else is bringing. I want to play a shaman because of my group buffs. I want to play a survival hunter because of expose weakness. I want to play a healer because of healing. I want to be filling a need. If the need is dps I want to see whateveryone else has and pick the dps that synergizes the most. Gosh darn it.

Horde side I have a Shaman. This shaman knows an Ele shaman, a BM hunter, and a Warlock. My first inclination? To respec resto, practice healing, and recruit a tank.......

Alliance side I have a hunter. Survival hunter at that. But my guild is -full- of hunters. Suddenly I feel a desire to play a healer, or a shaman, or a MAGE or anything that is helping fill a gap we might have. Anything other than another hunter filling the same need as 5 others.

I don't think I'm the only one that does this. Sure there are people who -know- what they want to play and just don't want to play anything else. I know Ret Pallies who sadly were forced to go holy when all they wanted to do is be a Ret. Pally. And I feel bad for them. I'm not suggesting this is a good pratice.

But I don't know what I want to play. I make alts like other people breathe. If I had more time than that 10-20 hours a week I do I would have 10 60's(I'm not sure I'd be 70 yet though). What I want is to be usefull to my guild. No matter the class.

I play my Shaman now because it makes me happy to know that a certain blastyshaman wants to play with my toon. I play pox because they need the trif tank. I'm working on a mage twink because Ess said she wants to play BG's(my one true WoW love) and I want her to have a teammate. I played my hunter as a survival hunter because I wanted to provide my guild with a unique buff. I play my warlock..wait no I don't...because even though I like playing a lock no one on that server needs/wants him.

If Sidhe Devils suddenly developed a shortage of tanks or healers...? I'd be rolling a new toon that night. Course levels 1-70 takes a long time, but it gets shorter as you go(1-39 took me 3 RL weeks....not too bad compared to my shaman).

Anyways thats my view on things. I don't have a point but since all blog posts ever MUST HAVE A POINT* we go:

It isn't a bad thing to roll what the guild needs if you are someone who doesn't know what he wants.

Adios and radda radda.

*kidding of course.

Guess what?!

Wulfa dinged 62 late, late last night.


Now I need to go back and read all of Pike's Posts on the subject .... I read them before, but I didn't read read them. Because of the lateness of dinging last night I have yet to experiment with Steady Shot but that will come today. Maybe .... I've been working soo hard on lvling that I'm considering taking a short break. But then, there is a new pair of pants awaiting me at lvl 63(and the ones I'm wearing now are butt-ugly but have really good stats), a whole new range of quests should have just opened up, and my brother is catching up with me. So, that break might not happen.

I did create the cutest little gnome mage named Orclette. Why didn't I think of this before? When Wulfa dings 70 her adventures will start. I'm totally nostalgic about the Dwarven area and very eager to get back to it, be young again, have no worries, no cares ....

And as the real Orclette is wanting my attention, this is the end. Goodbye.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Looking forwards.

For my enhancement shaman I am going to be trying to figure out what gear I can collect at 70 before raiding to be the best PVE person I can be.

I'm using the following values to help rate my gear. These values were taken from here.

Attack Power = 1
Strength = 2
Agility = 1.74
Crit Rating = 1.97
Haste Rating = 1.28
Hit Rating = 1.34
Armor Penetration = .22
Expertise Rating = 3

For my weapons I'm looking at:

Obviously this requires blacksmithing but I'm not sure if the recipe is obtainable without a raidgroup. If it is I'm willing to farm up BS for these.

Alterntively we have this:

Or two of: <----I like this alot.



SHOULDERS <--- If I spend the money for LW 375 or (quest)<----most likely (easier quest)

HEAD <---- I think this is gonna be better.


WRIST <----Looks like LW is right for me or (pvp) <-----most likely (quest) (quest)




I almost forgot belt:

All of these would be socketed with:

Now... if anyone hasn't guessed I just ran through wowhead looking up items with str on them. Because I'm at work and don't have a lot of time to search -every- item with agi/str/crit/ap to compare against these. But please if you have any suggestions for alternate starting items or if you notice that one of the items I'm mentioning is a lot harder to get than I think it is... please pipe up. Yes even you there in the back.

I'm wanting to get an idea of what to work towards as I level up.

EDIT: Powered by added and list updated a bit.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Someone enlighten me. I keep running into this idea with certain people I talk to.

"Why are you charging me for this custom program? It has already been written for another bank. All of the work is already done."

I've tried explaining that programs are like books. Even though you only wrote it once you charge it multiple times.

I've tried explaining that custom programs are like our software product. You have to pay for YOUR copy, even though we've already written and sold copies to other people.

The last person I tried to explain this to told me that I "shouldn't argue with the customer".


This isn't a complex idea.

One Looong Weekend

It's wonderful not working retail full-time. You actually get 3-day weekends without having to bargain your life away. Hurrah!

So, cute things that Orclette did this weekend:

1. learn to clap her hands just like her daddy
2. learn to shake her head "no" just like her daddy
3. take the empty soda bottle from me (I had been having fun bopping her gently on the head with it) and bopping herself a good few times
4. offered a choice between uncle and dad, she chose uncle. Ok, so that wasn't completely cute-if that had happened to me I would've cried.

And, things I did in WOW this weekend:

1. I got to 61! On Wulfa, alliance-side hunter. I was in the middle of a fight when the flashing golden light happened so I forgot to check how much xp I now needed for lvl 62. When I remembered to look I nearly fell off my chair. 574000-odd xp? So my goals had to change a bit. I can't push frenetically for 70 when I have to get that kind of xp. So, I'm going to enjoy the Outlands, take the time to look at the scenery, and play no other character until I get to 70. Although we did create a cool new guild on Drenden for our beloved orcs and our tauren-who-is-an-orc-at-heart friend so I'm going to spend a bit of time over there as well ..... And of course Pox .....
2. I PUGged this weekend. Not a big one, I just agreed to party with someone else. I have done this in the past and usually I join party, I say hello, they grunt, we kill what needs killing, they may remember to say thank you, and then I'm out of party. This time an actual conversation took place. I called myself a noob, he called himself a noob, etc. We quickly finished the quest and promised to call on the other if we needed help. 5 minutes later I got a tell-had I done this quest yet? I hadn't, so I ride off on my lovely, fast, (it's a purple shiny!) blue mount. Turns out I can't do that quest yet but I help anyway 'cause that's the decent thing to do. We kill everyone super-fast, again leave with joint promises of calling on the other for help, and I added him to my friends list. Restored my faith in humanity, that did. At least until the next dude comes up, wants to duel me, and when I say "I am logging out RIGHT NOW because my daughter woke up and is screaming!" he replies "WIMP! What a loser!"
3. I asked for help on a quest. I don't do that, outside of telling Dammy to get his butt over here now because I'm dying. I asked a guildie, who abandoned barbecuing to come help me. As soon as he arrives I aggro like 50 mobs and we DIED a HORRIBLE and EXCRUCIATING death! No, it was 5 mobs and we killed them, although I certainly would've bit the dust if I had been by myself. My point, aside from this being a first-time experience, is that I felt soooo nervous. And because of that I didn't act like the cool hunter that I am-I was actually rather more of a huntard. And I couldn't figure out why this would happen in a game. Nobody can see me (there is NO camera!), nobody can tell me to my face what a horrible job I did, so why would I be nervous? Can't quite figure that one out. Anyway, my guildie enabled me to quickly finish the quest (which had been frustrating me) and that was that.

Things that happened this weekend:

1. I wrenched my ankle while running. I will never be able to make fun of MO drivers who come to a stop whenever there are people walking on the side of the road because if there had been a car, it would've been messy .... but everyone's alright, my ankle is recovering, and I didn't go into work Sunday because it was so painful, so I actually got a 3-day weekend. Hate calling in to work. Hate it hate it. And that evening I kept having mini panic-attacks because I thought I had forgotten to go into work (this is not unprecedented- I forgot to attend a mandatory holiday meeting once).
2. We say Indiana Jones! It was awesome to actually see one for the first time in theaters, rather than watching re-runs. And they are scary if you're viewing them for the first time. Dammy didn't like the ending, but he doesn't like any of the endings, so that was actually a good thing (they don't go into greater detail but focus on the adventure part of the story which leaves Dammy feeling like something's missing). And Orclette had fun at her cousin's house and fell asleep without crying. Apparently she also said "momma" while she was there. I have yet to hear that. And that's all I have to say about that.
3. I had the single most frightening experience of my life. Orclette's cousin was holding her, sitting on the couch. The floor at the house we were visiting was concrete covered by the thinnest of carpets. Orclette was getting tired, and when she's tired she had a tendency to fling herself around. So she did that, young cousin wasn't expecting it, and I looked to see my daughter falling headfirst into the floor. Cousin caught her right before I did so she didn't touch the floor, but I'm still not fully recovered. And though it certainly wasn't the cousin's fault, no-one's touching my baby for a while. No-one told me about wanting to put your kids into a clean room not because they were driving you nuts but because you don't want anything to hurt them.

And I'm thinking that's it. My hands hurt from typing, my back is beginning to spasm a bit, my ankle is faintly throbbing. I sound old, don't I? Or just a well-seasoned athlete ....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tonight is Shaman night.

So I've been in idle mode on my toons most of this weekend. I took Friday night and hit 60 on my shaman. But after that I didn't do much.

My hunter finally hit exalted with SW and is now about 1/2 the way to 40(from 39).

I created a warrior for twinking and made it to level 2.

I then created a mage and made it to level 8 last night. I plan on playing the mage...the warrior...not so much.

The stuff in blue is me rambling and complaining. I couldn't decide whether to clip it or to post it so I changed the color and figured I'd warn you now so you can skip. Its not all bad...but not much of it is good.

If you like the other Indiana Jones movies you will probably like this one. It is the same old Indy. And honestly he only gets cooler as he gets older. Seriously, "old" indy is AWESOME. Crazy awesome. That said? I didn't like the movie. I never like these movies. The scenes are awesome. The plot sucks. It is how I feel about 90% of what LucasFilms puts out. Wulfa liked it and I imagine most people will like it. I don't -regret- it at least. Oh and I'm looking forwards to Hancock a lot. I also want to see the Panda movie but I'm afraid that I'll have already seen all the good bits by the time it comes out. Not sure about Twighlight, I'm afraid I'll rip it apart afterwards and not enjoy it. Oh and Prince Caspian was awesome. Still haven't seen Iron Man(Wulfa wasn't interested). The new Hulk looks like something I'd actually watch. I skipped the first one(the one from 2-3 years ago).

Outlands is a lot slower than 1-60. Its rather amazing how much a difference 2.3 made. I think thats the patch where they made leveling faster. I'm glad they did. It was difficult enough with my limited time/focus to even get to 60 -after- the patch. I don't think I would have done it before the patch. Sure there are a lot of quests that give you 10-12k xp a pop in outlands. But that is still about 20 quests for the first level. Compared to about 4 for level 59. (I usually kill about twice as many mobs as I have to). So like Wulfa I'm no longer really expecting to be 70 any time soon. At this point I'm really just wanting to tag 70 before Wrath comes out. I'm expecting to get to do Kara or any raids as the moment I tag 70 I'll be farming up gold/rep for ages and ages.

However I'm really looking forwards to being able to actually twink and play with people I know. Every previous effort I've made has resulted in people saying "but I wanna be 70" or "I hate battlegrounds". Both statements boggle me.

I love Battlegrounds and I really don't care too much about being 70. I'm very very glad Blizzard allows/supports twinking for this reason, its easy to get to 19/29 and get all the gear you need/want and then sit and play your 'endgame'. It doesn't take the hours of leveling that 70 requires. Days/months in my slow case.


Back to work.