Friday, May 30, 2008

So I'm 99% happy.

Like Wulfa twittered yesterday I finalized my level 70 headgear.

First choice if it is on the AH is:

If I can't find that item, then I will get a LW to make me:

I -really- thought about leveling Engineering for these:
and I might still...but I was planning on BS for my Weapons and both would be crazy.*

After even the lowest level of searching I realized that my first post was -way- under researched. I am currently making a full list of each slot that is fully searched(both mail/leather and for all 4 main stats I care about Agi, Str, AP, Crit Rating).

Once I have a full list I shall post it and also post the steps for getting every item on that list in the order that I plan on going about it.

In other news I'm pleased as punch by the reception of my last post. Not sure why but almost every comment made me smile. Even a certain someone who conspired with Wulfa to tease me about the post while I was tanking Orclette.

*I -really- like the Season 2 axes and am under the impression that they are honor fodder. If they are then holy crap I need to spend some serious time in battlegrounds.

Well...that is about it for today. Everyone else in the blog world needs to gimme some posts to read dagnabit.

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Chris said...

Season 2 isn't honor fodder yet, but it will be once Season 4 starts. No time like the present to start saving though.