Friday, August 13, 2010

For the Empress and the Motherland

I finally got the gluing done after getting generic brand normal freakin original superglue. Gorilla glue foams and takes 30 min to dry. The guy at hobby lobby obviously misunderstood me or was a complete retard. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt seeing as he was dealing with me in full on manic state.

So I'm really excited about my new hobby and cannot wait to start priming and painting. For those that play I'm planning on playing mostly with pIrusk to start but eventually fessing up the money for a jack heavy Karchev list. Because jacks are awesome and -nearly- jack warcasters are also awesome.

Anyways thats what Dammy is up to. Our blog has wavered a lot in focus from its origional WoW roots but that is life. Right now I'm kinda interested in Cata but not a lot. Without a surplus of interest from Wulfa I'm very unlikely to return to the game. School kicks up next week. Cannot wait. Even with books being as expensive as they are(and yes thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions we might be able to save like 500$ off the new price which is yay.)


scott said...

I almost always use 5 minute epoxy for that stuff, or used too. Superglue works, but I like the epoxy better. The epoxy seemed to be a little stronger and last longer as long as I got the mix right.

A pin vice and some wire (paper clips work pretty good) to pin the joints on some of the larger pieces is good too.

scott said...

I can't believe this is still up,

Scott's Marine's

Tom's stuff was really cool, unfortunately, the pictures aren't that great.

MamaWau said...

I think you should take a picture of the one you painted and post it. It's awesome. You'll have to figure out how to get a really good close up to show the tiny dot details though ^_^