Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just think it's really, really funny that something we celebrate our ancestors doing got bogged down in a bunch of red tape .... perhaps it would've went better if our modern-day protesters had done it sneakily? Like the Boston Tea Party?

And if you have no clue what I'm talking about, just check the news for a story about a tea party. I didn't read the whole article because of lack of time, but I'm thinking I agree with the protesters: spending has increased with almost every president in modern times (exception, if I remember Damm's soliloqey right: Bill Clinton) and guess who has to pay for it? And at some point enough is just enough, no matter how good the new programs are (the exception to protesting money spenditures would be if WWIII broke out. Then I think no one would be protesting ...). The money runs out. Or the tax payers get tired of forking over more and more of their money. Ya know, I think the dudes back in the 1700's protested over a tax raise of one penny ....

ANOTHER thing I found interesting, and totally proves that History majors are needed in this world. I am a conservative Christian, probably would call meself independent. Many people affiliated with those same groups are all alarmed about the states allowing/not allowing gay marriage. I think they think the end of the world is looming. BUT if you knew your history you'd know that while most practiced in Greece, homosexuality has been around for a long, long time without causing major breakdowns of society. If you are well-versed in this argument you might point to Rome and the disintegration of the family=disintegration of the empire but there were a whole lottta other factors going on there. I'd also like to point out that it wasn't until the 11th or 12th centuries that The Church (forgive me if I'm a century off-I haven't actually graduated yet :) decided to crack down on that particular practice in Europe. I don't quite know what I was trying to point out EXCEPT that whether or not you agree with it, gay marriage will not spell the end of the world. Worse things have happened (if you consider it a worse thing-I won't comment on my personal opinion unless you ask me) and civilization has survived. Heck, the Greek one survived and their traditions flourished in Italy .....

I gotta stop. I'm going to unintentionally stumble into an historical inaccuracy. Plus I think I have to go to work.

P.S. Ok, I had to come back and make sure I didn't write something that would offend anyone. Not that I'm against offending people but that was not my intention today. So, I don't think I said anything that I will regret later ... and I totally remembered where I was going with the whole "remember your history" thing so if it's still in my head after work I may pursue it. It probably won't be-I'm usually exhausted after hauling books around for 4 hours.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meh I don't know

So yeah. I don't know what to write here. I still have my story I'm working on but the various stresses of finals/getting ready to leave for 6 months have prevented any writing time.

Went down to Houston and ran 2 miles in 17:19. Fastest time yet. This is probably biased due to more oxygen down that low.

And then came back and sucked wind while doing 800m sprints.

Uhm.... yeah.

No games currently.

No books.

Uhm... really nothing. My exciting days consist of sleeping in late.

I really can't wait until I'm no longer this busy...

so maybe in 4 years?

Health Update

Everyone is healthy. No sicknesses, no injuries.

Damm is still running, doing pushups, situps, etc. Basic is in 2.5 weeks .... man I can't wait to see how muscled he gets :P The Orclette LOVES being outside and running around. I don't think we'll have an obesity problem on our hands.

Now to me, the one you've been waiting for. You see, I don't get a whole lot of sympathy from the people I generally hobnob with. My mom, Audrey, and my grandmother all have been through 14 pregnancies combined and so counter my complaint/comment with a story. Since I don't really want to hear the stories (or I've heard them already) I tend to keep my mouth shut. Those people I know who haven't had a kid can offer sympathy but don't really understand what I'm talking about. Like being hungry.

I am hungry ALL the time. And I know what you're going to say-"You're pregnant, you're supposed to be hungry." *%&$*# I need a sign to hold up with the little symbols on it. Everyone would know what I was trying to say but my daughter wouldn't have a clue :D Anyway, are you aware of how many extra calories I need a day? 300. For twins that number goes up but I ain't having twins. Are you aware of how many pounds I'm supposed to put on? 25-35. Now do you see the problem? Yes, I'm hungry, but I can't give in everytime, especially a mere hour after a big lunch of burrito, chips, and organic oreo cookies. I do drink water, but I am in Las Cruces so it's possible it's not enough water. Oh well. 3.5 more months.

I have gained about 11-12 pounds so far, which means I'm right on schedule. It also means that at my current weight gain I should gain a total of 28 pounds, which leaves 7 pounds I can play with. At the moment all the weight has gone to the production of the lung-compressor (i.e. my own personal soccer ball) and I'd love to keep it that way.

Ok .... energy levels. They're better, but now I'm encountering finals stress and Damm-is-leaving-me-with-his-parents stress. PLUS his ROTC stuff is winding down and that means the mornings are mine which means I've been getting up at 5 a.m. Can anyone spell exhausted? I can in the mornings. By the afternoon I can't spell. It takes too much brain power. And I still have lots of schoolwork to finish. I did manage a 214 (out of 210) on my history test-best score so far. But that class takes place in the morning.

Ok, now I've bored you to tears with my ruminating. I think I might have bored me too. Just wait until child #2 is born and I start regaling everyone with "ohmygosh he/she slept for 4 hours! Isn't that the most exciting thing ever!" If I manage to make it to a computer to post that, that is. Oh, turns out Damm might be able to get away for a weekend after the birth to see his new child. He's out of basic at that point so we'll see.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I+Epiphany=Major Goodness

I have to write an autobiography by Wednesday. Just the draft, not the final piece. All my ideas have started out good and then I get them on paper and well .... they suck. I sound totally boring. The voice is flat. And then I had an epiphany.

It was after Monday's class and the teacher asked all of us who had missed the previous Wednesday to stay behind so he could fill us in on what we missed. We had missed discussions on sentences-how you can play with them, rearrange them, make them dance like little notes on the page. How you can use punctuation, alliteration, etc. And I had the greatest idea.

I would start my autobiography by writing short, staccato sentences about the major events in my life. Then I'd segue into a little dialogue about how non-interesting just the bones are (this is why I'm a history major not an archaeologist) and how you really need stories to flesh it out and make it interesting. Then I'd mention how blogging has become an excellent resource for preserving your memories right when it happened (well, at least that week). And then I'd include some of my previous blog posts that I thought captured some of the flavor of my life and my writing voice.

And then I had another idea. I'd write about having an epiphany. And I'd use it as a prelude to my autobiography. Kind of like a warm-up. I am a genius.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wulfa the Swiper

My parents are planning on selling their big ol' house next year and downsizing. Justin, the middle brother, will still be living with them but he'll be busy getting his bachelor's from UofH. Alden, the youngest, will be off in Tyler TX working with the best and the brightest in film stuffz. And we'll still be in this 'orrible city, bugging them to come and visit again.

So my mom is trying to downsize. With that in mind, I meandered through the house and came up with a list of what I wanted. I don't think she was quite expecting that, but hey, she was just going to throw it away, right? My haul so far is a glass plate from Milan that Justin got for my mom but she's trying not to buy knickknacks and I really liked it so I got to keep it, my old futon that is still in perfect condition once we buy a new mattress, and an old dresser painted a lovely shade of green that totally matches my color scheme. We're hoping to drive to Houston this Christmas and pick the furniture up to save on shipping ... plus we won't need the stuff til then.

We had lots of fun in Houston. My grandparents arrived Saturday night, and by Sunday morning the Orclette thought my grandmother was the best thing ever and wanted her to hold her new baby (found at a thrift store in mint condition for $2. Can you guess what my mom and I did? Spend money and save! Woot!). She called my dad "gam'pa," my mom "ga'ma" and Alden "Aldy." Given another day or two and I think she would've figured out Justin's name. She certainly remembered him-wanted him to hold her right away. I really wish her great-grandparents had had more time-my grandmother fell in love instantly. But they have relatives in Alberquerque so there's a good chance they'll be down our way soonish.

And then the leaving. I wanted to cry. I really, really miss Houston and I really, really HATE Las Cruces. But that's not an attitude I want to have because I'm stuck here for 3 years so I really made an effort to push that to the back of my head and I succeeded after a few hours. It helped that I decided to view Damm's absence as my first period of freedom ever-I lived with my parents and then Damm, no break there. His parents have absolutely no authority/sway over me (my mother can still put the fear of God into me, but I don't think that ever changes) and so, like I said, I'm free! Ignoring the fact that I'll have 2 small children :D And I decided that we will make a concerted effort to create our own life in Las Cruces when Damm gets back and not spend near as much time around his parents-not because we don't like them but because Wulfa needs to have her own family separate. You know, that territory thing. I'm suppressing it now and will be til November but it's there, a roaring lion waiting to be allowed freedom. And I don't want the lion free-grandparents are a gift from God. As long as they live 15 minutes away :D

And now we're back to the school grind. I tell ya, we really need to schedule these trips so we get a day of rest and relaxation. I'm wiped. But we only have 3 weeks left. We'll be staggering into that finish line :D

During the summer months I plan on taking piano lessons, working just a few hours, and reading all the really cool and interesting history books that I had no time for this semester. Like 1421, another book that explains how Europe gained dominance over sub-Saharan Africa, my comprehensive survey of Europe that's much longer than War and Peace, etc. Then in August my mom will fly in, hopefully little tyke will be born on time, and I will start one class in the fall (the one that starts where my Roots of Modern Europe leaves off) and hopefully find someone to give me flute lessons. Then Damm will be here again and all will be well with the world.

And the elliptical trainer is calling my name. You know, for all my mom's swimming, biking, running, lifeguarding, and general involvement at the YMCA, she didn't know how to work an elliptical until I showed her this weekend?