Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Health Update

Everyone is healthy. No sicknesses, no injuries.

Damm is still running, doing pushups, situps, etc. Basic is in 2.5 weeks .... man I can't wait to see how muscled he gets :P The Orclette LOVES being outside and running around. I don't think we'll have an obesity problem on our hands.

Now to me, the one you've been waiting for. You see, I don't get a whole lot of sympathy from the people I generally hobnob with. My mom, Audrey, and my grandmother all have been through 14 pregnancies combined and so counter my complaint/comment with a story. Since I don't really want to hear the stories (or I've heard them already) I tend to keep my mouth shut. Those people I know who haven't had a kid can offer sympathy but don't really understand what I'm talking about. Like being hungry.

I am hungry ALL the time. And I know what you're going to say-"You're pregnant, you're supposed to be hungry." *%&$*# I need a sign to hold up with the little symbols on it. Everyone would know what I was trying to say but my daughter wouldn't have a clue :D Anyway, are you aware of how many extra calories I need a day? 300. For twins that number goes up but I ain't having twins. Are you aware of how many pounds I'm supposed to put on? 25-35. Now do you see the problem? Yes, I'm hungry, but I can't give in everytime, especially a mere hour after a big lunch of burrito, chips, and organic oreo cookies. I do drink water, but I am in Las Cruces so it's possible it's not enough water. Oh well. 3.5 more months.

I have gained about 11-12 pounds so far, which means I'm right on schedule. It also means that at my current weight gain I should gain a total of 28 pounds, which leaves 7 pounds I can play with. At the moment all the weight has gone to the production of the lung-compressor (i.e. my own personal soccer ball) and I'd love to keep it that way.

Ok .... energy levels. They're better, but now I'm encountering finals stress and Damm-is-leaving-me-with-his-parents stress. PLUS his ROTC stuff is winding down and that means the mornings are mine which means I've been getting up at 5 a.m. Can anyone spell exhausted? I can in the mornings. By the afternoon I can't spell. It takes too much brain power. And I still have lots of schoolwork to finish. I did manage a 214 (out of 210) on my history test-best score so far. But that class takes place in the morning.

Ok, now I've bored you to tears with my ruminating. I think I might have bored me too. Just wait until child #2 is born and I start regaling everyone with "ohmygosh he/she slept for 4 hours! Isn't that the most exciting thing ever!" If I manage to make it to a computer to post that, that is. Oh, turns out Damm might be able to get away for a weekend after the birth to see his new child. He's out of basic at that point so we'll see.

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Kayeri said...

Wulfa, as a Mom, military brat, and WoW player, you can pour your woes , worries, and life in general into my ears anytime. :)

(even if I am one of those pesky night elves in-game ::chuckle::)