Friday, April 10, 2009


Loading your child up on Nutter Butter's before going on to a plane is definately not the smartest thing we've ever done. It didn't help that she didn't take a nap-she knew something was up. Had I been by myself I think I would've cried but having two parents to escort a not-yet 2 year old? Priceless. It wasn't that bad-only a few moments of screaming, and one of the two people whose chairs she kicked didn't mind at all (we effusively apologized afterwards, but one still looked annoyed). We did forget to bring a sufficient amount of toys, which will be remedied on our Sunday flight (I normally would've remembered but my brain has been suffering from pregnancy-itis recently).

And now we're in Houston. I love Houston. Disliked it when we first got here, although nowhere near the amount of antipathy I felt towards Las Cruces when we arrived. Today is celebrate Wulfa's birthday day and shopping for the Orclette (my mom and I are going-whee!). Tomorrow more fun stuff with the grandparents (my grandparents) arriving that night. We'll spend Sat. night and Sunday morning with them and then we have to take off-school calls and I have a test 9:30 a.m. Monday (bleh).

AND GUESS WHAT. IT'S RAINING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the rain. Las Cruces does not rain. They tell me there's a rainy season that lasts 2 months ... I don't think they even know what rain looks like. I think it's more likely that it will drizzle for 2 months. /cry. My longing for thunderstorms has already made me declare that the next vacation we take needs to be somewhere it will rain the entire time. Kinda silly, I know, but I'm not a desert person. I need green, rain, mebbe mountains, overcast skies, etc. And a second cup of coffee (whoo I'm gonna be buzzing. My mom has good coffee. Not decaf.). You know, I think that when Damm gets sent to the various camps he has to go to after graduation and his commission (at least that's what we've heard) I'm gonna come back here and live with my parents.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A thing that is infinitely scary

So yesterday Damm and I were ordering our lunch (the bestest burritos ever that I must have everyday) and talking about how he left his cell phone in his ROTC lounge. Two seconds later his phone calls mine, I give it to him, and order my bean&cheese&rice&lettuce&tomato burrito on a freshly made tortilla. He orders as well but looks distracted. He didn't recognize the voice on the phone and, unbeknownst to me, the voice on the phone had told him that he needed to call his mother as she was on her way to the emergency room. He had thought it was a prank call and rather angrily hung up on the dude.

One minute later my phone rings again. It's his mom. A long conversation ensued that sounded serious. I start to get worried-I had let him answer and thus could not hear what was going on. "ER" was flashed around though so I start to get a panicky feeling and start asking if the Orclette is ok. Damm finally hangs up and tells me that they think she has a dislocated shoulder.

Chest tightening. Panic setting in. Immense anger at those who did this to my child*. Eyes starting to tear up. Imaginings of that sweet little face in pain.

I pulled myself together and we were off. We got to the Urgent Care Clinic, not ER, about two minutes after his parents. The Orclette is being held by her grandmother and she is quiet and subdued. This does quite a bit towards calming me (I have no idea what Damm was thinking. I didn't ask). We know think that she's done something to her wrist as she won't use her left arm at all but it didn't look like a dislocated shoulder or a break. We wait. And wait and wait. And wait some more.

Finally we're seen by the doctor. We started the explanations but she shook her head, said that it was nursemaid's elbow, and that she could set it right in a jiffy. I think I fell in love with her (it's horrible not knowing exactly what's wrong). She did indeed fix it, the Orclette screamed, but immediately afterward she started to use that arm again and stopped telling us that it "hurts." We stuck around for some x-rays, just to make sure, and then we ventured out of the Urgent Care center.

At this point I was calm and lucid enough to tell the Orclette's grandmother* (I wish I could say I hadn't included the grandparents in my anger but they were there-fortunately I knew better than to say ANYTHING until I had cooled off) that I didn't blame her, that it could've happened to any one of us (which is true). I also told her I wasn't mad (which at that point was true). You see, what had happened was that it was nap time. So grandma was helping Orclette onto the bed by her arms. Once she was up she told Audrey that it "hurts" and wouldn't use the left arm. Having had four boys who were incredibly prone to injuring themselves she recognized trouble signs and immediately started to call us. Couldn't get through to our phones until they were on there way. No idea what the problem with my phone is. Both she and Larry were visibly shaken, more so than us since it had happened on their turf, and so there was much bolstering of spirits to be done.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Orclette and skipped classes. Not because I didn't want her to go back to the grandparents, although thinking back I hope they didn't think that because I have no qualms leaving her with them, but because I needed to hold her. We had a fairly pleasant evening. She conked out about 6 p.m.

And so the Orclette is fine. I don't think she'll even remember her little misadventure. Tonight we fly to Houston to see my parents and my granparents for Easter (woot!).

I just really never want to hear that any child of mine is in the ER again. It was perhaps that scariest thing that has ever happened to me. And Damm. (poor Damm-I was only thinking of the Orclette and getting to her and thus almost completely ignored him)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Schoolwork. Oh, I don't think I assigned you enough ....

I've got finals coming up, just like everyone else. I'm beginning to feel the crunch. It gets worse when I think about the 4-day weekend we're taking this Easter to fly on over to Texas to see my grandparents, the Orclette's great-grandparents. Totally worth doing, don't regret it at all ('sides, my mother would've done something scary had we not shown up) BUT I'm missing quite a bit of study time in which I could:
1. Write my autobiography
2. Write my 3-5 page paper about Richard Write's autobiography
3. Write out my study review for Roots of Modern Europe. I've gotten 102% on the tests so far in that class and don't plan on stopping.
4. Do the reading for the above history class (the chapters are really really long)
5. Catch up on the reading for my East Asia class
6. Do auxiliary reading for my East Asia class so I understand what the heck's going on
7. Look over the next chapter in Spanish and attempt to start memorizing the vocabulary
So I'm trying to fit all this in before we leave Thursday night. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't such a perfectionist when it comes to my schoolwork .....

But that's probably not very interesting to those of you who aren't in school, and if you are you have quite enough on your plate without reading about my woes. So I'll interject fun things.

The Orclette has a sand box. Boat, rather-we converted an old fishing boat into the sand box. Then her pa-pa (grandpa) decided that she needed a dock to put beside the boat so he constructed a really neat one, with the Orclette's adoring help. The whole ensemble is near a tree so us adults can sit in the shade while the Orclette plays. Very peaceful and relaxing; almost like fishing :D

I don't know what Damm's up to these days. He's been very busy making sure everything's in order for when he leaves, making contacts with the lady who will come to my rescue with guns blazing should anything bad happen (she's the family counselor person for deployed families, or something life that), and making sure our car is as repaired as possible. Not as much PT this week since the cadre all went to a ROTC camp thing (he's not contracted so he didn't have to go), and fonrtunately not a whole lot of homework, though his physics homework is looming ... bah humbug.

And me? I quit running. After a week of sickness, a week of recovery, I figured it wouldn't be worth it to struggle back into it. Plus we then bought the elliptical so all cardio problems solved. My brothers ask me if I "look pregnant" yet. Yes I do. No you will not have pictures. And the most wonderful thing invented was the stretchy piece of fabric that lets pregnant women wear their pre-pregnancy pants longer and to keep their too-big maternity pants on. I think I've gained 9 pounds so far, although if I keep on being as hungry as I was yesterday that number may jump quite a bit. It's really hard to keep a hungry pregnant person from eating. Even if she knows she's already had enough calories to feed her, the new kid, damm, and the Orclette. Incidentally, we changed the names. I threw out all the old ones. New ones are:

Charis Gwendolyn Audra Susan
Brendan Marcus Thaddeus Edward

We're still not finding out, and since I'm not going to the doctor until Damm leaves, even if I find out I'm not telling just in case it leaks out to him. But then I can buy appropriately colored onesies. And blankets. And yes, I've been itching to start doing that ... I love buying things for my kiddos. The Orclette teeters on the edge of being incredibly spoiled. At least with a sibling the spoiling will be divided.

And I have run out of interesting things to insert.