Monday, January 21, 2013

Dec 22nd 1944

It is the turning point of the battle of the bulge.  As we stand right now I think we are looking at what will eventually turn into a massive US victory.  The US only has about half of its total troops on the board and seems to have successfully obtained containment on their breakout.

Bastogne held by virtue of the German player's attention being elsewhere.  Just long enough for the 4th armor to arrive and the 101st Airborne to come back and provide support.
 In the center, just East of Manhay was where the greatest threat was felt.  Two turns ago the SS panzers had exploded out 20 miles past the US line.  Over the next two days the Germans would get caught up with fighting the troops of the 82nd Airborne and defending a city that wasn't really worth it.  As a result the US forces were able to come to support the Airborne troops who were slowing the panzers down.  And here we have an effectively sealed gap.
 To the north US forces have held the majority of the German army at the river and are well equipped to continue holding until the rest of the pocket starts to collapse.
 Here to the east we can see that the Germans do have some more men working their way west but it will be a case of too little too late.
Because on the far west even the British are starting to get into the action and more men are rushing east to reinforce the center gap which you can just see in the top right of the photo.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

School schedules and such nonsense

This semester I am ONLY taking 13 hours.  Which is a great relief.  But surprisingly enough the school load has expanded to fill any gap in work that I might have been experiencing.

I am taking the following courses:

Leadership development
Leadership development lab
Undergraduate Research in Radar.

Due to my participation in an organization that takes a lot of extra non-school-related time up I found myself with a two page paper due the first day of class and spent the three days before that working on organizational things 10 hours a day.

I have a 10k word document that I have to finish editing and proofing very soon this next week, a project I have to oversee for some sophmores, a three page paper due Tuesday, 30 pages of the radar book left to read, and three papers that I have to read(average of 27 pages)[Paper 1, Paper 2, and paper 3 is along the same lines.]

None of this is terribly critical but it is a lot more reading than I'm used to by the third day of classes.  Even as an engineer.

I'm both completely thrilled at how awesome the topics are and overwhelmed by how dry each paper is :P.

Yay for Radar classes.

Wulfa is busy trying not to be tired/sick all the time while working 40 hours a week.  She is just now starting to feel better and get her energy back which is thrilling to me because it is nice to talk to her before she goes to bed(Two weeks ago she was sleeping close to 11-12 hours a day and I'd go days where the only conversations we'd have were "have a nice day at work" and "babe wake up from the couch you need to go to sleep in bed").

The munchkins are growing by leaps and bounds and completely overwhelm me with how awesome they are .  Eldest is almost ready to do "fun runs" and is always wanting to practice running so she can talk her Grandma into running with her.  Second is our cuddler and wants attention and to do EVERYTHING that Eldest does.  And for Third, we saw a heartbeat last Tuesday, which was yay.

This semester is much happier than last semester and I'm hoping it stays that way.