Friday, August 8, 2008

Are you rich?

Jadefury( posted the following video. It shows a rather awesome use of the DK spell Death Grip:;11406623;/fileinfo.html

Also, for those of you who haven't heard about this yet:

I thought it was great.

Wulfa and Ishvi are loud bosterious social types online. I'm loud and silly but avoid all contfrontation like the plague. I yelled at them for good measure today for not being like me. Sheesh. And then I called and yelled at Moon incase he gets any bright ideas. They all need to learn social decorum.

Threw my gear into and found out that if I respec I'll have over 10k armor.... in my cat dps gear.... in bearform. I realize this isn't much but heckya I like having 5 digit makes me happy.

My wonderful mother pointed me at this:

and this

Go amazed.

The fury warrior is lurking in the wings waiting for the moment my feral druid is done being awesome.

He may wait a long time..... last night my Bear took on a level 59 elite, 2 level 58 hunterdemons, and 2 level 57 felpuppies at the same time...and then right in the middle of that fight 2 more hunterdemons and 2 more felpuppies show up..... I killed them ALL. Dang I love bearform right now.

Well thats all folks,

Worst of it and Best of it.

First of, Damm's most recent post made me laugh. Especially he and moon's latest scheme. Their parents are going to regret letting them come :)

I'm sure you've heard of the rogue who got the bestest, most awesomest bow ever over two hunters. That's the maddest something in WoW has ever made me. (btw, this is the worst of it part.)

I apologize too often. I apologize when I wasn't the one who gave offense. I apologize preemptively. Occasionally I apologize because I really was at fault. Part of my apology reflex is a desire for all to be right, for emotions to be smooth and blue/purple and not red (I tend to see things in colors when it comes to emotions). A defensive mechanism makes up the other part-if you apologize first you are less likely to be yelled at, to be struck, to have someone get mad at you. I'm not sure why I have a defense mechanism-I had a happy childhood, relatively happy teenage period, and have been like Rory Gilmore most of my life (Gilmore Girls, and if you understood my reference, I'm not trying to brag-it really is how its been, far as I can tell).

I'm out of bad stuff. On to good stuff.

Finally completed Magister's Terrace on regular mode. I can come along next time the 3B's whisper me to ask if I want to come on a heroic (I thought I could, got there and discovered I couldn't-it was sad). And I got a shiny new chest piece, and with a few inexpensive gems I was able to compensate for the loss of my 20 hit rating set bonus that I lost, and had to learn how to deal with the AP that I gained ... or at least I think that's why I was constantly pulling aggro off of Boru when I hadn't had much trouble before.

Shrinn. Shrinn is awesome. We stayed on vent for a really long time after the run gabbing and talking about the delicious things Shrinn was eating (I was living vicariously). I will note that it is wise to make sure that only your intended audience is on vent when you start talking. I thought shrinn was the only one, started my soliloquy, and Blu pipes up. Gave me quite a start :)

Nas's voice. You should hear her talk-it's so mellow, so nice, so very soothing on the ears. I have yet to hear her sing, but I'm thinking it would be awesome.

Orclette. My Orclette is very strong-willed. Nothing wrong with that because she's also the sweetest, most friendliest child (in my opinion :) that you will meet, but occasionally we've been having stare downs (I know she gets that from me-I can remember doing that with MY mom). She'll cross her arms, her brow will furrow, and her lip will quiver. It is the CUTEST thing, and I have a really hard time not busting out in laughter (actually most of the time I laugh-I just can't help it). She has learned to tell time-about 30 minutes before lunch (which we spend with Damm and Moon) and 30 minutes before they both get home she gets CRANKY. Doesn't want me or anything to do with me. She stares at the door, tries to put her shoes on, and heads to our office to see if Damm's back there (that's our escape/time alone room and she knows it). And then as soon as Damm walks in the door her face lights up and all is right with the world.

I'm out. Though I'm sure as soon I click the publish button I will think of several other interesting, you-must-know things to say. They'll just have to wait.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ah life. So many things to think about.

Nuclear Engines = Steam Engines.

Fjord or Tundra. I can't decide.

I HAVE to be exalted with Cenarian people in Outlands...pondering wandering over and getting started now.

Ramps boss has a feral staff I want. Friday can't come soon enough(me and Ish will be running ramps for that staff)[and to practice my tanking again...haven't feral tanked since pox level 28].

8k hps and 5700? armor in bearform. I'm thinking I'll be okay but I'm still worried.

Wulfa doesn't like talking about wrath. I find the outlands stories un-interesting as an alliance and cannot wait to start in on Arthas plot.

I finally got below 192 on the scale. Now to keep it that way.

Orclette keeps wanting to be held by Moon. Somedays this can be frustrating.

Mechanical/Nuclear Engineering suddenly sounds freaking cool. Steampunkness is slowly poisoning me to electronics. I want pipes and STEAM dang it.(yes yes I realize that Engineering doesn't automatically equate pipes and steams...but more so than Computer Science does).

Me and moon plan to start making our own model steam run things once we get to my parents house. They don't know this yet.

Its 5pm now. Headed home.



Where Wulfa Wipes the Raid

Last Saturday was the infamous (in my mind) day. Regularly scheduled run through Kara, Wulfa was getting some sweet loot, and we had just downed Carburator (Curator, but I always think of the name I gave him when I couldn't remember his correct name). We were killing the trash, I send Boru after what I thought was the correct target, and to my horror he charges past our mob and into the next group. I tried to call him back but my reflexes were slow. We wiped, as the title indicates. I felt horribly about it-but then I blame being up til 3 in the morning and having Orclette wake me up at 8 (i.e. little sleep).

Fast forward to last night. Our fearless GM's had decided to split up Kara into two nights so the old folks wouldn't get too tired :). We were about to kill Moroes, targets were being assigned, and I was turning growl on Boru because he and Cassie were taking down their own target. And my cat starts to charge forward. This time my reflexes were faster and I called him back, but it really shook me. I considered turning in my hunter laurels and asking the raid to replace me. I turned that idea down fast because my grandma's voice comes into my head at times like that and says "Get back on the horse!" i.e., always get back on the horse when you've had a fall/nasty experience or you won't be able too next time.

So that brings me to my question. My pet's attack button is tied to x, which is close enough to my other keys that I could've accidentally hit it. Should I move it to avoid any more sending off of pet unintentionally? And how do you deal with wiping your raid group? And then almost doing it again?

Other than Boru being a bad boy again it was a fun Kara run. Shrinn was there, we were cracking up, being silly, *ahem* talking dirty :). We wiped on Nightbane 3 times and decided to save him for next time when we weren't as tired.

I have been asked to write a post about my tattoos. To my surprise it's taking more thought and planning than I had imagined. I have a list of questions commonly asked (yeah, it happens that frequently-apparently I'm a source of curiosity). Are there any questions you have for me? I realize you don't know what tattoos I have, but just thought I'd ask.

Stargate SG-1 is having a half-marathon day on the SciFi Channel. Happy days.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shiny thoughts

Things that would just be SHINY:

When a hunter engineer rides his motorcycle...his pet sits in the sidecar.(Moon thought this one up).

Complete sets of green gear purchasable every 10 levels.... as a gold sink and assistance with leveling. They could even be current sets... or ugly sets....just so long as I could get a complete set.

Engineering letting you make Lightning gloves(fist weapon) and Lightning staffs. For the staffs think something like a cattle prod. For the Gloves go read Girl Genius and think of Captain Dupree and her hand shocking device.

More Scythes.

MOVING Steamboats on rivers. Complete with Cannon and Skeleton Crews. Most would be NPC's...but one would be an neutral Skeleton faction that featured an ingame casino with horrendeous odds. Shortly after this you would have the ability to purchase an instanced "private room" and play cards with your guildies. Private room would require Revered or Exalted rep.

An ingame camera that let you take fuzzy 'old style' pictures. Also a picture book(like the keyring) that lets you store these pictures as keep sakes.

A mage ability to bring up a 10x10 earthen wall. The wall would break LOS and would exist for 6 seconds. The wall could be targeted and dispelled(via the normal dispell magic spells) or attacked. Movement through or over the wall would not be allowed. Flight would get you over the wall if available.

A shaman ability to create a hole in the ground. 10 yards deep, 5 yard radius. See above. But not targetable or dispellable. Lasts 3 seconds?

Grapple guns. Engineering crafted. Target a location at least 10 yds above you, fire gun, get pulled to that location.

Victorian style clothing craftable by Tailoring. No stats just perty. Includes long white lady gloves and top hats! Also a held that is an umbrella or a cane.

Well...thats it for my brainstorming....see you guys later.

60 again.

Yay I guess. I'm 60 again. And Feral again. Still need pants, boots, bracers, and rings for my feral druid. Currently using +STM gear as a place holder. It always saddens me that I cannot easily buy a full set of green gear on the AH.

Things I wish for:

A green "set" of gear for each spec of each class. Purchasable at 60. Nothing special just a complete set. rings/trinkets included. Heck if you want to...make it a recipe set...just so that all the gear is the same level and matching and you get this before 70. I'd kill for this. Make each item 100g. I'd pay the 1600g for a complete matching set. Heck yeah I would.

The ability to trade your level toon for a level toon of a different class. As it is... my first plate user will be a DK. Because leveling 20-55 is just... not fun. It really really isn't. I want to skip it every time. It wouldn't be bad if you could auto adjust your friend's toons down to your level and do instances together. Or if you could be sidekicked and do stuff at their level. But soloing? For 1-3 months? *Sigh* I like soloing. I just hate soloing when all I want to do is be able to play with my friends.

Once the druid hits 70. I'll build a rudementary tank and healz set....nothing purple nothing fancy. Then I'm only going to play the druid when I have a party. Otherwise I'll be working on my farming/solo toon. Whichever one that may be.

Well I may play AV a lot. I like battle grounds.

On that subject... I've found I don't like any time when I get one on one in pvp. I really don't. I'd rather you just killed me so I can get back with my group.

The problem with balance is... offensive spells. I sorta enjoyed boomkinning things when all I did was dot mobs up and dagger them to death for mana regen :P. I want to be up close and stabby/slashy/choppy.

The fury warrior is level 8. He's next once the druid gets done. If the druid gets done. If I don't change my mind.

I'm thinking more and more about the pace of classes and how it affects whether or not I want to play them. I REALLY like the pace of paladins(slow and steady). I really like the pace of affliction locks(also relatively them up and watch them burn). Rogue pace is way to frenetic for me. Mages... well I've never been past 12.... I don't know. Shaman felt rythmic, I'd hit 2-3 buttons as fast as the GCD allowed then I'd wait for them to come up again. Hunter...hmm I'm not sure what hunter pace feels like....I never really settled into a farming groove with a hunter.

My low level warrior kills too quickly to set a pace. For all of level 7 I spent more time looting than killing as about 50% of the mobs were one shot by my green 2handed axe and enchant + sharpen stone. But when I do fight a difficult mob I like what I see. Slower than rogues...faster than paladins.

I'm not talking kill speed I'm talking... well the pace with which you do things. I liked wand spec priest for this... bubble, renew, wand to death. Nice and relaxing. And yet you still killed fairly quickly.

I don't like having to drink or shift forms because it breaks up the pacing for me. The leader of the pack crit heal thing is awesome for helping with this. DK blood spec looks awesome for exactly the same reason. Affliction lock...same deal.

Wulfa might post tattoo pics/story soon. If you ask for them repeatedly.

Also with full "Thick Dreanic" leather gear and my current head gear and my staff I look like an Aiel from the Wheel of Time series. I've got an AWESOME level 60 healing set and an mashed up feral set. But if I wear my stamina staff I can get 8k hps in bearform now. It is sorta nice. cruddy def though....just pure hps.

Well there you go. A Dammerung mind dump.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I know there is a book or multiple books that have dealt with this plot idea but I've always sort of liked it.

The idea goes like this:

Viewpoint the prologue: Humanity opens a gate, or travels to, this far away place. And when they get there they are immediately attacked by the relatively weak denizens that live locally. They retaliate.

Viewpoint the story: Humanity opens a gate, or travels to this far away place. The exploratory team never returns. Shortly after this a group of powerful monsters come back from this far away place invading and conquering.

Viewpoint the final: One or more of the exploration team realize what happened after plucky heroes put together all the pieces. They help plucky heroes fight against the rest of the team who do not wish to give up their power.

Also: In a world under the control of an incredibly powerful enemy a group of merchants decide to rebel. The key is that they know through lucky intelligence that if their world drops below a certain profitability margin it will be 'purged', utterly destroyed, wiped clean, and replanted with 'a more profitable race'.

So they in a spirit of defiance create a far reaching conspiracy to fix their world's profit margins within .0001% of the purge amount. And they hold these profits at that amount despite changes in their world's management and world trade fluctuations and the purge amount changing.

This aberration in the market is noticed after a while and an investigation is launched by the ruling race.

Good ending: The ruling race find out who is behind this. In a surprising turn of benevolence and a nod to the efficiency of the rebellion the Ruling race work with the rebel leaders towards a compromise both will accept.

Bad ending: The Ruling race finds out who is doing this and the world is purged anyways....but they go down as the most successful rebels against this power in all recorded history.
I'm level 59. I'm pondering still another respec to feral to just go and get my levels. But that smells of defeatism.

I'm just not sure how I will get to 70 if I don't respec feral/balance. I really don't want to stay low level for the next 4 months. At current rate I get about 50-100k xp every time I play. I could get 3-4x this amount as a feral druid solo questing.

But I really just want to heal my way to 70. Sigh.
I really really want a horde hoodie.
I miss the way the Horde looks.
Thats about it. I'm 2800 from honored and have a full set of great resto gear at 60 once I ding.

Promised Photos

As promised, photos of our "Breaking Dawn" party night. See the shoes? First time Orclette-with-shoes photo!

And then we put her down on the ground and she ran away, high-stepping it big-time.

I rarely like photos of myself but Damm liked this one, and it shows off my non-hooker outfit, so I included it.

And this is Damm and his orclette. I have no clue why she has such a funny expression on her face.

Where the 3B defends the Orclette

Last night a terrible crime was committed. The Orclette was innocently walking along, following her daddy, when out of nowhere a big huge exercise ball knocks her flat. She gets herself up, her face screws up, her mother throws the cinnamon jar she was holding at the offending uncle. We were in the hallway. This ball came rolling down and looked like that huge rock from indiana jones.

Later on Wulfa was on, and she asked 3B to boot offending uncle from the guild for just a little bit (cause she was still annoyed-that facial screwup thing the Orclette does should not be seen more than once a day-it's just too painful) in the hopes of teaching him a lesson (i.e. don't hurt the Orclette). To my immense surprise I see:

In case those images are not big enough (and I don't know how to make them clearer/bigger), 3B booted the bad uncle from the guild. It was possibly the best night I've ever had in the land of World of Warcraft.

P.S. Many thanks to Eustacius, who took the screen shots (he's a smart person) and sent them to me :)

P.S.S. You should actually look at the screenshots from bottom to top. Not sure how to get them into the right order. I'm just proud I knew how to post them at all (remember Wulfa=computer noob).
(Moving pictures around trying to get them in the right order)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Car fun

So suddenly this weekend my car started a high pitched squeel every time we make a left turn. Braking or not braking. Fast or slow. It doesn't make any noises when you go straight or right. Only left and worse the sharper the turn.

So I'm getting off early and spending time in our local garage shop farming rep.

The Hub Bearings? and Hub Spindle? were bad. Mechanic said my wheel looked like it was about to fall off. I put the car in the shop at 10:30am and got a call saying they were done at 4:50pm. $196 total. Not sure exactly what was fixed the terms above are from the reciept.