Friday, August 8, 2008

Worst of it and Best of it.

First of, Damm's most recent post made me laugh. Especially he and moon's latest scheme. Their parents are going to regret letting them come :)

I'm sure you've heard of the rogue who got the bestest, most awesomest bow ever over two hunters. That's the maddest something in WoW has ever made me. (btw, this is the worst of it part.)

I apologize too often. I apologize when I wasn't the one who gave offense. I apologize preemptively. Occasionally I apologize because I really was at fault. Part of my apology reflex is a desire for all to be right, for emotions to be smooth and blue/purple and not red (I tend to see things in colors when it comes to emotions). A defensive mechanism makes up the other part-if you apologize first you are less likely to be yelled at, to be struck, to have someone get mad at you. I'm not sure why I have a defense mechanism-I had a happy childhood, relatively happy teenage period, and have been like Rory Gilmore most of my life (Gilmore Girls, and if you understood my reference, I'm not trying to brag-it really is how its been, far as I can tell).

I'm out of bad stuff. On to good stuff.

Finally completed Magister's Terrace on regular mode. I can come along next time the 3B's whisper me to ask if I want to come on a heroic (I thought I could, got there and discovered I couldn't-it was sad). And I got a shiny new chest piece, and with a few inexpensive gems I was able to compensate for the loss of my 20 hit rating set bonus that I lost, and had to learn how to deal with the AP that I gained ... or at least I think that's why I was constantly pulling aggro off of Boru when I hadn't had much trouble before.

Shrinn. Shrinn is awesome. We stayed on vent for a really long time after the run gabbing and talking about the delicious things Shrinn was eating (I was living vicariously). I will note that it is wise to make sure that only your intended audience is on vent when you start talking. I thought shrinn was the only one, started my soliloquy, and Blu pipes up. Gave me quite a start :)

Nas's voice. You should hear her talk-it's so mellow, so nice, so very soothing on the ears. I have yet to hear her sing, but I'm thinking it would be awesome.

Orclette. My Orclette is very strong-willed. Nothing wrong with that because she's also the sweetest, most friendliest child (in my opinion :) that you will meet, but occasionally we've been having stare downs (I know she gets that from me-I can remember doing that with MY mom). She'll cross her arms, her brow will furrow, and her lip will quiver. It is the CUTEST thing, and I have a really hard time not busting out in laughter (actually most of the time I laugh-I just can't help it). She has learned to tell time-about 30 minutes before lunch (which we spend with Damm and Moon) and 30 minutes before they both get home she gets CRANKY. Doesn't want me or anything to do with me. She stares at the door, tries to put her shoes on, and heads to our office to see if Damm's back there (that's our escape/time alone room and she knows it). And then as soon as Damm walks in the door her face lights up and all is right with the world.

I'm out. Though I'm sure as soon I click the publish button I will think of several other interesting, you-must-know things to say. They'll just have to wait.


waupeople said...

when Damm was a child he would pester me endlessly about when was Daddy coming home. Then as soon as his Dad showed up, he would barely talk to me. Then he led/trained his brothers to do the same. When they were a bit older, they'd sit in the living room 30min to 1hr before he was due home and just 'sorta' play. The second he walked in the door they'd attack him, jump on him, pester him with questions, etc. I think his Dad secretly loved coming home at the end of the day.

Shrinn said...

Omigosh! U flatter me! :) Do stop...Go on! lol
I have to agree with you about Nas' voice. It is lovely. She is so soft spoken, I often wonder if I'm just a big blabber mouth!

I really enjoy being part of this lovely community, AKA Sidhe Devils!

Anonymous said...

Wulfa - emailed ya

you. go. now!