Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I know there is a book or multiple books that have dealt with this plot idea but I've always sort of liked it.

The idea goes like this:

Viewpoint the prologue: Humanity opens a gate, or travels to, this far away place. And when they get there they are immediately attacked by the relatively weak denizens that live locally. They retaliate.

Viewpoint the story: Humanity opens a gate, or travels to this far away place. The exploratory team never returns. Shortly after this a group of powerful monsters come back from this far away place invading and conquering.

Viewpoint the final: One or more of the exploration team realize what happened after plucky heroes put together all the pieces. They help plucky heroes fight against the rest of the team who do not wish to give up their power.

Also: In a world under the control of an incredibly powerful enemy a group of merchants decide to rebel. The key is that they know through lucky intelligence that if their world drops below a certain profitability margin it will be 'purged', utterly destroyed, wiped clean, and replanted with 'a more profitable race'.

So they in a spirit of defiance create a far reaching conspiracy to fix their world's profit margins within .0001% of the purge amount. And they hold these profits at that amount despite changes in their world's management and world trade fluctuations and the purge amount changing.

This aberration in the market is noticed after a while and an investigation is launched by the ruling race.

Good ending: The ruling race find out who is behind this. In a surprising turn of benevolence and a nod to the efficiency of the rebellion the Ruling race work with the rebel leaders towards a compromise both will accept.

Bad ending: The Ruling race finds out who is doing this and the world is purged anyways....but they go down as the most successful rebels against this power in all recorded history.
I'm level 59. I'm pondering still another respec to feral to just go and get my levels. But that smells of defeatism.

I'm just not sure how I will get to 70 if I don't respec feral/balance. I really don't want to stay low level for the next 4 months. At current rate I get about 50-100k xp every time I play. I could get 3-4x this amount as a feral druid solo questing.

But I really just want to heal my way to 70. Sigh.
I really really want a horde hoodie.
I miss the way the Horde looks.
Thats about it. I'm 2800 from honored and have a full set of great resto gear at 60 once I ding.


klaki said...

Most sci-fi peeps love a good "other world" story. Thats why there are so many and many are at least semi-successful. Gosh I miss Sliders!

Respec Feral and get your leveling over with. Use a leveling guide, and Wulfa and it will go by faster. Believe me, healing at 70 is ten times more fun than just healing reg Ramps and BF.

I know kinda what you mean now. A friend of mine finally talked me into playing Horde. I'm lvling a Pally tank (currently 50) and I'm loving it. Horde side is a great refresh from the sometimes boring Alliance side.

Dammerung said...

Yeah I went feral and am 60 now. I will probably tank ramps a couple of times before going on. We'll see.

The first story idea wasn't meant to be an "other world". The travelling changes whoever does it and puts them back on earth. The invaders and the explorers are one and the same. They leave and come back change so much that neither themselves or the ones who stayed have any idea that they were origionally human.

I don't mean to always bash alliance. There are some awesome alliance themes. Paladin's for example. Or Ironforge. Its just that I'm very in love with the Orc building/clothing style.

klaki said...

I love tanking on my Druid more than healing, even though I got better healing gear. I think once you try it, you'll love it just as much as healing. Feral though is the way to go to solo. Most quests will be easy for you.

Ah I see... that would be interesting for a story. I used to write synopsis of different stories, but I was never one that was good with words, so they never went anywhere.

Oh, I'm not bashing Alliance. I love my alliance toons. I'm like you though, I like the look and feel of Horde. Its funny because for the longest time, I refused to play a Paladin. I would play them to about 15-20 and then quit. However now, I love it! I love being able to take on 4-5 mobs and have full health and almost full mana.

ArmsandFury said...

Hey Damm,

I leveled Aerthson to 70 using Balance (which he still is!) and I healed every instance and still do. If you like healing and want to do it and do damage balance uses the same gear. The only thing you give up is a bit better heals and (O crap he gonna die) swiftmend and nature's swiftness.

And uh...