Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where the 3B defends the Orclette

Last night a terrible crime was committed. The Orclette was innocently walking along, following her daddy, when out of nowhere a big huge exercise ball knocks her flat. She gets herself up, her face screws up, her mother throws the cinnamon jar she was holding at the offending uncle. We were in the hallway. This ball came rolling down and looked like that huge rock from indiana jones.

Later on Wulfa was on, and she asked 3B to boot offending uncle from the guild for just a little bit (cause she was still annoyed-that facial screwup thing the Orclette does should not be seen more than once a day-it's just too painful) in the hopes of teaching him a lesson (i.e. don't hurt the Orclette). To my immense surprise I see:

In case those images are not big enough (and I don't know how to make them clearer/bigger), 3B booted the bad uncle from the guild. It was possibly the best night I've ever had in the land of World of Warcraft.

P.S. Many thanks to Eustacius, who took the screen shots (he's a smart person) and sent them to me :)

P.S.S. You should actually look at the screenshots from bottom to top. Not sure how to get them into the right order. I'm just proud I knew how to post them at all (remember Wulfa=computer noob).
(Moving pictures around trying to get them in the right order)


Shrinn said...

Yay! Kicking big mean uncle fun!! Poor Moon, what a good sport! Did ya learn anything? Don't Hurt Da Orclette!

ASH said...

When I started reading this, I though Ishvi was the one that got the boot *laughs*