Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ah life. So many things to think about.

Nuclear Engines = Steam Engines.

Fjord or Tundra. I can't decide.

I HAVE to be exalted with Cenarian people in Outlands...pondering wandering over and getting started now.

Ramps boss has a feral staff I want. Friday can't come soon enough(me and Ish will be running ramps for that staff)[and to practice my tanking again...haven't feral tanked since pox level 28].

8k hps and 5700? armor in bearform. I'm thinking I'll be okay but I'm still worried.

Wulfa doesn't like talking about wrath. I find the outlands stories un-interesting as an alliance and cannot wait to start in on Arthas plot.

I finally got below 192 on the scale. Now to keep it that way.

Orclette keeps wanting to be held by Moon. Somedays this can be frustrating.

Mechanical/Nuclear Engineering suddenly sounds freaking cool. Steampunkness is slowly poisoning me to electronics. I want pipes and STEAM dang it.(yes yes I realize that Engineering doesn't automatically equate pipes and steams...but more so than Computer Science does).

Me and moon plan to start making our own model steam run things once we get to my parents house. They don't know this yet.

Its 5pm now. Headed home.


Andy C. said...

For the CE rep, I'd say go ahead and start on it, BUT, start on it by killing nagas (I think they give rep per kill if you're at a certain rep lvl or lack thereof), then collect the plant parts and turn those in until you can't anymore (honored I think), THEN you can actually start the quests they give out. That'll get you pretty far before you have to start making instance runs for rep. Although I don't think you'll have problems getting runs together with your guild. ;)

klaki said...

Nuclear engine way cooler, those steam is cool.

I personally want a Tundra, but with gas prices, a truck seems not a wise choice for me. I'll stick with my nifty Honda. I'm hoping that it will last at least another 5 years.

Collect plant parts first for CE rep. Do this even before doing all Hellfire quests. So buy off AH if you have to. Turn in until Honored. Then, through quests and runs of SV, you'll be good.

Those stats seem ok to start Ramps. Save up money and buy the Braxxis' Staff of Slumber. It's not that expensive and it will be your tanking staff until you get the Earthwarden.

Gratz on the weight, I need to lose some myself. Any tips?

I'm an Engineer (Math and Computer Science) and no pipes nor steam for me, yet I design complex systems to help my company thrive. I was contemplating either Mechanical or Civil engineering though... both are really fun. Thermodynamics was really cool!