Saturday, October 10, 2009

Drawing with a mouse.


Also why is it that I always used to dream of an afternoon alone at B&N and now that I have it I find myself bored and restless and wanting to go back to the barracks and sleep.

Yay for fourdays

So we get a fourday weekend yay.

And I was on google talking with a friend about his recent marrage and my kids and FFVII and Texas A&M NOT SCORING BEFORE THE SECOND HALF AND TURNING THE BALL OVER ON DOWNS ON THE ONE.

and this is one of the snippets from me:

"... if you get your leg cut open its like... oh well suck it up.... but if you have to make your bed a second time it is fair game to whine"

The army is weird to me somedays.

I still don't feel like an army guy. I just notice army things more. I notice that everyone I know can expect to be deployed in less than a year(80% of us will be statistically). I notice that a HUGE number of us will lose girlfriends/wives because of the difficulties of long distance relationships(Wulfa you are so freakin amazing you just don't know). I notice that being fit is mostly about not feeling out of breath and not about feeling super strong all the time. I notice that HOLY COW that guy has hair on his face... who let him out of the house like that... he looks so ... grimey. I notice girls with their hair down, they must be on pass or something. I notice that civilians all look fat(not all but such a huge number that it sticks out). I notice kids.

Kids really really stick out. They look so much smaller than they did before...

And this is just things that I notice after 5 months in TRADOC. What will I notice after being deployed for a year or a year and half? How much wierder will my normal world look?

And thats it for me today. I can't think of anything else to write...

Friday, October 9, 2009

"I lost"

First let me explain a game we play:

Rule 1) If you think about the game you lose.

Thats all there is to it. Of course no one really remembers who all loses only who the last loser was. So if you find yourself having just lost you should probably tell a friend who knows about the game so that they understand that you lost. And thus they lose. Great fun and all.

Also this weekend we(my class) had to move from Bravo company to Delta. Which was overall a yay thing. And then this morning we were told we were going to be sleeping at battalion because Delta didn't have beds for us.

Upon showing up at Battalion the Sargent asked for a "highspeed soldier". I volunteered and was tasked with keeping the third floor clean and making sure everyone cleaned their rooms and wokeup on time. In exchange I get a lovely two man room instead of an 8 or 16 man room. Yay.

Wulfa let me buy a PSP from my battle for about $40 two to three weeks ago. This has been an awesome purchase. I bought FFVII: Crisis Core and have been playing the heck out of that game. Also I've read a lot of Niven the past couple of weeks and found him to be a rather enjoyable author.

Not much else to report. 31 days til I graduate.

My new room:

What have I done?

Me: "You can't have coffee til you've stopped growing."

Orclette: "I stop growing!"

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Frequently I wonder what the heck mom used to do with their little ones all day. Clean? Cook? Wow now I'm exhausted thinking about that. We watch t.v. And throw in little bouts of cleaning and cooking (pumpkin bread ftw!) and walking and going to stores. Has anyone else intentionally forgotten an item at Walmart/Target just so you could go back the next day? I have.

I had good intentions. The Orclette and Miniorc would only be exposed to the best shows and preferably only watch the recommended amount of t.v. I don't even know what that is anymore. Then I found ourselves watching tons of t.v. After a restless night with the Miniorc I just don't have any energy to be productive. At least not until my 3-4 cups of coffee (thank goodness he doesn't seem to be affected by caffeine) have sunk in.

And the best shows? Well, the Orclette does love Max and Ruby and tolerates Sesame Street. She has yet to view the other kids shows because I CANNOT STAND THEM. So I switch it on over to the Gilmore Girls which, btw, we're still watching. I'm paying however much extra for cable a month and we're watching the exact same thing we watched before cable. But what can one do when she says "mama watch Rory!"

We also watch various movies and ... sigh. NCIS. And Stargate. All of which are not exactly appropriate for a 2-year old. I do turn the channel during the graphic/gross scenes. And maybe she'll turn out to be an NCIS agent. Her great-grandfather was a lieutenant-commander in the Navy. And one of her great-uncles is an officer with the NOAH program thingy (I really have no idea what that is). And another great-uncle was an Airforce pilot, her grandfather on her dad's side (all the other relatives I've mentioned have been mine) was in the airforce, and her daddy is in the Army. Or maybe (tying in the Stargate theme) she'll join NASA. Her other grandfather has worked for them for years.

T.V. seriously is a mom's best friend. At least during the early years when it's hard to get out and about. And you don't own acres of land (like my grandmother) or feel safe enough to let your children play outside and roam freely.

Gotta go. It's Rory-time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My computer is going haywire this morning. It's working but ... it's off. And my iPod is not charging. And my two computer guys are not around to fix it. I knew there were advantages to having Damm's brother live with us ...

I had a very bright idea last night. See, I have a friend that we walk with Mondays and Wednesdays. Her schedule changed this week, however, so now I don't have anything to do those nights. I haven't spent a night alone since my mom left. I've made tremendous efforts to be out and about every morning and every evening. Helps the time pass faster.

So we went over to the mother-in-law's house (she wasn't there-she was at a meeting) and walked our usual route in her neighborhood. And then I decided to make Snickerdoodles. Damm loves Snickerdoodles.

I got the mixing/measuring stuff out. Couldn't get the sugar down without setting Miniorc down so I did that and ... wait for it .... Let the Crying Begin! He cried the entire time I was mixing, rolling the balls out and dipping them into the sugar/cinnamon mix. I only did half of the batter. I managed to clean the counters but the dishes cover the entire sink area. I promised I would do them today.

The Bright Side: Orclette LOVES Snickerdooodles. She also thought it would be fun to accompany the Miniorc as he cried and cried and cried.

That was not my brightest idea.

Fortunately they both fell asleep easily (all that crying) and we all got a full night's sleep. So we are ready to tackle today and all the other bright ideas I get.

Must remember that I am not Superwoman. Or at least that I am Superwoman but have two little Superme's that are her greatest challenge yet.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pictures I have drawn.

Here are some of the things I doodle during class. They are on horrible notebook paper and the lines are about as even as a three day drunk's walk is straight but the design is there. I plan to when I get home to a ruler... good pencils... and decent paper... redo some of them. Anyways. Here they are. Comments for each picture are below the picture they are commenting on.

I think it looks like a bunny.There is a myth in here somewhere... but I couldn't decide what it was.

This one I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of(the cross above).

This one I did for a battle. He says he's going to get it on his back but keeps putting it off.

A classmate asked me to draw the word army with thorns around it.

There is another nice one in the form of two rings interlinked (making a figure 8) but it has all of our real names and we're not exactly keen on sharing those just yet.