Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pictures I have drawn.

Here are some of the things I doodle during class. They are on horrible notebook paper and the lines are about as even as a three day drunk's walk is straight but the design is there. I plan to when I get home to a ruler... good pencils... and decent paper... redo some of them. Anyways. Here they are. Comments for each picture are below the picture they are commenting on.

I think it looks like a bunny.There is a myth in here somewhere... but I couldn't decide what it was.

This one I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of(the cross above).

This one I did for a battle. He says he's going to get it on his back but keeps putting it off.

A classmate asked me to draw the word army with thorns around it.

There is another nice one in the form of two rings interlinked (making a figure 8) but it has all of our real names and we're not exactly keen on sharing those just yet.

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Kayeri said...

Damm, you call this doodling??? Dude, why arent you in the graphic arts field? My father is an artist, and I know talent when I see it! :) You can do that in the military, too, my father was 22 years in the Air Force. :)