Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yay for fourdays

So we get a fourday weekend yay.

And I was on google talking with a friend about his recent marrage and my kids and FFVII and Texas A&M NOT SCORING BEFORE THE SECOND HALF AND TURNING THE BALL OVER ON DOWNS ON THE ONE.

and this is one of the snippets from me:

"... if you get your leg cut open its like... oh well suck it up.... but if you have to make your bed a second time it is fair game to whine"

The army is weird to me somedays.

I still don't feel like an army guy. I just notice army things more. I notice that everyone I know can expect to be deployed in less than a year(80% of us will be statistically). I notice that a HUGE number of us will lose girlfriends/wives because of the difficulties of long distance relationships(Wulfa you are so freakin amazing you just don't know). I notice that being fit is mostly about not feeling out of breath and not about feeling super strong all the time. I notice that HOLY COW that guy has hair on his face... who let him out of the house like that... he looks so ... grimey. I notice girls with their hair down, they must be on pass or something. I notice that civilians all look fat(not all but such a huge number that it sticks out). I notice kids.

Kids really really stick out. They look so much smaller than they did before...

And this is just things that I notice after 5 months in TRADOC. What will I notice after being deployed for a year or a year and half? How much wierder will my normal world look?

And thats it for me today. I can't think of anything else to write...

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