Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My computer is going haywire this morning. It's working but ... it's off. And my iPod is not charging. And my two computer guys are not around to fix it. I knew there were advantages to having Damm's brother live with us ...

I had a very bright idea last night. See, I have a friend that we walk with Mondays and Wednesdays. Her schedule changed this week, however, so now I don't have anything to do those nights. I haven't spent a night alone since my mom left. I've made tremendous efforts to be out and about every morning and every evening. Helps the time pass faster.

So we went over to the mother-in-law's house (she wasn't there-she was at a meeting) and walked our usual route in her neighborhood. And then I decided to make Snickerdoodles. Damm loves Snickerdoodles.

I got the mixing/measuring stuff out. Couldn't get the sugar down without setting Miniorc down so I did that and ... wait for it .... Let the Crying Begin! He cried the entire time I was mixing, rolling the balls out and dipping them into the sugar/cinnamon mix. I only did half of the batter. I managed to clean the counters but the dishes cover the entire sink area. I promised I would do them today.

The Bright Side: Orclette LOVES Snickerdooodles. She also thought it would be fun to accompany the Miniorc as he cried and cried and cried.

That was not my brightest idea.

Fortunately they both fell asleep easily (all that crying) and we all got a full night's sleep. So we are ready to tackle today and all the other bright ideas I get.

Must remember that I am not Superwoman. Or at least that I am Superwoman but have two little Superme's that are her greatest challenge yet.

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Dawn said...

Well Becca. How'd the snickerdoodles turn out? Need any tips?