Thursday, July 9, 2009

Famous Relatives

No one tells me about the interesting stuff that goes on in my family. And by my family I mean my mom's side-there are only a handful of people on my dad's side that are in communication with us. And they're all in Europe. Anyway, I found out today that my little cousins were in the John Adams miniseries starring Paul Giamatti (is that how you spell it? no idea). Little male cousin was the young John Adams understudy. So you see the back of his head in the movie. Little female cousin played a street urchin. Is that not cool? I wish I had known that while I was still at B&N. I could've told people about it when they asked about the book.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There are no YMCA's in Las Cruces. 2-3 in El Paso, but who wants to drive an hour to workout everyday? I can understand once or twice a week but there I go, digressing. Anyway, anytime we come to Houston my parents get us a guest pass to their Y which used to be my Y. It's on the small side but very up-to-date on all equipment. My mom is a lifeguard, yoga instructor, and triathlete coach there. So I've had fun the past few days working out. I'm sure I've alarmed some of the patrons-I am getting quite large.

And as I suspected my mother has me doing yoga everyday. Afterwards my energy levels go way up and I feel better, so I'm thinking instead of insisting the pregnant person lie down one should insist she do yoga. She gave me one of her mats and when I get back to NM I'm going to get some other yoga equipment. It's a testament to my mom's instructing skill that after one of her classes I'm hooked :D

Not a whole lot of stuff going on, really, although we've been way more active here than we were in Las Cruces. The Orclette loves my mom's backyard-it kind of looks jungly (she likes to garden and has plants everywhere). As I mentioned before she is getting spoiled by both grandmothers. Basically she's been having a grand ol' time. I've also been having fun-my stress levels have come way down and I've been sleeping better. So this has basically been a health trip for me. Hehe. Houston a resort center. That's funny.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rain Cloud

I know how humid Houston can get. I lived here for 5, 6 years? I can't remember. Anyway, this morning the Orclette and I went out for a walk around 7 a.m. By the time I got down the driveway I felt as if I'd walked into a rain cloud. And the rain cloud got wetter and wetter as we progressed on our walk. And you know what? I miss the humidity.

Saturday I got to be a 3rd-trimester demonstration for my mom's yoga class (she's a certified instructor). The other 3rd trimesters in her class never seemed to want to do the modifiers. I understand-I'm pregnant not sick. I don't need to be coddled. Assisted up from the wonderful, cushiony couch my parents own, yes, but otherwise I'm fine. So I used all the modifiers. I'm not ashamed to admit I actually needed to-I don't do yoga all that often.

Today is the Orclette's 2nd birthday. I cuddled with her this morning before anyone else woke up (aside from my dad-he always gets up real early) and told her the story of her birth sans gross details. I don't think she realizes today is a special day. Maybe next year. We're having a small party this evening which will be culminated by the cutting of the cake that my dad-totally not a romantic minded person-bought. It's pink with flowers :D The Orclette has completed her total domination over the male persons on both sides of her family.

Both grandmothers are spoiling the snot out of the Orclette. This is a wonderful trip :D