Thursday, July 9, 2009

Famous Relatives

No one tells me about the interesting stuff that goes on in my family. And by my family I mean my mom's side-there are only a handful of people on my dad's side that are in communication with us. And they're all in Europe. Anyway, I found out today that my little cousins were in the John Adams miniseries starring Paul Giamatti (is that how you spell it? no idea). Little male cousin was the young John Adams understudy. So you see the back of his head in the movie. Little female cousin played a street urchin. Is that not cool? I wish I had known that while I was still at B&N. I could've told people about it when they asked about the book.

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Pablo said...

Revelations such as that are usually followed by mom saying something like "oh, I was sure I told all you guys. Didn't I put that in an email...or maybe a phone call. You know, like when I told you all about your father meeting the president last week (or something equally noteworthy) didn't hear about that either???"