Saturday, January 23, 2010

Titles suck.

My shammy currently puts out about 900-1100 dps per fight. If I can't push that over 2k by 80 I'll be surprised.

Anyone know if Fire Nova can proc Elemental Devestation?

(post interupted to watch the book of eli)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chemists are Weird. Like Engineers only WORSE.

Our professor is sweet. A little off, her humor is, but that's ok. Our TA for Chem. Lab is also sweet but he's from India and I understand 1 in 5 words he says. Which is ok because Damm can understand him so I just wait til he's done speaking and then ask what it is I'm supposed to know.

Last night we found out the density of Unknown Substance "B." Actually, in the midst of the lab I had no clue why we were doing these painstaking experiments but I was tired and I planned on asking later. Damm did a wonderful job of explaining volume, mass, and density in terms of something I could understand: M&M's. If you have another way of explaining it that involves items such as spaghetti, chocolate, Oreo's, please feel free to share it with me. I'm still trying to conceptualize it.

Also last night we concluded that Engineers don't really care how something works, they just want to know if it will work. Historians want to know all about the events/people/etc. that made that discovery possible and the repercussions of it, and Chemists ..... Chemists are like the Ents. In LOTR. They take a really long time to say things, i.e. discover them, but (to give them their due) when they do speak it is worthwhile. But they drive everyone nutso in the process.

Unfortunately my brain is totally capable of grasping the way Chemists like to do things (because history is also about the details and hypothesis) so I have no excuse ... I can get an A in this class. Which means I have to try and get an A in this class. Which means I have a ton of work ahead of me ... But wow. I now understand how most people feel when I start talking animatedly about what I read in my history textbook THAT WAS SUPER AWESOME AND AMAZING. And that is "Wow, I'm glad you're excited but I totally have no interest in that and I don't need to know. And FYI, you're weird."

Final thought on Chem. Lab: It was totally awesome to be surrounded by test tubes and glass stirring sticks and when I pretended that my sink was a cauldron, I was totally Hermoine Granger and Snape was about to say something sarcastic.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A post. about quest. gear.

So its been a while since our last post.

We spent the weekend mostly trying to move. I moved my shaman over and am enhancement again and beginning to build a gear set.

Head: Borean Tundra
Neck: Grizzly hills
Back: Borean Tundra
Shoulders: Borean Tundra

chest: Dragonblight
Bracers: Dragon blight

Hands: Dragonblight
Belt: Wowhead says nothing with hit rating at all for mail levels 69-73
Legs: Borean tundra
Feet: Dragonblight

Ring: DTK
Ring: Borean tundra
Trinket: There are no hit rating trinkets from wrath at levels 69-73

For weapons I'm pondering these:

Both from quests in borean tundra.

Total about 270 hit rating on the gear.(low level quest gear.) 88 from enchants that are available.

So roughtly 358 hit rating off of low level gear for a shammy... or 10% chance to hit.(JUST shy of 11%).

So 17% chance to hit for my shammy(1% racial, 6% talents, 10% gear) if I had all these items by the time I hit level 74. This I think would be a nice starter place to upgrade from. Maintaining 361 hit or higher will be my goal after that.

Why am I prioritizing hit so much?

"The following values assume that a level 80 enhancement shaman is about to enter Naxx:25 and is neither hit nor expertise capped.

AP - 1
Crit Rating - 1.7
Hit Rating - 3.1
Expertise Rating - 2.6
Haste Rating - 1.3
Armor Penetration Rating - 0.8
Spellpower - 0.9
MH dps - 5.9
OH dps - 2.5
Strength - 1.1
Agility - 1.7
Intellect - 1.7"

This is stolen shamelessly from EJ. I hate missing. So the plan is stack hit first(keeping 361 as my decided baseline for now)... then see where I'm at dps wise and look at what stats are hurting too much etc.

Anyways random theory crafting post to distract me from my upcoming chem lab and all the things I have to do once I get home(register the clicker, register for math homework site, register for math something else site, research tricare before going to their office tomorrow, read more calculus, read more physics and glance at homework, read chem chapter, read EE chapters).