Friday, December 7, 2007

Ding! And a short story!

So I hit 24 last night and now have drain mana(yay) and corruption's next level and sense demons. I also went from +25ish stm and +23ish int to: +45 stm +38 int with 1 quest(back), 1 limited vendor(belt), 1 drop(gloves), 1 guild bank(off-hand), and 3 auction purchases (pants,shoes,wand). Once I hit 28 I will have +49stm and +49int. Not bad for someone who won't spend more than a gold on a green item and more than 5g on a blue item. I'm also fully trained, and my demons are as well. I soloed the quest to kill the gnome on top of the waterfall in Stonetalon Mountains which I thought was pretty impressive as he was level 27 and surrounded by level 21-23's. Course I'm a lock so its less impressive. I also died to alliance rogues 3x. Twice to the human rogue on horseback and once to the gnome rogue wandering through on robo-chicken.

Belmont! Take this down. I want those who come after me to understand why I have done what I did. Gan'rul summoned me a week ago. He felt it was time I learned how to control yet another of your accursed kind. I suppose its better you be put to the uses of the horde than wander free. How I hate dealing with you. Yes write that. Anyways, he said to seek an artifact of great passion. No, I did not immediately know what was needed! Erase that! So- BELMONT! Erase the bit about me collecting still beating hearts! You know I did no such thing and if you continue to fabricate I will feed YOUR still stupid brain to Graz'rast. He said I should ask old Blind Cazul. That man is far wiser than I thought he was.

Cazul knew instantly of an object that had been filled with passion, but he did not tell me what it was, instead he had me seek out Zankaja. [a momentary pause]Yes she was a looker. STOP DRAWING PICTURES! [mumbled casting](screaming of a imp in agony). Her mate Dogran? Dogface? I do not remember the cowards name. He was missing. She requested I find him. I traced his steps and found he had been captured by the quillboar. No shame in that, enough numbers can overwhelm anyone. And they breed like gnomes. Imprisoned and wounded I would never be able to bring him back without healing him first. Which obviously isn't something I'm good at. [snicker]..... (more imp agony). I found a troll witch doctor and retrieved a potion that would work. Immediately I set forth for the bristleback settlement. Leaving few if any alive Graz'rast and I cleared the tents and found Dog. No I did not bring you. You are almost useless. Now shut up and write.

But the spineless coward was more worried about how he looked.... he thought being crippled would make him useless! I had just been sent by a BLIND man to find him. Archimonde! Even the amazingly backwards trolls have a tribe led by a man with one arm! We are not the Alliance! We do not demand that our warriors be pretty, perfect shiny beings! We're the Horde! We overcome crippling injuries! I argued with him but he would not listen to reason. He cared more about his vanity than his mate. She would have taken him back, and if she didn't well.... there are good orc women out there. But the fear of rejection was too much. So I left, taking with me his pendant. Obviously the only passion in it was from his mate. But it was enough... and now I have added Anwena to my arsenal against the Alliance and the Legion. Now, put down that pen and go let Graz'rast chew on your head. He's hungry and you are useless. GO!

Testing testing 1 2 3

Trying out a new layout thing.

If you were paying attention between 2-3pm CST then you saw our site layout change.. flicker flicker flicker as I tried different ones. Then I found one I liked and called Beowulfa. Then I dutifully changed the "ugly" and found one she liked. Then I cried and asked her to let me find another one......

end result.

We like this one. But the colors will probably change. And I still don't have a final "its okay" from PrettyOrc.

I linked Apathy in my blog roll. Not huge on the grammer, but thats because he specced DEEP into the common sense tree with a good helping of reality.

Mystic stuffs. Fun blog about a paladin I think. Fun anyways.

Blessing of Kings. I like it. Well written very paladin.

We also moved my comic links into my links and added a Beowulfa section. She has linked Porthos(yeah I know thats not how he spells it but I love three musketeers).

I didn't realize how good life was under nananananapppblosghdfljkdh in november. Now all of them(points at his links) suddenly stopped posting and I sadly don't get daily updates. /cry

I need to remember that the greater than and less than signs are NOT usable in html and make things dissapear. Brackets Dammerung Brackets.

Heh I'm a 'bad' warlock. I don't have improved life tap and I don't have that green talent to the right of it. However I have 5/5make-it-land and solo mobs 5 levels higher than me without need for eating(well not always).

Today was supposed to be blue text story day but my brain froze up last night. Hopefully Beowulfa won't have to work tomorrow and I'll have time to nap and brainstorm.

Go look at Zujoo and give me gear suggestions, course I'll probably be level 29 by the end of the weekend but ha! I can still buy stuff and wear it this weekend. Also check out Beowulfa's new neck gear. She owns.

BLEH! I was linking myname to some weird cartoon I had copy pasted. BLeh bleh bleh. SO totally fixed.

Being generous in WOW

Orc hubby and meself were discussin the other day how to be giving and generous people in WOW. We firmly believe in the "give and ye shall receive" principle. This brought up an interesting question: how would one "tithe" in the game if we were truly roleplaying and playing Christian orcs? (hee hee, can orcs be religious? They're rather bloodthirsty.) We tossed around a few ideas but none really struck us as brilliant. I feel it would be somewhat weird to walk up to a person and ask if they wanted anything. I don't know about anybody else but I'd be looking for the strings attached to the offer. So suggestions on how to be kind and giving orc brutes would be appreciated. Anyways, the other day a fellow orc asked if he could enchant a few items of mine for free. Thinking that he probably wanted to sharpen up his skills I agreed. Loaned him my items, he gave 'em back, and then, remembering our previous discussion on generosity, I tipped him a gold. He whispered, "bro, it's free." I replied, "I know, but I like to tip anyways." He reposted with "haha, ic." End discussion. Looked at my armor to see what he had done and couldn't see any difference. I don't think he enchanted them. After a brief moment of "well, shucks!" I laughed at myself. First time in trying to be generous and I get nothin' for it. But that's what being generous is, I think. Giving without thought of reimbursement. I bet that orc got a good laugh, though. A gold for free!

Switching gears. I thought I was rather ignorant of the whole computer/internet/gaming world. Most people know more than I do. But there's a group of people who know so much less than I do it's not funny. Homeschooling moms. I can't make this a sweeping statement as I certainly can't do a proper survey but it's true of the homeschoolers in my smallish town. (I'm hanging out with homeschoolers even though my orclette is nowhere near school-ready 'cause I was homeschooled by my most-awesome mother and it's the easiest way for me to meet people. Plus it's heartening for them to see that homeschooling can work). When I mentioned I played an RPG only one knew what I was talking about. Only a couple were familiar with the concept of chatrooms. They did express amazement at the concept of spending money for a non-tangible item (heh, like WOW and WOW gold). I actually must amend my statement to they are unfamiliar with the gaming/fun side of the internet. All of these ladies are very intelligent and creative. They just did not grow up with computers/internet. Shows what a huge generation gap there is and that sometimes parents really don't know what it's like. (sigh. My mother is very computer savvy so I never could use that one with her.) But is it wise not to familiarize oneself with what is fast becoming a necessity in America? I might bring that up at the next homeschooling meeting and see what the ladies think.


P.S. I'm behind on reading all my fave blogs so I just read TJ's post about the ice storm in Maryland. I would like to comment that if she thought that was bad (and I'm sure it was) she should try driving in Houston, TX, when for the first time in 10 years they get snow flurries.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trying to sound grownup.

"Warlocks were once mages, or in case of the orcs, Shamans, who, in pursuit of ever-greater sources of power, abandoned their studies of the Arcane or Nature and delved into darker Shadow-based magic."-WoWWiki I find this, funny? Ironic? I don't know the word.

I am level 23 now. Still cheerfully burning things down, but now I am back in Stonetalon mountains. This zone has grown on me. The first time I came here I hated it. I hated the color. I hated the burnt trees. I hated it. Now, I find it soothingly empty. After leveling two characters through Barrens in a month. Bleh. So crowded, so loud, so many alliance. Sure in Stonetalon I'm flagged and am occasionally oneshotted with a 730 damage green warlock spell. But that is rare and the relaxation of quiet channels and no large alliance raids killing all my npc's is nice.

The orcish warlock quest for Anwena, introduced me to a cowardly selfish orc. I'll talk more about him tomorrow I think. When I described this quest to Beowulfa, she said this quest was obviously written by a guy. I don't know about that but yeah, I did not like it Sam-I-am I did not like it. And maybe that was the point. I know some authors try to make you feel sad, angry, or frustrated. I know stories don't have to have a happy ending. But I do not have to like all stories.

Stories. Like video games everyone gets different things from stories(and also water is wet! Ha bet you didn't know that!). I like stories where the heroes are good, help others, and are more or less nice. They don't have to be bubbly joy joy but if they act like jerks or are selfish, well I don't like them. And if I don't like the heroes of the story. I don't usually like the story. C.S. Friedman(I think) wrote a trilogy about a guy who kills his own family. I still don't like that guy. Although I applaud Friedman for causing me to physically shake with rage and anger and shock after reading the first two chapters. I won't read that series ever again, and I very rarely recomend it(usually only to friends I know who like dark stories like that).

Pratchet's Vimes and Carrot are examples of heroes I do like. Carrot is the extreme. So good so perfect he's not believable even in a story(which is why he's funny in the story). Vimes is the middle. He's good. Solidly good. Which isn't to say he doesn't -want- to torture the bad guys... but he doesn't. He helps people who are socially helpless. I'm not talking about the prisoner in the dark forbidding castle. I'm talking about the social rejects who slide into the corners and are quietly forgotton. Vimes feeds them, guards them, talks to them. He isn't rude. Thrall is like this to me. Thrall sends grunts out to learn from the other races. Even the xenophobic quillboar and centaur. Thrall gives the humans a second chance. Thrall makes allies, and the enemies he has are ones who either blindly hate him or hate him because he doesn't hate humans.

I like Thrall. I don't like the queen of the night elves. "They killed Cenarius." Wait they did? Really? Well who was it that summoned the freakin burning crusade to this world in the first place? You! Cenarius wouldn't be dead if the night elves had never used magic. Globally applying past actions to a race is bad. Not all the orcs killed Cenarius(heck most of the ones who did are probably dead now), not all the night elves overused magic.

I was saddened when I read somewhere that the Drenai do not forgive the Orcs for their genocidal demon induced campaign. This was a horrible thing the Orcs did, not saying it wasn't. I had just placed the Drenai up on a pedestal and presumed they were so freakin awesome and nice that they forgave everyone and were just helping the humans because of where they landed. ;P Obviously I did not read their story very well. But I value forgiveness, over correctness.

Yeah done trying to say things that are interesting.


p.s. Ego is a girl chick? Huh. It is odd how names make you think certain things. People called her Ego, I think Ego is a guys name, I read 'his' posts for a month, I finally read one where she refers to her gender and am surprised? Why? Because my mental image of who was on the other side changed. From a scholorly guy in glasses posting from a library full of ancient tomes and treaties on WoW to..... a scholorly girl in glasses posting from a library full of ancient tomes and treaties on WoW. Small change huh? But enough of one that I said out loud "Ego is a girlchick?". I was just as surprised when I realised Kestrael's character was a guy, but that was a Beowulfa posting day. Again the name thing. Also changed from girl to chick because guy/chick boy/girl. Ego is far to awesomely sophisticated to be a 'girl' its either woman or chick.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My five :P

Some clean up stuff first.

1)Beowulfa tricked Lance into tagging himself see his blog here:

2)Ding 22!
I now have my succy, Anwena. She's okay I guess, currently she dies too fast to be worth using.

3)I picked up Atlas, QuestTracker, and Auctioneer 5.0. I also on Saturday picked up Omen.All of these addons make me very happy. QuestTracker probably the most. It gives me focus and points me -almost- directly at where i need to be going. Atlas was almost a dissapointment as all it does is give instance maps with the one I have. /sigh Auctioneer 5.0 is wierd but OOO SHINY. Omen is exactly what I wanted. I very simple threat meter. This allows me to really dance along the aggro line when soloing anything 5 levels higher than me, without actually crossing over and getting myself killed.

4) Pebbles der mage of Datheroc server: "oooo pebbles is playing! I remember him he's good"

5) Rune of Perfection. What does spell penetration do exactly?

6) Beowulfa I think you want:
Sentinels Medalion +8agi +5stm Neck slot 140 honor and 20 marks.
Also possibly the:
Sentinels Blade +7agi +3stm 21.2 dps one-hand dagger 465 honor and 30 marks
Protectors Band +6str +6agi +4stm Ring 140 honor and 20 marks

I want:
Lorekeepers Staff
Rune of perfection
Lorekeepers Ring

Granted you might want to save the marks until later. But all of those items would be sweet now.

7) One of these days Beowulfa. I'll buy you this.
Some Warlock things:

Wow I LOVE soulstones. Love love love. If the recast is almost up I'm always tempted to just kill myself purely for the regen.

Talents. I just finished up the things I KNEW I wanted. Now I'm unsure. I currently have 5/5 in Insta-cast-Corruption, 5/5 in targets-resist-affliction-less, and 2/2 in get-mana-back-and-cause-less-threat. I was thinking of spending on the more-damage-from-curse-of-agony, next but like I said I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

What should I practice? Hunters practice trapping and kiting. I can practice kiting a little bit I suppose and I practice threat management now but what else?

Also, if anyone knows of a quest that gives a good +shadow damage item please let me know. I've found that I'd rather things die faster than live longer. Although at next level I'm giving up +11 shadow damage for +7stm +6int and +10000LLG*
Things I have learned playing games(BBB notice I let her post first! ha!:

1) People tend to have a pat answer. "Does Signet increase your xpr?"... "No." "Can a paladin do damage?"...."No.""Are hunters any good in PvP?"..."No."

Often their pat answer is based on a vague amount of research someone did once two years ago. After learning this from video games I noticed this isn't just a gamer trait.

"Are republicans greedy big business people?"..."Yes.""Are democrats tax happy hippies?"..."Yes."

2) Do not worry too much about having the best now. If you save up for the future, and work towards it you'll be better off in the long run. Having blues at level 20 doesn't help much when you are level 70. Having a huge house and a brand new car is worth less then saving and being a millionare when you are 50.(This could also be: Having a car at 16 is worth less then not having any school debt when you are 28).

3) Helping others makes you happier than it does them. Hurting others makes you more bitter than it does them.

4) Sometimes its best to go to bed and do it tomorrow. Replace Sometimes with Usually.

5) What is most important about life is the relationships you made. Not the drops you get.

Yeah, so thats it.


LLG* = looking less girly

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm Famous!

So I was perusing the various WOW blogs I regularly read and I got to BBB's 5 things he'd learned from gaming. Read through his 5 and got to the 5 people he'd decided to tag. Got to the 3rd person. Beowulfa. Pause. That's me! OhmygoodnessI'mfamous! Call Dammy in excitment. Imagine doing a little dance. Settle for kissing orclette. Then I start thinking of the 5 things I'd learned from gaming (in my case this would be WOW and only WOW).

#1. Older people (over the age of 16 or 17ish) can game and not be deadbeats or loafers. I just couldn't imagine responsible, contributing members of society playing a game. I held this opinion until hubby (then fiance) introduced me to WOW in an effort to get me interested in his favorite pastime. Laugh at self. I love this game.

#2. Liking the same game can be a wonderful bonding thingy between husband and wife. Unless you only have one computer. And one of the twain is pregnant. (Obviously not Dammerung.) That soooo does not work.

#3. Gamers have their very own language. Once you've mastered it you will become, in the eyes of the rest of the world, a total nerd.

#4. When you are working at the grand institution of Barnes & Noble and a short little teeny-bopper comes up with a WOW game manual and their moneybag (i.e. parent) do not mention what lvl your character just reached. They will give you a blank stare. Their parent will give you a befuddled one.

#5. It is really hard to leave the WOW money-making world and enter the one where you can't just go out and farm an area and leave with marketable items.

My little orclette is making tired noises so I must attend. I don't know enough bloggers to tag another 5 so please forgive.


Why I play a female character

After reading BBB's and Kestrel's opinions on men playing female characters etc. hubby, hubby's brother and myself began discussing why we played the characters we do. I play female characters because I do view them as mini-extensions of myself and any time I tried to roll a character completely different from myself I quickly lost interest. My brother-in-law frequently plays female characters. I never got around to asking why he plays females. I think its for aesthetic reasons. I tease him endlessly about it but it doesn't seem to bother him. Hubby always plays males because he thought I would be bothered by him playing a female. That made me pause. Why would that bother me? Would I be threatened by him rolling an attractive female character? I should hope not. 'Sides, he'd probably play either an undead (because he likes their starting area) or a gnome (he thinks they look cute). So maybe he should create a female character if he wants to. I'm thinking of a cute little gnome with pigtails for him, and a hulking brute of a draenei (spelling?) for me. That does mean going alliance. Maybe a little blood elf pixie for him and a great ugly orc for me. An interesting thought just occurred to me: except for an undead all the females hubby has suggested creating have resembled me. Hmm.

So I rolled (is that the correct term?) a female warlock. Frustration! Although I did discover that I was totally playing her the wrong way. I was using my little imp like I do my pets and he was dying right and left on me. Poor Zilbis. Such a grumpy little imp. But I really want her to reach lvl 19 so I can play battlegrounds with her and wreak havoc on everybody. Although lately its the darn rogues that have been bothering me (as Beowulfa). I don't have flare yet (as Beowulfa) and although I switch back and forth on my tracking options I still don't detect them until they've stabbed me a couple of times. On the bright side I frequently trap them with my freezing trap. /sigh. We lost last night. It was a good long battle (so much so that I had to sign off after only one game). Lots of honor though. FOR THE HORDE.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Zujoo Vs. Dammerung the final battle

An update.

We have stocked away enough gold for Beowulfa's mount. The stuff I send her has sold well and we're looking good. She merrily defends HER flag, and nightly reminds me that I don't know how to play a hunter so please don't comment on what spell she should cast next. Watching her makes me really proud. She's ice trapping rogues and killing enemy flag runners with ease. An example:

Beowulfa is chasing two enemy runners as they sprint towards her flag. She had been out in the middle and they are running up the 'tunnel'(that main corridor that runs from your flag directly out the front of your base).

Dammerung: Babe that rogue just grabbed the flag you should shoot him.
Dammerung: Babe that rogue is about to sap you and you should focus on him not that hunter.
Beowulfa: Babe that rogue is an icicle now.
Beowulfa: And now the hunter is dead, his pet is banished, and Susan has just been handed a roguecicle as a treat.
Beowulfa: So go away now and play with yer shammy cus yer no hunter!

She goes back to snarling at the screen and the alliance toons there on.

I'm very happy that she enjoys pvp this much. I had always been told hunters were not good in PVP, so I passed this "truism" on to her and she avoided it as a result. Another advantage of her loving pvp is it has given Zujoo a chance to play catch up. He's level 18 now and might be level 20 tonight if things go right.

Which brings me to "Why have I dropped my shaman for now"?

This is a thorny question for me. I don't really have an answer. What I envisioned my shaman as, would be a instant cast shock blaster with some melee abilities. Well he certainly is that, however there is something intangibly wrong with how he plays for me. I mean he works, I'm not saying Shamans suck or Shamans are too hard to level or anything like that. Shamans are awesome. I just feel frustrated when I play one. And I'm not sure why, which frustrates me more.

So on a whim, I rolled a warlock. I previously stated that rpishly I have a hard time with warlocks. And I'm still working this out. I would love to see someone present an rp argument for how a warlock could possibly be a 'good' guy. But rpish reasons aside, the warlock plays EXACTLY like I want. In roughly 9 hours play time?(this is an estimate that will be fixed once I log in again and type /played) I made it to level 18. This is about twice as fast as my Shaman mostly because I knew where the quests were... but the entire time I was saying things like: DID YOU SEE THAT! OOO I can't believe I did that! WHEEE! WHOOO! etc.

Sooooo Zujoo is my new main for now. He has +24 shadow damage and is wearing what looks like a pretty white blouse and a lovely pink skirt. Wow my Orc Warlock is a manly man. /sigh The things you do for +shadow damage.

My squimp caster thing is named belmont and my purple VW bug is named uhm I don't know... I just send him out there to die for me.

Well thats it for now.


P.S. Dammerung is still married to Beowulfa don't worry that won't change. Zujoo is married to Beowulfa's sister, a younger Orc Warlock named Zarahlinda. She is also hot.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Warsong Gulch II

I do not write in pink. I write in purple, the color of kings.

I have revisited WSG and have finally triumphed over the Alliance scum! I would like to think it was because I allowed my baser nature to come out and lead me out from my heretofore defensive position and into a more aggressive, offensive role. The thrill of the chase! The excitement of sighting the enemy! The triumph as you send your pet after your mark and your deadly arrows star to rain down upon him. The sinking realization that a warlock has spotted you and has cursed you with as many curses as their fell kind have knowledge of. The desperate volleys you send after the warlock, seeking to inflict as much damage as you can. Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, Concussive Shot, you fuzzily try to remember what else to fire. Then, as you approach your last breath you plant a freezing trap, hoping that it might ensnare someone. As your eyes close you see it catch one of the enemy! With a smile on your face you succumb to sweet Morpheus. A few seconds later you find yourself with the Spirit Healer and prepare to join the fray once again. FOR THE HORDE!


p.s. I am aware that Morpheus is the dreamer of dreams etc. and more to do with sleep than death but it seemed appropriate and 'sides, I have literary license.