Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trying to sound grownup.

"Warlocks were once mages, or in case of the orcs, Shamans, who, in pursuit of ever-greater sources of power, abandoned their studies of the Arcane or Nature and delved into darker Shadow-based magic."-WoWWiki I find this, funny? Ironic? I don't know the word.

I am level 23 now. Still cheerfully burning things down, but now I am back in Stonetalon mountains. This zone has grown on me. The first time I came here I hated it. I hated the color. I hated the burnt trees. I hated it. Now, I find it soothingly empty. After leveling two characters through Barrens in a month. Bleh. So crowded, so loud, so many alliance. Sure in Stonetalon I'm flagged and am occasionally oneshotted with a 730 damage green warlock spell. But that is rare and the relaxation of quiet channels and no large alliance raids killing all my npc's is nice.

The orcish warlock quest for Anwena, introduced me to a cowardly selfish orc. I'll talk more about him tomorrow I think. When I described this quest to Beowulfa, she said this quest was obviously written by a guy. I don't know about that but yeah, I did not like it Sam-I-am I did not like it. And maybe that was the point. I know some authors try to make you feel sad, angry, or frustrated. I know stories don't have to have a happy ending. But I do not have to like all stories.

Stories. Like video games everyone gets different things from stories(and also water is wet! Ha bet you didn't know that!). I like stories where the heroes are good, help others, and are more or less nice. They don't have to be bubbly joy joy but if they act like jerks or are selfish, well I don't like them. And if I don't like the heroes of the story. I don't usually like the story. C.S. Friedman(I think) wrote a trilogy about a guy who kills his own family. I still don't like that guy. Although I applaud Friedman for causing me to physically shake with rage and anger and shock after reading the first two chapters. I won't read that series ever again, and I very rarely recomend it(usually only to friends I know who like dark stories like that).

Pratchet's Vimes and Carrot are examples of heroes I do like. Carrot is the extreme. So good so perfect he's not believable even in a story(which is why he's funny in the story). Vimes is the middle. He's good. Solidly good. Which isn't to say he doesn't -want- to torture the bad guys... but he doesn't. He helps people who are socially helpless. I'm not talking about the prisoner in the dark forbidding castle. I'm talking about the social rejects who slide into the corners and are quietly forgotton. Vimes feeds them, guards them, talks to them. He isn't rude. Thrall is like this to me. Thrall sends grunts out to learn from the other races. Even the xenophobic quillboar and centaur. Thrall gives the humans a second chance. Thrall makes allies, and the enemies he has are ones who either blindly hate him or hate him because he doesn't hate humans.

I like Thrall. I don't like the queen of the night elves. "They killed Cenarius." Wait they did? Really? Well who was it that summoned the freakin burning crusade to this world in the first place? You! Cenarius wouldn't be dead if the night elves had never used magic. Globally applying past actions to a race is bad. Not all the orcs killed Cenarius(heck most of the ones who did are probably dead now), not all the night elves overused magic.

I was saddened when I read somewhere that the Drenai do not forgive the Orcs for their genocidal demon induced campaign. This was a horrible thing the Orcs did, not saying it wasn't. I had just placed the Drenai up on a pedestal and presumed they were so freakin awesome and nice that they forgave everyone and were just helping the humans because of where they landed. ;P Obviously I did not read their story very well. But I value forgiveness, over correctness.

Yeah done trying to say things that are interesting.


p.s. Ego is a girl chick? Huh. It is odd how names make you think certain things. People called her Ego, I think Ego is a guys name, I read 'his' posts for a month, I finally read one where she refers to her gender and am surprised? Why? Because my mental image of who was on the other side changed. From a scholorly guy in glasses posting from a library full of ancient tomes and treaties on WoW to..... a scholorly girl in glasses posting from a library full of ancient tomes and treaties on WoW. Small change huh? But enough of one that I said out loud "Ego is a girlchick?". I was just as surprised when I realised Kestrael's character was a guy, but that was a Beowulfa posting day. Again the name thing. Also changed from girl to chick because guy/chick boy/girl. Ego is far to awesomely sophisticated to be a 'girl' its either woman or chick.


Kestrel said...

"Kestrel" doesn't have an "a" either. ;) Only occasionally have I been mistaken for female. If you scroll all the way down the first page of my blog, you should see 3 sig portraits (Kestrel, Talonis, Osprey) that probably give away my true gender. :)

And Ego's way too cool to be a guy. ;)

Valyre said...

The draenei are initially presented as the ultimate do'ers of good. They're paladin-esque and they follow the light.

But things are hardly ever as they seem. You mentioned them never forgiving the orcs for nearly driving them extinct. They also want little to do with the parts of their race that had become corrupted, the Broken, and the more extreme, Lost. You'll see a couple of them around, like the shaman trainer in the lowbie land, but in general they're used as servants. There are examples of this in the Exodar.

Being driven by being right seems to mean you can only see things in black or white. You're either evil or good. You either listen to the light and are respected, or you've lost contact and are a lesser race.

The bright side is you can make your own personal space goat and be something different. Mine loves life and greets even Horde. I'm here to help make things better for everyone, not just my race. Honey and flies, and all that.