Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm Famous!

So I was perusing the various WOW blogs I regularly read and I got to BBB's 5 things he'd learned from gaming. Read through his 5 and got to the 5 people he'd decided to tag. Got to the 3rd person. Beowulfa. Pause. That's me! OhmygoodnessI'mfamous! Call Dammy in excitment. Imagine doing a little dance. Settle for kissing orclette. Then I start thinking of the 5 things I'd learned from gaming (in my case this would be WOW and only WOW).

#1. Older people (over the age of 16 or 17ish) can game and not be deadbeats or loafers. I just couldn't imagine responsible, contributing members of society playing a game. I held this opinion until hubby (then fiance) introduced me to WOW in an effort to get me interested in his favorite pastime. Laugh at self. I love this game.

#2. Liking the same game can be a wonderful bonding thingy between husband and wife. Unless you only have one computer. And one of the twain is pregnant. (Obviously not Dammerung.) That soooo does not work.

#3. Gamers have their very own language. Once you've mastered it you will become, in the eyes of the rest of the world, a total nerd.

#4. When you are working at the grand institution of Barnes & Noble and a short little teeny-bopper comes up with a WOW game manual and their moneybag (i.e. parent) do not mention what lvl your character just reached. They will give you a blank stare. Their parent will give you a befuddled one.

#5. It is really hard to leave the WOW money-making world and enter the one where you can't just go out and farm an area and leave with marketable items.

My little orclette is making tired noises so I must attend. I don't know enough bloggers to tag another 5 so please forgive.



Lance said...

If you don't mind I will tag myself and do this article. I just found you from BBB's blog. interested so far.

Beowulfa said...


klaki said...

I totally agree with you. My wife and I both play (after some pleading with her to try WoW) and we both love it. Unfortunately we are in the situation that we only have one PC right now. This causes extreme bordem at times. We try to get around it by watching each other play and talk. :)

Being the blogger newb myself, I'm not sure what tagging someone means, but...

/tag you're it!

BigBearButt said...

Very cool! I expected you to tag Dammerung... so I hope he'll tag himself :)

Dammerung said...

I tagged myself before you thought about it!

I'm a ninja!