Friday, December 7, 2007

Testing testing 1 2 3

Trying out a new layout thing.

If you were paying attention between 2-3pm CST then you saw our site layout change.. flicker flicker flicker as I tried different ones. Then I found one I liked and called Beowulfa. Then I dutifully changed the "ugly" and found one she liked. Then I cried and asked her to let me find another one......

end result.

We like this one. But the colors will probably change. And I still don't have a final "its okay" from PrettyOrc.

I linked Apathy in my blog roll. Not huge on the grammer, but thats because he specced DEEP into the common sense tree with a good helping of reality.

Mystic stuffs. Fun blog about a paladin I think. Fun anyways.

Blessing of Kings. I like it. Well written very paladin.

We also moved my comic links into my links and added a Beowulfa section. She has linked Porthos(yeah I know thats not how he spells it but I love three musketeers).

I didn't realize how good life was under nananananapppblosghdfljkdh in november. Now all of them(points at his links) suddenly stopped posting and I sadly don't get daily updates. /cry

I need to remember that the greater than and less than signs are NOT usable in html and make things dissapear. Brackets Dammerung Brackets.

Heh I'm a 'bad' warlock. I don't have improved life tap and I don't have that green talent to the right of it. However I have 5/5make-it-land and solo mobs 5 levels higher than me without need for eating(well not always).

Today was supposed to be blue text story day but my brain froze up last night. Hopefully Beowulfa won't have to work tomorrow and I'll have time to nap and brainstorm.

Go look at Zujoo and give me gear suggestions, course I'll probably be level 29 by the end of the weekend but ha! I can still buy stuff and wear it this weekend. Also check out Beowulfa's new neck gear. She owns.

BLEH! I was linking myname to some weird cartoon I had copy pasted. BLeh bleh bleh. SO totally fixed.

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Game Dame said...

Not huge on the grammer, but thats because he specced DEEP into the common sense tree...

OMG, this made me laugh so hard that I snorted my drink! Too funny. I love it when people use WoW analogies to real life. It cracks me up.