Monday, December 3, 2007

Zujoo Vs. Dammerung the final battle

An update.

We have stocked away enough gold for Beowulfa's mount. The stuff I send her has sold well and we're looking good. She merrily defends HER flag, and nightly reminds me that I don't know how to play a hunter so please don't comment on what spell she should cast next. Watching her makes me really proud. She's ice trapping rogues and killing enemy flag runners with ease. An example:

Beowulfa is chasing two enemy runners as they sprint towards her flag. She had been out in the middle and they are running up the 'tunnel'(that main corridor that runs from your flag directly out the front of your base).

Dammerung: Babe that rogue just grabbed the flag you should shoot him.
Dammerung: Babe that rogue is about to sap you and you should focus on him not that hunter.
Beowulfa: Babe that rogue is an icicle now.
Beowulfa: And now the hunter is dead, his pet is banished, and Susan has just been handed a roguecicle as a treat.
Beowulfa: So go away now and play with yer shammy cus yer no hunter!

She goes back to snarling at the screen and the alliance toons there on.

I'm very happy that she enjoys pvp this much. I had always been told hunters were not good in PVP, so I passed this "truism" on to her and she avoided it as a result. Another advantage of her loving pvp is it has given Zujoo a chance to play catch up. He's level 18 now and might be level 20 tonight if things go right.

Which brings me to "Why have I dropped my shaman for now"?

This is a thorny question for me. I don't really have an answer. What I envisioned my shaman as, would be a instant cast shock blaster with some melee abilities. Well he certainly is that, however there is something intangibly wrong with how he plays for me. I mean he works, I'm not saying Shamans suck or Shamans are too hard to level or anything like that. Shamans are awesome. I just feel frustrated when I play one. And I'm not sure why, which frustrates me more.

So on a whim, I rolled a warlock. I previously stated that rpishly I have a hard time with warlocks. And I'm still working this out. I would love to see someone present an rp argument for how a warlock could possibly be a 'good' guy. But rpish reasons aside, the warlock plays EXACTLY like I want. In roughly 9 hours play time?(this is an estimate that will be fixed once I log in again and type /played) I made it to level 18. This is about twice as fast as my Shaman mostly because I knew where the quests were... but the entire time I was saying things like: DID YOU SEE THAT! OOO I can't believe I did that! WHEEE! WHOOO! etc.

Sooooo Zujoo is my new main for now. He has +24 shadow damage and is wearing what looks like a pretty white blouse and a lovely pink skirt. Wow my Orc Warlock is a manly man. /sigh The things you do for +shadow damage.

My squimp caster thing is named belmont and my purple VW bug is named uhm I don't know... I just send him out there to die for me.

Well thats it for now.


P.S. Dammerung is still married to Beowulfa don't worry that won't change. Zujoo is married to Beowulfa's sister, a younger Orc Warlock named Zarahlinda. She is also hot.


Kinzlayer said...

are you doing destro, demo, or affliction with Zujoo? I think I might try to start 3 warlocks at the same time and level them as all 3 trees to see how much of a difference they behave.

Dammerung said...

Deffinitly Pure affliction for now. Not sure how thing will look after level 30 or so though.

And btw: DING 20. Yay. Roughly 18 hours play total. My earlier estimate was wrong. I hit level 16 in 14 hours.

Tengu said...

I guess a RPish reason for a warlock to be good could be, he wants to do the best thing for the horde and destroy their most powerful enemy right now, the Burning Legion. Though he doesn't think the horde can do that unless they fight fire with fire, i.e. use demonic magic the demons taught them against the Burning Legion.

The only danger with that is that he has to be careful to not be corrupted by the power he is trying to use.

Well, that is my idea at least. Use it at your will. : )

klaki said...

Having a 70 lock, I think you will be pleased with your new toon. Locks are one of the easiest toons to lvl. You will be able to easily solo some quests you couldn't with a Shammy. I totally agree with you on the Shammy thing, I was lvling a Shammy and now that she is 36, its rough lvling. She kills too slow for my taste. I'm sure once I reach 41 (dual wield) things will get a bit better. So in the mean time, I have been going back and forth between the shammy and druid (lvl 37).

Gratz on 20!

Tell Beowulfa to keep it up!

Jabari said...

Bah, it's up to me to defend the shaman, isn't it? :(

My first guy to 60 was my Warrior - seemed fairly straightforward at the time; died a few times, but doesn't everyone? There were some things that I couldn't attempt (soloing elite quest targets), but it was just steady levelling.

When I levelled the Hunter to 60, it's not that it was easier (other than a bit less downtime), but I could pull of some totally ridiculous things that I wouldn't have even attempted with the Warrior. Soloing even-level elites? With an add? Piece of cake for the Hunter, wouldn't even try it with the Warrior. Pull 4 mobs accidentally? The Warrior just prepares to die. The Hunter survived and killed them all - it was tough, but it was possible.

The Shaman levels like the Warrior does (don't try anything too crazy) - the Warlock (mine is at ~45) is like the Hunter - you actively look for challenges just to see if you can pull it off!

Locks are cool, for sure. I still like my Shaman better. ;)

Dammerung said...


Exactly. Shaman levels quite fine, I had no complaints really. BUT, what I was missing was:

" like the Hunter - you actively look for challenges just to see if you can pull it off!"

At level 19 I was south of the Giant Fields in the barrens killing level 24 Razormanes... I think they were the Farseer type(shaman). Anyways, I'm taking on red mobs and/or two orange mobs at a time, just because I can.

It is a large playstyle difference. Nothing wrong with it but I did not like it. I need my "too crazy" stuff.