Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moar Running

1st mile: 12:11
two mile total: 27:48.

Completely drained. Pushed too hard I think to try and lower my first mile total. We'll see. Lungs burning and left knee twinged a little on the last two min or so.

Next time not sure I'll be pushing for faster just for better.

Glad to see progress... gonna crawl into a nice warm shower and relax now.

Apartment Shopping

I thought it would be fun yesterday to look around at the different apartments Las Cruces has to offer. The first one was fun-but it was way too expensive. The second one was in an awesome location. Rich neighborhood, good area, and then we actually walked into the apartment. Crunch Crunch. The toilets were a different color. Nobody had bothered to clean up anything. Pretty gross. The next one, chosen because it seemed to be not cheap but not so expensive that we couldn't afford it, was actually our favorite. Built in '73 but well-maintained. Appears to be a nice neighborhood. Spacious 1-bedroom. Allows pets. We're thinking about it. We might need to revisit some of the more expensive ones because some include the city utilities and high-speed internet, both of which we will have to pay.

We are limited in that we have Bambi. And if we move before Damm goes off to basic Bambi has to come with. I'm not staying by myself. But Damm is fairly nervous about leaving me alone with the Orclette. And then me alone with Orclette and Belflette. It's not really alone-his parents and brother are 10 minutes away. And as I said I would have Bambi. But I'm not sure myself-I've actually never lived alone. I went from my parent's house to our first apartment and then immediately into sharing with his brothers. So we'll see. The thought of being by myself/ourselves is rather intoxicating. Then again, some of the trips we had been planning might not happen because we're spending more money on housing. Then again, I would like to be on good terms with Damm's parents and that won't happen if I have to live with them for a long period of time. Choices, choices :D

And totally changing topics. I had a nightmare last night. I couldn't do my homework or any of the papers I had been assigned and had to drop all of my courses. Woke up after that one. Pretty scary. I have finally signed up for classes. Roots of Modern Europe; Islamic Civilization before 1800; Spanish 1, which I will be taking with Damm; and an English class on the Autobiography of Rhetoric. It's a mini-semester class. Starts in March. I'm rather excited-just also petrified because I'm not sure I remember how to study or to write papers. And this isn't a junior college. It's a real college. And Damm had to turn up the pressure by innocently remarking that we needed to keep our GPA's up .... I totally agree but did he have to mention them right when I was thinking about C's and D's?

AND one of these days I'll be able to play Wulfa again. Whooppeee!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is over :(

I feel like I missed Christmas this year. It started out great-my Christmas tree was up, I had Christmas cards ready to go, I woke up to Christmas music, and then BAM. I start feeling crummy all the day long. It's getting better. Yesterday I woke up with no nausea at all. I was too scared to eat anything though so a couple of hours later I felt crummy again. This morning I felt hungry and maybe a wee bit nauseous. Getting protein is a problem as all forms of meat sound absolutely gross right now and I've never been a vegetarian so I don't know how to get enough protein the non-meat way. But that too will pass I'm sure.

My parents came up for Christmas. Again. One of these years we'll make it down to their house :D It was fun-no spats, everyone seemed to get along fine. Plenty of presents for everyone too. I know that's not the most important thing, but I'm a gift person. Christmas without gifts would not be Christmas. That being said, I'm a firm believer in price does not matter but the thought behind the gift does. And that being said, I came out with quite a haul this year :D My mom decided that she was going to outfit me in maternity clothes and give me a pedicure. We got some really cute stuff that I actually can wear now (no, not showing yet). And my brother carried on our long standing tradition of taking me shopping the day after Christmas so I could pick something out that I wanted. This year it was a rug-Damm's parents have all hardwood floors and it drives me nuts. And my other brother was very happy to start gifting another series of dvd's (the Gilmore Girls). We had just finished up all the special editions of Lord of the Rings.

The Orclette, of course, was showered with stuff. She got into the unwrapping presents for a bit and then got tuckered out by the sheer amount of stuff. Mostly books that make noise. And more clothes. And another stuffed animal that she isn't interested in but that will join my collection of stuffed animals. Or get adopted by Bambi and then get shredded.

And, finally, the long month of December and all the events that necessitated relatives is over. School is about to begin. I'm terrified. Not of the classes. No, I'm scared that I'm going to get lost. It's a really big campus. And getting lost is kind of my thing. Maybe I'll take evening classes so Damm can escort me :D

I haven't been on WoW at all. These past few weeks all I could think of was making it through the day. But now that I'm starting to feel better maybe I'll log on again. Still have to get Wulfa to 80. OOOHOOOOOH. Damm has decided that when he gets back from basic we'll be moving into our own apartment. Without Moon. Just by ourselves. I can't tell you how excited that makes me. We've lived by ourselves a total of 3 months. The rest we've shared with various brothers and now his parents. And I thought of that because when we're on our own (well, with Moon back in MO) we seem to have more time for WoW. Although with a second kid I'm thinking daytime playing will not happen, unless their naptimes happen to coincide. And then I may be sleeping. Or going to school. Forget the Bachelor's-I want at least an Associates by the time Damm graduates (I don't anticipate being able to take as many classes as he does). Then I'll slowly but surely work towards the Bachelor's.

What is it those cartoon characters used to say? "That's all for now, folks!" hehe.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A cheery little post.

So I mean to play honest. Then every time I try the Orclette looks at me with sad eyes. Or the Wulfa and the Belflette start feeling icky. Or the rest of my Family will wonder why I don't do [x] or [y].

In other news mage is extremely fun. Very spiffy.

For christmas I got a B&N gift card yay. So far I've gotten "The Road to Eternity" by that guy who wrote those other books. I think one or two of them were called Omega or Deepsix or something. Also I got "Mexico - Biography of Power - A History of Modern Mexico, 1810-1996" by Enrique Krauze, Translated by Hank Heifetz. It is interesting because I never paid attention to the history of things in the New World and suddenly find myself interested. Its boring because well... so far I've only gotten into the pre-section where we are describing how the government viewed the Indians and their history.

School starts Jan 14th. Life is starting to pickup speed. Despite all my efforts to lean out of the vehicle and slow it down with my face.

Friday, December 26, 2008


1st mile: 12:43. 2 mile total: 28:00

Very happy.

Mage is level 23 and awesome.

Orclette has had almost too much attention. Screaming is to be had often and squeely.

Lungs are less of a problem this run. Legs felt REALLY tight. Need to stretch more.

For all those who tagged me.. I read it I'm just sucky about posting right now. See you guys later.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Starting about 2 weeks ago I began running... hah. Stumbling I mean.

My first mile completed was at 14:35. Yeah... I'm that slow. And after that first time I took almost an hour to catch my breath.

As a reminder to blog I decided today to log here all my times and how I feel afterwards every time I run.

My overall goal is three 7 min miles in one smooth go before basic(May 5th).

My three month goal is three 8 min miles.

My 6 week goal is 3 10 min miles.

The biggest drawback I'm having right now is lung capacity. My knees, leg muscles and feet are not complaining as long as I take care in how I put my feet down and don't pound the asphalt.

Today's run was: 1 mile 13:30, 2 miles 29:45.

I'm improving incrementally. Yay.


So I expected that after signing all the documents and getting sworn in I would be relaxed.

Instead I'm so nervous I can not sleep.

This is incredibly frustrating.

Friday, December 19, 2008


So my brothers went home yesterday. I'm slowly crawling out of my interweb hole that I disapeared to.

Warrior got to level 34. Loving rend.... Oh how I love rend.

Shaman got to 69. I think I may move to tundra. I hate the apocotharies more and more. Plague quests are icky. Surely I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Wish I had a horde side warrior who was past level 30.

Thomas Cahill's book The gifts of the Jews is interesting. We disagree on a few basic things but he tossed me enough bones that I'm happy. I -love- how well he describes the scenes. A good read but because I disagree with his basics I only recomend reading it skeptically.

Herk... gimme a post about when is a good time to go prot if you are curious about soloing as a prot warrior. Cus shields and swords look cool.

And.... the pizza's ready. Back later.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cards And Morning Sickness

I love doing Christmas Cards. And they're done, actually, just awaiting Damm's signature. But everyday I've either been working and forgot about it, or I've been at the house but overwhelmed by morning sickness. So, to those of you who should be getting a Christmas Card, it might be just a wee bit late.

So the lovely, dreaded Morning Sickness has come. In the exact same fashion it did with the Orclette. I can eat doritos. I can eat Taco Bell tacos. Damm went out and bought me sea-sickness bands and they actually seem to be helping-the smell of food isn't making me want to throw up. AND I'm re-reading Elizabeth Haydon's series. Read it while I was in the throws of nausea last time too. I seem to mark important life events by the books I read. Funny, eh?

Called out today from work. I was scheduled to close. Couldn't stand up all day, was holding out in the hopes that I would feel better. I eventually had Damm call out for me as I didn't feel capable of calling. It's my guess I'll be talked to about that, since the employee and the employee alone is supposed to call out. But maybe I should mention that they really need to communicate better. See, around 4, the time I was supposed to be working, Damm got a call from a B&N manager, inquiring where I was. He explained that he had called out for me. They said Oh, sorry for bothering you, and that was that. But this is the second time that's happened. I really love my new store, I do, but that's just frustrating.

Damm is scheduled to have his physical early next week. His options for basic are probably going to take him away from late May to December. Yeah, he'll probably miss the birth. I'm trying not to think about that-I wanted it to just be us this time around. And I'm also trying not to think about handling two small children on my own. We're thinking of me going back to my parents' house because I'll be more comfy there, but they were planning on selling their house soon so I'm not sure if that would work out. And I'd have to bring my dog, and my dad DOES NOT like doggies. So we'll see.

I need to lie back down again, see ya'll laters.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Whee! The Relatives are Gone!

Yeppers, we survived. The relatives are gone. Except for Damm's two brothers but they don't really count. I won't be seeing much of them anyway-I'll be working 5 days this week. This may sound ho-drum to you but to me-I just can't think about it. You see, I have no energy. This state of affairs is totally weird and foreign to me, but there it is. I will be halfway through a shift at work and want nothing but to sit down and lie on the floor. I haven't done that yet but it might still happen.


Ok. Before I tell you the names we have chosen, let me 'xplain. The Orclette has a total of 5 names, if you count her last name. I like names. I've always liked names. One summer when I was 13 I copied the entire portion of the girl's names section out of a baby name book. Now that I think about it that was probably illegal, but that didn't occur to me then. I like the meanings, I like trying to see how they fit into their language. And as I said previously, we gave the Orclette 5 names. So we decided to carry on the tradition.

For the girl: Lorelei Tiramoira Isabella Kaylee.
Lorelei was my choice. Have you watched the Gilmore Girls? I quote that show like some people quote friends. It's my favorite show hands down. And I love the name. Means "siren," in case you were curious. Tiramoira was Damm's creation. I still can't pronounce it. And it's a combo of Tira, which I think is a derivative of Tara, which would mean "hill," and Moira=Mary and I totally forget what Mary means. Isabella. Have you read Twilight? I have. And the girl's name is Isabella. Before I read those books I liked the name. Reading them only cemented my choice. And I've lost my baby name book so I can't tell you what Isabella means. Kaylee is after Firefly's mechanic. If you haven't seen the show, you have to. It's awesome. And we both loved Kaylee.

For the boy: Matthias Justinian Xenophon Royal.
Quite a mouthful. This one is still subject to change. I just don't like boy's names. They're kind of boring. I chose Matthias because it can be shortened to Matt but it's not Matthew. We already have lots of Matthews. Justinian because I read a book about the historical Byzantine emperor and kind of liked him. Doesn't hurt that Justin is one of my beloved brother's names, either. Xenophon is Damm's choice. After the general, of course. Royal is also Damm's choice. His father and grandfather were named Roy, but I don't like that name. Turns out his dad hates that name. So he picked Royal.

So there you have it. Please be kind-I don't criticize other people's choices. At the very least not in front of them. Every name we've chosen can be shortened to a more traditional name or they have a middle name they can choose from. The initials don't spell anything weird. There is no funky alliteration. I mention this because last time around we were subject to weird looks and "why would you give a child four names? And those four names?" from people. I won't be as kind this time around. Language might fly :D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Cat is Out of the Bag

I wonder where that expression comes from? There is this fabulous book that can tell you, only I forgot the name of it. Next time I come across it I think I'm going to have to buy it.

Anyway. I was going to wait. A long time. Maybe forever. I don't like people coming up and hugging me, smiling and saying congratulations, or asking me questions. But Damm was talking to his recruiter about insurance. And he mentioned something that he should've told the recruiter was non-repeatable, because 5 minutes later the recruiter told Damm's mother (I have no earthly idea why he's talking to her-I keep forgetting to ask). After that I had to tell my mother. We haven't told any extended family members because there are quite a few here celebrating Damm's mother's graduation and that would be the worst form of torture I can imagine.

So yeah, I'm knocked up again :P And this time I'm getting the t-shirt.

"It" is due August 11. I have not been to a doctor yet because I loathe them (as a profession, not individually) and we don't have insurance yet (hence Damm talking to the recruiter). My plan is to be knocked out for the entire end process thing (translation=epidural). I'm trying not to think about the in-between. Those 9 months. Which is actually more like 10. The fat months. The I-can't-breath-months. The haha-it's-kicking-you!-months. I am not a person who likes pregnancy. Unlike Angelina Jolie and all the other Hollywood mothers who seemed to glow and couldn't stop talking about it. I prefer to ignore it as long as possible. And then grudgingly accept that there are some things I can no longer do. Like tie my own shoes. BUT I can get a chuckle out of rearranging all the furniture at 9 months along because I felt bored (I got yelled at for that one-it was so much fun :) And I do like the end result. Which is why I'm doing this again :D

I think both Damm and I want another girl. Obviously we would both adore a little boy but that would just be weird (I do things very earth-mothery and feed the kid, sleep with the kid, and take said kid EVERYWHERE I go and with a boy that would just be weird. And how did I become any sort of earth-mothery? It's a huge mystery). And I like the girl's name we have picked out better. Which brings me to a question ... I don't mind sharing the names. But we've referenced our little girl as Orclette for so long-would you like to know the names? Or if not, come up with a suitable WoW-ish name :D

Just in case you couldn't tell, I am excited. Damm is excited. I just have some very weird and very real hang-ups about the process. I'm like the pre-teen boy confronted by "women stuff" for the first time. Totally gross, right? And not having my own house to get "fat" in is going to be very difficult for me (I know it's not fat, but it feels like fat, so that's what I call it). And I won't bite your head off if you leave a congratulatory note in the comments section :P (that does not mean I'm fishing for them .. I was just concerned that my previous comments about people congratulating would be applied here and that's just not the case) That only happens in person.

Oh, almost forgot. My mom almost cried she's so thrilled. She's taking me shopping when she gets here. But not to the mall. No no no. Not my mother. We're going to the thrift-store. You see, God lets her know when something she wants/needs is there. I am totally serious. It's happened more than once. And you can find really good stuff there. You just have to dig. I think Damm's mother is excited .... but you see she found out the wrong way. And Damm was really upset. Because he thought I would be upset. (I wasn't, actually-this way I didn't have to be the one telling :) So she's being cautious. My brothers laughed at me, because I was never ever going to have kids, and now I'm going to have 2. That's brothers AND brothers-in-law. But you try dealing with a super-fertility body. I'm serious. I know the conception dates for both. I merely have to think, "it would be fun to have 2 kids" and it happens. I wish I could give that ability to all the other women who actually want lots of kids, because it would be better appreciated. But I'm totally talking too much.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cool Moment

It's been 2.5 years since I married Damm. A little over that actually but it synced nicely with our blog name. It's been almost exactly 2 years since Mooncadence (the second eldest brother who was born on Damm's birthday 2 years later and really should've just got a move on to be Damm's twin because that's how they act) moved in with us. And at first he wouldn't talk to me. That's fine, I don't especially need to talk to people I barely know either. But over those 2 years I have come to think of Moon as a brother rather than a brother-in-law. And I refer to him as such. But it was only yesterday that Moon returned the favor and called me his sister. He didn't pause or take time to think about it. It just flowed naturally. /Sniff. /Bigger Sniff. /Ending the sniffling now.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I didn't stick to the plan

I was going to be soooo good this time around leveling Wulfa. I wasn't going to hop around from zone to zone. I was going to get the quest achievement/exploration achievement in each area before I left it. And I did just that with the Borean Tundra. And then it all fell apart.

I didn't want to do the Fjord because it was another starting zone. And I figured I'd leave it for when I was 80 and wanting money. So I went on to that Dragon place (sorry, can't remember the exact name ...) and decided I disliked it intensely (I was taught not to use the word hate except in extreme circumstances. Some childhood rules are still really hard to disobey). So I moved on to Grizzly Hills. And I really like the area. So I did all of the starting ones. Now I've got a couple group quests and the kind of quests that are really long and boring. Not instantaneously satisfying like the other ones. Boom boom boom xp. That sort of thing. So I accepted a flight out of Grizzly Hills to Light's Breach, which happens to be in another zone. I don't even remember which zone it was. That's kinda bad, but it was after 10 p.m. when I arrived there so I claim tiredness as my excuse. Anyway, accepted all the starter quests and started shooting things. I am lvl 74, Stallone, my nice white gorilla, is lvl 72. And I kept pulling aggro from him. Nothing to worry about, Intimidation and Feign Death were almost always up so I never got beat on for long periods of time. Still, it was annoying. So I put Aspect of the Viper up (for you non-huntery types that means I'm doing 50% less damage) and I still was pulling aggro. Then I noticed that a lot of Stallone's attempts to hit the bad dude were being resisted. So I finally took note of what level they were. 76. Yeah, my poor little gorilla having to take on mobs 4 lvls higher. No wonder I was pulling aggro. But doesn't it say something about the hunter psyche that I didn't even to think of checking on the lvl of the mobs? Or maybe it just says something about my psyche .....

Think fondly of me this coming week. Damm's mother is graduating from college Saturday and hordes of their relatives are descending. I don't do well with crowds. I get all antsy at my family's reunions. And it's even worse when I don't have any territory of my own to retreat to. You know, I've been reading too many werewolf/shapeshifter stories lately. When I'm annoyed my response has been to growl at the person and I swear I can feel imaginary hackles rising. And I think of territory instead of, say, house or apartment. Maybe an ancestor of mine was raised with wolves.

Friday, December 5, 2008

*cough* I'm not dead.

So... its been a long time since I wrote a post. Please forgive.

Here is the basic idea of what is going on in my life:

1) I'm attempting to join the National Guard with the College First option. This makes me non-deployable for Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation enduring freedom. Note: I can still be deployed for US things like hurricanes and big bear butts stuck in honey trees.

2) After I become a sophomore I am going to contract with ROTC. This makes me non-deployable under any circumstances at all and gives me even more money for college.

3) The end goal is a commission in the Army. Active duty.

I have talked to a lot of people in the last few days about this. Not just the recruiter. Although everyone who knows him has highly recommended him.

I have to say the paperwork they make you fill out is freakin insane. I spent 3 hours last night filling everything out. I found out I have moved 8 times since 1998. 3 different states. I also found out that my social life sucked. I don't have any references for half the places I lived and had to scramble to find people who knew me there.

Right now I'm having to hunt down Orclette's birth certificate and my own medical records. After that I -believe- all I have left is the physical. On a good point in searching for her birth cert I found my passport! Yay.

Why National Guard? ~$600 a month for college when taking classes, all but 200$ of my tuition paid for, and 4 years added to my time in service once I commission.

Why commission? I've always liked the military. I moved down here and found myself scrambling to pay for college(no jobs... financial aid was being really slow). So on a whim I looked up the pay scale for officers. And was surprised to find that it was equal to my previous job with more room for promotion. I laughingly mentioned this to Wulfa and she asked if I was considering it. Which I hadn't been up to that point. So I sat down and thought about it for about a week. Then I went to the Major's office on campus and asked him if he could explain the options the Army offered for paying for school via them. And I couldn't find any cons. Well except having to get in shape(I have never in my life even run a mile.... push ups are this rare maneuver cats do while stretching and sit ups are what you do in the morning when you roll outa bed). But that's not really a con :P.

Oh and Wulfa was surprisingly happy with the idea.

So we decided to try and pursue this. I talked with another recruiter. And then with the civilian secretary for ROTC. And then with a Lt at ROTC. And then with a guy I know in the Guard. And then back to the 2nd recruiter. A few misconceptions were cleared up but all in all the answers I were getting matched and were all shiny.

Oh... I forgot to say why Army. No Navy or Marine ROTC at NMSU :(. And Air force has fewer incentives and don't work as nicely with the National Guard. Oh and AF has the ugliest uniforms of the Services. And seeing how the Uniform and how I look in it matters to someone short and pretty........(I kid, my major determining factor was the money for school). [yes I know their housing is better and they have free candy on Tuesdays and they get a new BMW every week...]

So that's what I'm doing and why. At least if I can get my records to them in time for them to stop freaking about a missing toenail :P.

This is why I've been not playing as well. I've been running around back and forth and taking stupidly long tests(ASVAB)[crazy test lady turned the temp down to 65 degrees. I was already cold before she did so...then I spent 3 hours getting colder and colder].

Working out though has been nice. Push ups are easier(still such a crazy small number that I'm embarrassed). Running is still crazy sucky(and no I haven't run a mile yet... I'm still walk run walk running....and taking way to long to travel the distance required).

Busy Busy All the Time

Damm took the ASVAB Wednesday. Did tons of paperwork yesterday. Has more today. Has the physical on the 9th. He might be doing his basic training in the spring instead of the summer (mostly because once that's done we qualify for Tri-Care). Or, if he can't go til the summer, he has 18 hours this semester.

I've just been accepted to NMSU. That last transcript finally arrived. Now I have to go through the financial aid office, the meeting with the History Dept. Head, and scheduling my own round of classes. I've been trying to keep my work schedule to about 30 hours. They gave me 40. I think that's the first time I've ever had to call a co-worker and ask them to take a shift for me because they're giving me too many hours. I'm dreading having to combine my work schedule and class schedule ... I don't really want to quit. I've already made friends AND of course they transfer me every time we move. And it's a nice place to work. I really need like 4 more hours in the day ....

I've been playing Wulfa for about an hour every morning. She's inching closer to lvl 75 now. My unread posts on my reader is getting ridiculous. I'm scared to look at it :D I just don't have enough energy to concentrate on my favorite game right now. Once the holidays are over and our schedule is set I think I'll find more time and energy. I don't like fluctuating schedules. Too bad I work in retail :D

Bambi is thriving. She is starting to follow me around and sleep outside whatever door I happen to be behind. Or in the room. She's incredibly patient with the Orclette. Her paws aren't tough enough to go running with me but that's my fault-I don't walk her enough. She knows all the basic commands and just needs to get a bit of consistency down. She heels beautifully.

The Orclette has all 4 molars. She's beginning to say almost-intelligent sentences. She loves being outside in the backyard with the doggies. She'd stay out there all day if we'd let her. And of course she's still the cutest thing ever :D

Gah I feel like I just wrote our Christmas update letter. I promise I'll get less-boring. Soon you'll be hearing all about college and how excited I am that I finally know what I'm going for. Major in History, Minor in Linguistics. If I could just skip the math and science courses I would be golden.

Later all!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Totally forgot yesterday, but Happy Birthday to both Dammerung and Mooncadence, born on the same day two years apart. And congratulations to their long-suffering mother who let them live that long. And me as well :D

We had chocolate gravy with biscuits(yum), a long-standing tradition in their family. Orclette really seemed to like it, and I have pictures ...... I should get those uploaded :P Then we spent the rest of the morning at the recruiter's office finding out how great and awesome simultaneous enlistment is. This isn't something out of the blue, Damm's father was in the airforce and his grandfather was also in the military. He himself scored a 97 on his ASVAB when he took it 8 years ago (the highest you can get being a 98. Yes, I am bragging). Moon turned down a lucrative offer to become a nuclear engineer. It's a good thing Damm met me and then convinced Moon to come to Missouri with him .... I think they both kind of grew up there. It's not a certain thing .. I have questions and I want to see what the contract will look like. Make sure it has the College First condition in it, though I've read that being in ROTC also makes one a non-deployable asset. But still, overkill is not a bad thing. And when I say recruiter's office-he wasn't exactly a recruiter. He was the commanding officer just one of the officers teaching at the school, the commanding officer is this other guy of that ROTC. I went through the National Guard process not too long ago (but that's another story) and everything he said sounded right. I think I scored mid-70's without studying. Some of the algebra probably flummoxed me. Anyway, we're debating and praying over the decision. Damm is excited-I think he's looking forward to it. BTW, Damm is aiming for officer, which is why he's finishing school first. And he'll get a uniform. For your sake of mind I should probably stop there :P (Uniforms are sexy ... whoops I didn't stop)

Later on that day Damm's parents took us all out to Applebees. It was fun, if a bit stressful towards the end because the Orclette decided to start singing. Loudly. Intermingled with some screeching. So we had to leave a bit early. So anyway, say hi to the birthday boys. I know they'll appreciate it if you make little comments about how old they are, about not getting any younger, etc. :D

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I played WoW!

I actually logged on tonight. Pretty exciting stuff. I've been closing quite a bit this week-over 30 hours-so I'm exhausted. I'm not in as good a shape as I was 2 years ago when I was a young whipper snapper. Speaking of ........

Damm is turning 27 tomorrow. Moon is turning 25 tomorrow. They be old men now. And yeah, born on the same day. They're practically twins just 2 years apart. I'll have to do a really big Happy Birthday post tomorrow .....

I'm having a blast at my store. They've clued in to the fact that I like projects and so I've been doing a lot of rearranging and condensing and making things pretty. Although I am getting cramping leg muscles and spasming ilio-whatzit band (my mom described it and I KNEW that's what I had, I just can't spell it :) As I said, I'm getting old :P

I have nothing else right now. My brain is incredibly active and spouting things that you SHOULD KNOW, because they're super-cool, but my fingers don't want to cooperate. And my butt hurts when I sit in this flat little chair. And if I sit the wrong way my entire leg goes numb. I need a new office chair. Office Depot. Oooh danger. Mucho danger to bank account. Pens. Paper. School supplies ......

Hehe. Later all.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Light.

I want to say thank you. The comments on my post yesterday were incredibly cheering.

This morning after waking up from a nice 13 hour(yeah I went to bed early and slept in) nap I felt a lot better. Spending this morning with Wulfa also helped. Today after making sure to keep busy even doing small things I found myself in a much better mood.

Thank you for the suggestions of making lists. I plan to do this and started this morning with a small one.

The job search isn't going -that- badly and I have a few more leads I am waiting on replies from. My heart was just very down yesterday, and I wanted to say thank you again for all the replies. You really helped cheer me up.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Dark.

I cannot describe how hard it is for me to remain cheerful right now. My life is so entirely different from what I expected, that now I do not know what I was thinking back then. My plan had been to get down here and stay busy. That has been the furthest thing from what has happened.

Instead I find myself constantly distracted or in conversation. Nothing ever seems to get done and daily I lose the battle. Hell, its not even like I'm playing too many video games. I play half what I played when I was working full time. I don't think about WoW much at all now.

I don't even feel like reading.

It seems like such an easy thing to me to get a job. I mean I -know- I can do a number of different things and do them well. Even things I don't enjoy.

But thats not the issue. Even 3 months doesn't seem like a horribly long time to be without a job, and I've only been out of work for one. The issue is that I find myself with a lack of hope. I did not ever imagine I would be this down. I'm usually the bright hopeful one of our little family unit. Aww hell. Maybe I'll wakeup tomorrow and feel better. Maybe tomorrow the dark will lift and go away.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pets Galore

Hah! Back to dark purple! Color of kings! Woot!

The Reason for the Post.
I tamed a new pet and I really like it.

The Background Story Behind the Choice of Pet. Warning Rambliness Ahead.
I grew up in the Virginia Beach, VA area. Nothing humongo special about that particular area except that it was close to one of the greatest vacation spots on earth. Colonial Williamsburg, with its' Shops and Restaurants and Character Actors and Tours and Gorgeous Houses AND IT'S JUST FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL. Not that I get excited talking about it. Anyway, we went there once or twice a year. Also nearby was the Jamestown settlement and a couple lesser-known towns that also got completely massacred by Indians (err Native Americans .... I'm not sure what is PC) back in the day. Exciting stuff. And if you're in that area you HAVE to go by the College of William and Mary. Red brick, stately buildings ..... you feel like you're in a very cool place with lots of history. Ok, and the point of it all: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, amusement park, eagle preserve, and voted most beautiful them park many times running. We went there once a year. We were/are amusement park junkies. Anyway, they are an eagle preserve. Remember that.

The Choice of Pet.
So I was sent to the Grizzly Hills last night. Not much choice, I accepted a quest and found myself on a bird. Dumb pilot almost got us killed by orcs. So I start questing in the area because it looks pretty and I wasn't liking the Dragonblight. And I come across a Bald Eagle (though it's called an Imperial Eagle in game) and I decided I must have one. So I tamed one, and named her Fidelis (SemperFidelis was too long ... didn't even think of doing SemperFi).

A Review of my Pets.
I currently have all 4 stable slots filled. There's Boru, first pet who will never ever be asked to retire. Then there's Taku, a skettis bird (purple and red, absolutely gorgeous). No story for her, really. Then Whitefang, my black ravager from Duskwood. Him I like having around because my name's Wulfa, and it just seemed right that I have a wolf. Stallone is that rare white gorilla that spawns in Un'Goro. I stumbled across him looking for a semi-cool gorilla and chuckled with glee as I tamed him because Moon and several other hunters had to wait days for theirs. And last but not least Fidelis, my favoritist pet right now. All families represented (i.e. Ferocity, Tanking, Cunning) If I spy another animal that I MUST have it'll be a toss-up between Taku and Whitefang as to who gets dismissed. I just haven't played them enough to be attatched.

Real Life Pet.
I have a cute story of Bambi. One of Damm's former co-workers bought the Orclette a Curious George monkey because her leash is in the form of a monkey. Wait, you say, a LEASH? Yeah, a leash. I know where my active and prone-to-run-away child is at all times. Moving on. Orclette didn't take to the stuffed animal. And then a couple of days ago I saw Bambi with it in her mouth. I took it away because I thought she was going to destroy it. Then I saw her again yesterday with it. She had it curled up against her and was sleeping with it :D So I decided that George was hers and he goes in her crate now.

The End.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Still under construction

Please ignore my constant changing colors.

And my endlessly changing designs.

The guy that owns me thinks he's learning html/css.


2.5 Orcs Blog

p.s. That mug at the bottom. He just wanted to see what that did. It will go away at some point when he stops liking the way it looks to have a picture of his on a mug.


"Edward was sooo awesome. You know, no guy could ever measure up to him."

After this I asked Damm to go see the movie again with me. I was actually surprised when he demurred and suggested Quantum of Solace or Australia instead. I didn't mean that statement in a bad way. It was just true. He's a fictional character. He's a vampire. And Stephanie Meyer does NOT try to make her vamps more human-like, something I find refreshing. They're just .... perfect. Damm said, and I think he's right, that quite a few high school boyfriends are going to be dumped because "they're not like Edward." I think it's quite possible that even staid married ladies will secretly wish that their husbands were Edward. Edward will never grow old. He will never get fat or go bald (not that that's a bad thing .. I don't mean to offend anyone. That look can be quite handsome :) He doesn't have morning breath. His muscles .... he has muscles. yummy. AND he can move faster than any human and bring his adored to the tops of trees and mountains. It just can't happen in real life, so you dudes shouldn't feel bad. Heck, romance novels don't happen in real life and I know quite a few otherwise intelligent, happily married or happily single females who delight in them. I don't know what that says about the female psyche.

And if you're thinking, "hey, Wulfa seems to have gone gagga over Edward .." well, you're right. I didn't go gaga over Orlando Bloom. Viggo Mortensen (though he is VERY good looking). Brad Pitt. etc. I just don't see the sense in mooning over men I will never ever meet. But Edward ...... totally fictitious vampire. Brought to life on screen by a very good looking young dude. Yeah, totally heads over heels. Not ashamed of it either.

Ok, the actualy movie. I thought it was well done. The special effects were not, perhaps, the best I've seen, but that might have been done intentionally. It was rather stilted and slow at first but that's how the book was. There was one scene not in the book (at least I don't remember it) but otherwise it stayed true to form. The actress picked to play Bella is absolutely gorgeous and she does her part well. The chemistry between her and Edward was palpable. And yeah, I was already prejudiced for the movie because I loved the books. You might have a totally different opinion.

And if you liked the series, check out Meyer's other book "The Host". You will have to wade through the first few chapters as it's a bit ponderous, but it gets considerably better later on. And she has 2 sequels planned. Yip yip hooray!

Ok, done going gagga over Edward. Normal Wulfa returns.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I don't really know what to write today.

I wish jobs were more like guilds. More likely to give you a trial period before telling you hell no. Gimme a trial period and I'll have the job. Don't...and well yeah.

Loving my DK still. Wish I had more time to play.

Really really wishing I had a nice solid job. I had this one lead I was certain would work out. I knew the company and had worked with some of their people before. I wrote a rather good email explaining to them how hiring me would help them and how it would help me. I called the guy. And this morning.. blam no go. *Sigh*.

Now I know several people who are currently looking for a job just like I am. And all of them are probably experiencing the same crap.

I had always heard that having a job made a huge difference to your psychy. Until I move here I did not realize how much.

I'm really glad I moved. I love how my Orclette is happier. I -know- that this was the right move overall. I love the area. I'm getting far more exercise than I was before(I actually lifted weights 4 of the 6 scheduled times this week). I'm getting more time to spend with the Orclette and Wulfa.

But hell I'm depressed whenever I try to find a job.

I have more time in the day than I have had in the last 3 years but I get less done.

Meh(its a word yay)... ignore me I'm whining. Things really are good. If I get a job at some point things will be great.

So Delos I'm waiting on the blood post. For me personally I ignored almost all of the 3 min timers. When you are just scoping the tree out you see them and yeah they look intimidating...but the talents you really care about and the ones that make blood ...well blood are not cooldown based.

First there are the passive buffs:
Bladed armor(5 AP for every 180 armor)
Two-handed Weapon Specialization(4% more damage with your whack-a-mole-stick)
Veteran of the Third War(6% more STR and STM)
Dark Conviction(5% crit)
Bloody Vengeance(3% more total damage when you crit.. stacks to 9%)
Blood Gorged(10% more damage when your at >75% health)
Abominations Might(3% more str and chance at AP boost)

Nothing special but just pure DPS boostage. (oh btw with 16 points in unholy you can get +11% str total. Just yay for people like me that like big numbers in one stat)

Then the "Make Heart Strike 30-40% of your dps" talents:
Bloody Strikes
Might of Morgraine
Heart Strike
Death Rune Mastery
Not going to describe them. Orclette wants me to run her around. They make heart strike awesome. Blood is all about heart strikes.

Then there are the blood talents that dont' require watching. Just swing and a hit. These are the ones that make blood so awesome:
Vendetta(gain 6% of your health back after getting honor or xp)
Bloodworms(Spawn 2-4 crappy dps "pets" that generate -great- healing(about 20-40 health per attack each if I recall correctly.)
Blood aura(2% of damage back as health. Stacks with Blood presence)

With those three you should never have to regen while doing normal questing. Now if you want to kill 9 at a time or kill 60-70k+ hit point elites you will need the cool downs. But they are more like emergency buttons:

Rune Tap(with 3/3 ImpRT) 20% of your health every 30 seconds for one blood rune. I use it anytime I'm low on hips and running to the next mob. Priceless in bigger fights.

Mark of Freakin Blood(For 20sec every time the mob you mark hits someone they gain 4% health). 3 min cooldown. I use it -maybe- once an hour. Or once every boss in an instance.

Vampiric Blood 150% healing from all your spells and affects for 20 sec. 1 min cooldown. Did I mention boss fights?

Quick note: Boss fights refers to group quests and elites when soloing. Not to instances as I'm never really up for pugging or waiting around for a group to form.

Those three cooldowns... I really only use for boss fights. Never while doing kill 10 of x quests. Never while fighting less than 4 mobs.

This is what I would do at level 61 if I were building a building a soloing blood spec for me.

Please note I'm ignoring Sudden doom because I -very- -very- rarely remember to use death coil. Usually mobs die too fast and it only gets used as a oh bother my runes are all gone... hmm what to do. Death coil is great for DPS rotations when you remember to use it. If you remember then Sudden doom is awesome sauce. Also because I ignore Sudden Doom the talent Butchery becomes filler to get me to the next level. Otherwise... DC DC DC.

When I started I intended to use this to talk Delos into blood spec. Then I spent 10 min fighting Orclette for my keyboard and decided I would just describe the greatest soloing spec for all DK's. I'll turn Delos over to the inquisition for his heresy later.

And I think I'm off.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

From the outside!

Still no job. Currently three good leads... none of which have actually led anywhere. But Ess spread me some jobcorn to catch the jobdeer so I should be better off :p

Death Knight. Wow... Delos.. if you haven't tried blood... try it. Same dps as unholy(at level 68) but 3 times the survivability. Sadly no pets. Your call.

My shaman is -starting- to call me. Only because I know this huge cow tank who I might be able to sweet talk into farming me resto gear. Because I have none. Because resto is so awesome.

But DK's are my new thing. I played my resto druid for about 10 min(2 hours) with Moon on Wednesday night. His stupid blood DK only lost hps once......when he didn't stop dpsing on the boss after the boss threw up reflect(the quest tharisson gives you in tundra guy at the top of the tower). But even then..he didnt stop dpsing at all... took 5k+ damage almost instantly and never got close to dying.

Kalmerung(alliance DK blood) is level 60. Dalmerung(horde DK frost) is level 58 but has almost 5 days rested now.

As everyone has already noticed it seems the gear in Northrend is so much prettier simply due to the detail. Amazing detail.

Oh...the title of this post? I'm writing this in our backyard. I never write posts outside....but today I am. While Orclette runs around in the brown grass screaming "Dohw dohw" at the dogs reclining on the ground. Orclette has BLOOMED with the three dogs and all the attention she gets here. She's having a blast.

Now that we're keeping Bambi everything is so much shinier. If I had a job we'd be perfect.

Well, I should be on in about 2 hours from tonight. Not sure who I'll be playing. We'll see.

Ninja Close to Home

Sooooo ...... I've been through Utgarde Keep 3 times now. Twice in my hunter, once on my priest. Here's how the looting went: Dammy, Dammy's, oh and only Damm could use that. THEN, when I brought my priest through because UK seemed only capable of dropping clothie stuff, it was Hunter, Hunter, Plate, Hunter. Gah. So yeah, Damm be the ninja close to home.

So far no upgrades for Wulfa, who dinged 72 this morning. Her purple gear is lasting. Some stuff has come close but enchants/gems make what I have just a wee bit better. I've decided to get a gorilla for some AoE tanking, as I keep on pulling threat from my cat and bird. I did notice fewer problems when Boru (cat) dinged 71, but then I dinged 72, and it all starts again. Beowulfa is sitting in the Tundra inn waiting for wulfa to get to 80. Woofwoof, my DK, is waiting for her avatar to research how DK's should be played before she's brought out again.

And more importantly, TWILIGHT THE MOVIE IS COMING OUT TONIGHT. And guess who;s going to the midnight showing? Oh yeah, me me me!

And for our guildies who haven't seen much of us, we're still here. I'm adjusting to working more than 8 hours a week, Damm is spending more time with his dad because he never really got the chance to back when he was a kid. And Moon is leveling so fast because he gets to play all day. Who can compete with that? And the Orclette is wearing herself out playing outside, hugging the doggies, and in general hamming it up :D

Longer post later, for reals.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I GET TO KEEP BAMBI!!!!!!!!!!!

The rescue shelter we got her from did not have any openings, and had no time frame on when they could take Bambi back. So the powers that be, i.e. Damm's parents, decided that they were fine with Bambi staying as long as the two females were supervised when together and that the Orclette was always kept out of harms way.

So yeah, Happy Days.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Big Cow:

I did as you asked and delivered the message. Of course there was a response(isn't there always).

New Favorite Class

Death Knight.

Wow I'm having so much fun.

Although I was able to kill stuff instantly it took me almost all weekend to get a solid grasp on runes. Runic power is silly simple like rage. But hammering out a rotation hasn't been.

It was simply so difficult to stop having fun and -think- about how I was obliterating things.

Because of this it wasn't until last night that I really got it worked out.

Then this morning I was writing up my findings and ran across this at EJ's.

Much much better.

I still think for myself soloing I'll go with IT>PS>DS>HS>HS>DC>HS>HS. This is because I use IT to pull and I don't have en ought talents for the gargoyle instead of DC and I don't have obliterated yet.

Anyways. I love the class and the plate and the awesome.

I'm preferring Blood for soloing and Ice for grouping and like I said on guild chat last night: "Unholy sucks because moon loves it and he is always wrong on principle".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sad Times

Bambi does not get along with Tawny, who belongs to Damm's mother. Several times she has been the aggressor and where Bambi goes, that's where Max (her brother and father-in-law's dog) goes. She has always been submissive, sweet, and gentle with us and the orclette. But the latest incident freaked out Damm's mother, and it seems like Bambi must go. I volunteered this solution because it seemed to be the best course of action. I still think it is. But I really wish I hadn't had to make it. So Bambi will go back to the rescue place which I have been assured never puts their dogs down. I don't much feel like getting another dog. And at the moment I hate this fucking place. Again. Please pardon my language, I don't typically use it. Only in stressful situations. Which I seem to be having a lot of.

Getting rid of Bambi, even though I've only had her 2 weeks, is possibly one of the hardest things I've had to do.

Friday, November 14, 2008

RL intrudes yet again in your WoW blogging readership.

So none of my job leads have paid of so far. We've reached stage 2.

Stage 1 consisted of following up the easy glowing leads and lazily hunting for jobs.

Stage 2 is making a list of 30 places I wouldn't mind working and visiting each one here in Cruces.

Why a list? Because when you don't have a list you stop trying after about 2 because its bloody depressing.

Why 30? Because it was a nice round number. Probably should be 50 or more.

Any bank:
1: Wells Fargo
2: Bank of America
3: Bank of the West
4: Bank of the Rio Grande

Non-fastfood restaurants:
5: Outback
6: Dublin's
7: Lorenzo's

Unfortunately that call center place:
8: Call center place.

9: The university.

Hotels? I don't think they do part time.
10: The E

11: Best buy?

Bleh gonna finish this list after I help my Dad measure the new fence for the dogs who are digging through what little grass he has.

The biggest problem I have is that I don't have a good idea of where to find jobs. Once I know of a job opening I'm usually pretty good about pitching myself I just don't know where to look. Really I think a major requirement at any university should be a course in job hunting. But thats the lazy in me speaking. That guy who found Garcia would have already found 1800 jobs and been hired at 10.

A Special Kind of Happy

Moon to me: "Your dog peed on my hat!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bestest Day

Someone sent me a copy of Wrath of the Lich King. I don't know who they are, no one in the know will tell me. Supposedly I will find out when I log into Wrath, but the login server is currently down, no matter how many times I try it. So. To whoever sent that copy, you have my heartfelt thanks (that was my grownup thank you). I also love you and will give out hugs and kisses when I next see you, if you're a girl (that was my excited teenage thank you).

I HAS WRATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Okay so... now I know what all I don't know.

Yesterday I cracked open my layout options and clicked on the edit html button. Then I started fiddling. Kinda like a guy opening up an engine and unplugging things to see what they do.... with less damaging consequences.

I need a lot more graphic options and experience. I want to set up tab looking things across the top and have my blog on multiple pages. Not sure how to do that and still have blogger host it. My original idea was simply to host it on ishvi's site* and write a page for each link and fake the tabs... basically make the tabs a picture in the background. Meh....

Just brainstorming here.

Still in the last 24 hours.... and in the past 6 hours worth of study that I've put in I'm -really- happy with what I've learned to do. Html and CSS were never part of my studies in college and I greatly feel the lack somedays.

If anyone knows a good site or book for learning these things I'd greatly appreciate it. I really want tabs that don't require loading the whole page(just the section with tabs) and I'd like to just have a resource so that I don't have to google every question I have.

Well its Kara time for the boss and the mini-boss is exausted and needs agro tanking. Adios.

*not his blog... he has a domain he paid for with hosting junks. I'm not even sure I'm using the right words to describe all this.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing with the CSS for the first time.

Please tell me if there are any bugs you notice.


Google chat: roughly 8:42pm MDT


I just realized why the servers are down so long



the game can't handle me having a 70


Its hard to see in this picture due to lighting but here is the entry way to our side of the house. See the curtain? It gives us privacy. See the half door? My dad installed it to keep the correct dogs out and in. Orclette shows you how to work the latch.

The left side of our office. No one sits here.
The right side of our office. This is where Wulfa raids currently.

Orclette staring out the window at the dogs.

Our puppy is on the right looking blurry. Her older brother is middle and Tawny my parents original pup is on the left.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The picture really says it all.

Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree is up. I love having the lights on at night, with Christmas music playing ... November and December are my favorite months. January is New Years and the Super Bowl. I don't care about the Super Bowl but there are parties so that makes it fun. February is Valentines, March is my birthday, April is our anniversary, and May, well there's nothing in May. Nothing in June either. July is the Orclette's birthday, August is boring, September is boring, and then there's October. That's when the anticipation begins, the stores start receiving their holiday displays and stock. Halloween is there but we've never done that one and I don't have any desire to do so. Sooo ...

What music/movies do you crave during the holiday season? What foods? What traditions must you do to make it feel special? And, if you are not the Christmas type, how do you survive the season? I ask because I'd love to expand my holiday collection of music/movies, and I love hearing how other people enjoy this most special time of year. And, if you believe in the Grinch, let me know and I won't bother you with all the Christmas minutiae that I'll be full up with :D

You know, this is a very bad time of year to be in the desert. Very bad indeed ..... no White Christmas. /sniff. No fireplace ...... no real need for steaming mugs of hot cocoa and cider ...... but you know what? I'm 24. 25? No, 24. 2008-1984. 24. And that means I can buy that special bottle of wine for Damm and I to enjoy. Ha! I'm an adult! Hehe. Oh that makes me feel better. (And yes, I really do have to take a moment and figure out my age. I never think about it, see, and it's also genetic. My mum doesn't remember how old she is and never remembers when I was born-although I think that's because she believes that you're only as old as you think you are and since she can't remember, she doesn't age. Heck, she's competing in 1/2 Ironmans and she's somewhere past 50 ....bah humbug I forgot to call her to see how she did. /bad daughter.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And Thanksgiving in there somewhere!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posting from me lately. I've spent a lot of time watching the Orclette and reading and hanging out with my folks. Being here is simultaneously exhausting and relaxing at the same time.

We've got a lot of *fun* issues(looking for work, hoping for financial aid, learning to live in close quarters), so while my days have been empty they've been full of tiredness.

Turns out all my math skills have been rusting. I'm having to relearn basic algebra due to lack of use(1998 was my last class that I really used them). Its going to take a great deal of study to get them back up to Calc 1 level, and starting studying hasn't really happened.

The new dog has been a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it is -really- nice to be distracted by the dog. On the other, we've constantly had to watch her so that she doesn't do crazy things like pick fights with her brother and my parents other dog. As for picking fights she's rather passive aggressive. Acts sleepy but doesn't take crap from any other dog. Crap includes things like "looking at me funny", "walking near my Orclette", "sitting in my chair", and most famously "sniffing my butt".

Wulfa is really enjoying her new job. They seem really nice there and I think she's getting to relax while she's at work.

I have a few leads but honestly haven't started -really- searching. My mother has been kind and has tried to hunt down some, but the best two just kind of dropped into my lap. I'd really like to start working already.

As for school, it turns out that 80% of my transferred credits will not aid my degree in anyway at all. So I've got about 50 credit hours of fluff and 1 semester(14 credit hours) of things that count. Which is really a kick in the pants. On the good side it means I can pick any degree I want without losing much.

I've played a little, I keep missing Herk and Noobed when I sign into lightninghoof and so I sign back out and go piddle around with my various newb level alts. Tonight however I picked up my Alliance hunter and went out and got myself a gorilladin. They are everything advertised.

Book wise I've read more in the past week than in the past 6 months I think. Stirling's Dies the Fire was fun if a bit heavy on the Wiccan stuff for me. Saberhagen's Merlin's Bones started out great but I lost interest about halfway and decided I wasn't going to finish it. But the cream of the Cake-Pie was Hunter's Run by Geroge R. R. Martin, Gardner Dozois, and Daniel Abraham. This book was amazingly well written. It is about a Hispanic prospector who is little more than a thug. His story was surprisingly intriguing and I encourage anyone who likes scifi to try this book out.

Well, I think that is all for now folks. I need to lift weights quickly before going to bed. Unlike his Herkness I'm doing a piddly 95 benchpress. Mostly due to never having lifted weights before, I lack all the muscle mass. But anyways I need to get off and head to bed. Tomorrow I plan to be productive and busy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy News

After my rather depressing story yesterday I figured everyone deserved a happy story. My first day at B&N was a fantastic one. None of the grumpies were there and everyone else was cheerful, competent, and very willing to help out when I had questions/needed directions. It's a very relaxed atmosphere which I think is good considering it has a mall opening and that can mean it's zany. That middle aisle is dangerous to cross-those mall shoppers don't stop for anyone. A few more crazies than my previous stores but I guess that's to be expected. I'm looking forward to my next day, and I have to admit that improved my attitude about Las Cruces a helluva lot.

So, happy happy joy joy. Still don't like the brown, but I like my job. /phew.

New President

I didn't vote. I didn't even realize that it was Election Day until it was too late. I didn't think it would affect me the way it has. But I HATE not voting.

Anyway, obviously ya'll know this but history has been made. I will be watching Obama's 4 years with interest (I mention 4 because that's what he's elected for ... who knows what will happen? just so's you know it wasn't a prediction or anything). Not sure how I feel about him getting it-I would've voted for McCain/Palin. However, respect the position. That really bothered me when Clinton was in office and people would bash not just his policies/personal decisions but seemed to bash the office which he was presiding over. Bush too, though I didn't notice it as much because I just can't watch the news channels other than Fox and I usually don't watch Fox. And Rush will have plenty of fodder for the next 4 years. My first memory of driving in the car is of my parents listening to him and us begging them to turn on something more interesting. I am truly a Rush Baby.

And yeah, I just told you my political affiliations. Just so you know, I don't really care what party you belong to. I may disagree with you, I might debate a point or two, but in the end that's what's great about our country. We get to think what we want to think (hehe well, for the most part). My greatest hope for Obama/Mrs. Obama is that they actually do care for America and that their goal is to help not tear her down.

So that's the end of my first and probably last post concerning politics. I just don't get into it. I'm not a skilled debater and frankly it's a dividing issue so I'd rather not discuss it with my friends. And the whole I'm not a debater thing prevents me from getting into it with anyone else :D

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Impressions of Las Cruces. By Wulfa.

Brown. Brown brown brown. And some more brown. Damm hopefully points out the little trees and pitiful shrubbery to the side of the road and says, "Look, that's green!" I tell him that sorry darling, but that's not green. That's a wannabe plant, not a real one. The view of the mountains is pretty. The sky at night is pretty. The city of Las Cruces has way more than Springfield MO had. I just don't like Las Cruces. And that's putting it mildly. I've used the words "hate," "running away with the Orclette and Bambi," and "can I just go comatose for the two years we're here?"

BUT. We're going back to school. And the campus-well, I'm gonna remain noncommittal. Damm
is over the moon excited. I'm not yet but then one of my transcripts hadn't arrived so I wasn't able to speak to any advisers. I was a bit weirded out when the dude advising Damm told me with no shade of doubt that the History Dept. Head, Dr. Brown, would want to talk to me. Visions of interrogation about my motives, inquiries of past academic successes, and me totally forgetting why I like/want to go into history flashed through my head. All of this depends, however, on us getting enough financial aid to pay for the entire semester plus books. I did transfer to the Barnes & Noble but they have only a few hours to give me at the moment, and Damm is still looking. He impressed the manager of a lovely Starbucks who was so taken with him that she was going to mention on her conference call with all the other Starbucks manager that one of them needs to hire him. We'll see. Our schedules are so complicated because of the Orclette that it might be hard to get enough hours. This is why I think I have an ulcer forming. I have a constantly upset stomach. At least no panic attacks. I threw away all my Valium.

I start that B&N job today. I feel like I'm going to walk into a snake pit. The two friendly people were the store manager and the dude with tattoos. The rest looked my way, nodded, and went back to whatever they were doing. Or they looked openly hostile. Good grief, am I that bad looking?

Speaking of tattoos, they're scarce here. I've gotten more looks here than I have anywhere else. I actually got a disapproving one from a female. I thought Las Cruces was liberal? And it's a college town. I thought the kiddos would be more daring. Apparently not.

The Orclette is slowly adjusting. She LOVES the doggies. And wants to pet the doggies. Complication is that none of them are allowed near her. The puppies are just not dependable enough. She won't let G-ma or G-pa hold her without a fuss yet, but I'm sure that will come in time. The house isn't really toddler-proof so we have to follow her around everywhere. I think she is a wee bit jealous of Bambi. She always tries to climb into my lap when I'm holding her. Speaking of Bambi ... Bambi is getting spayed. We couldn't afford to give her IV fluids while she was under the anesthesia. It was an option, not required, but still, that was hard. She comes home late today. I'm curious to see what getting spayed will do to her personality. She acts like an old fuddy-duddy most of the time. She lapses into puppy hood when her brother is around (Max, whom I do not like-he bites me, but fortunately he stays away from me most of the time) and when the Orclette tries to play with her.

Living arrangements. WAY too many people. I'm a recluse. Always have been. Too many people distress me. My mother says I should get over it. I really wanted to drop the f-bomb on her at that point but the most I managed was "you're being SUCH a mom." (and that's about the meanest I've ever gotten with my parents. I never verbally sparred, just went out and got tattoos :) We get along fabulously most of the time but sometimes she manages incredibly painful direct hits. And these people want to talk to me. Ask me questions. Like, "what would you like for dinner?" or "what did you think of the campus?" Horribly invasive right? (in case you didn't get it, I'm being sarcastic at my expense. I don't actually think that. Well, I do, but it's not justified.) But the Orclette loves all the attention, Damm is really enjoying spending time with both his parents, and I have a nice hallway that I can retreat to. And retreat I do.

WoW has been sparsely played these days. I've been too tired. I still get on in the early mornings for an hour or two but the Orclette's naps have been taken in a car and when she falls asleep I also conk out. And there is the fact that we can't currently afford to buy the expansion. I suspect Damm might talk one of his brothers into buying it for us, but that's not certain. So .... I was waiting for that to level Beo and Wulfa. If we're not getting it immediately than I probably won't play after it's released. It would just be too painful to see people talking about it. On the bright side, I have a new hunter. She's lvl 11, a dorf. I've never had a ram mount before :D I just had the itch. I'm sure you hunters know what I mean :D

So, that's what I think of Las Cruces. Only 2 years. Then Damm will have his Bachelor's and will have a nice job again. I will have some sort of degree and will be working towards a 4-year one. That's good. Think positive. I've stopped crying myself to sleep at night, so that's a step. I have a dog. I love my dog. My dog is incredibly well-behaved when she's not around the other dogs. Damm likes it here, the Orclette likes it here. I don't even want to like it here. But that's not positive thinking.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Pictures of the Puppy ... Yet

Our new family member is a Red Heeler. I don't really know too much about the breed-Damm's dad really wanted one and one of the local shelters had a brother-sister pair. He wanted the boy. I looked at the girl and decided she was for me :D I named her Bambi. I wanted to go with Suki, a name that my favoritist car and a few WoW pets have shared but it just didn't fit her. Bambi totally did.

She's about a year old. She hasn't had any training to speak of but is remarkably well-behaved. Her biggest no-no is that she jumps up onto people. Wouldn't mind so much if it were just Damm and I but her paws are at Orclette-face level so huge big bad habit. She heeled beautifully for me on the one walk we've taken so far. She knew that when I patted her blanket next to the bed that it was her bed and stayed in it all night-no accidents either. She can sit, stay as long as I don't move away, and she comes about 50% of the time. So with a little training I'm going to have a beautiful, well-behaved animal on my hands.

I told her that her job was to protect the Orclette and so far she's taken me very seriously. At the shelter she and her brother (Max) got along VERY well but as soon as she arrived home with us she got defensive and territorial. Nothing really bad, just a bit of growling. I think-and bear in mind I'm not really in sync with the canine species' mind-that she was submissive because she had nothing to protect/do. As soon as she realized that she was in a different pack than her brother she came out of that submissiveness (at least with him) and let him know he was not boss anymore. With us and Damm's parents she's very submissive. With the Orclette she's patient, loves to follow her around, and thinks the greatest thing is to lick her face. I try to discourage that because Orclette can't tell her no and Bambi gets all excited and won't stop. The Orclette is never ever alone with the dogs, of course. Too many paws and teeth that, while I don't think they'd ever hurt any of us, could cause a lot of accidental damage.

So, I'm excited about Bambi. I'm also just a wee bit overwhelmed with all the learning I have to do. I know a bit-when my mom was training our dog Shelby she learned everything she could and passed it on to me (she doesn't do things halfway). She swears by the Monks of New Skeet (I think that's the correct spelling) and I'm going to be picking up one of their books soon.

So, that's it for now. Pictures will come later in the day, I hope-we still have loads of errands/chores to do. We're about halfway done with my list. Almost there ..... Also, impressions of Las Cruces Wulfa style is a post that will be written. Hopefully. Hehe.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Part III

Our new office
The Kitchen
The blurry dining room.
Can you find the Orclette? Also thats my sword on my Dad's pooltable.

The house! We need to get all that grass outa our yard. But otherwise awesome. We live on the right side, my parents on the left.

Pictures of the new doggie will come later tonight.

Trip commentary part II

No pictures in this version... pictures of the house are coming in part III. This is just the events that happened in no particular order.

Orclette rode most of the 16-17 hours in the car happily mashing on this alphebet schoolbus that had elmo making stupid songs. That was about 50% of her trip. 40% was sleeping very cutely. 1% was ripping up a People Magazine. and 9% was fussing. Which was rather amazing I think.

Like I alluded to in part I we had a few difficulties. I had no rearview mirror due to packing and my rightside mirror is really just two of those bubble mirrors you stick on for better sideways vision(but horrible backwards vision). Then the mirror fell off and to change lanes I had to lean my head out of the window and look backwards.

Found out Wulfa can't really drive at night because her glasses are funny like that. So we stopped in Ok. City to sleep for the night. Found out the next day that she just doesn't like driving :p... 15 hours me the rest her.

We spent almost an hour and a half in Alberquerque. 30 min in walmart and eating. an hour in traffic. 30 min to drive 5 miles. Yay for 1 wreck and two lane closings.

Got into my parents house at 9pm Wednesday. Slept a little then woke up -early- due to wulfa and orclette. Unpacked a ton and drove around finding places.

And now I have to go. Parts III and IV coming later with more pictures. We're off to pick up a puppy for my dad and make sure that I like the puppy that Wulfa picked out.

Trip Pictures and commentary.

The Organ Mountains to the east.

Pichacho Peak to the west.

Above you can see the overpass where we get off for my parents house. Also in this pic is our hotfix for the mirror that fell off midway through Oklahoma City in the middle of traffic at 6am on a 4 lane highway.

This is where we walk the dog... also below you can see more of the area.
Wulfa liked the area at first but is seriously missing the green. I'm loving all of it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Safely here. Most pictures taken. Long story.

Ask Wufa about the mirror, or the construction, or how much room we had.

Sorry would have posted last night but sleep must have.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We drove for 5 hours. Got sleepy, stopped at hotel on the outskirts of Oklahoma City(the east side).

Just woke up. Wulfa said to say she feels fat because we had burgers two meals in a row.

Hotel rather obviously had wifi.

Leaving soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving day.

Just finished clearing out all my cases and cleaning out my cubicle. Now to do something with my last 5 hours at work.

Tonight we do the super-final-last-final-clean. Then we pile into the van squeeze between our stuff and drive a thousand miles.

I'm so fidgety. My brain is gone.

I reread my last 5-10 posts and hated them. I need to take more time in posting and it shows when I quickly write something up just to have something.

Meh. More to come later. Maybe.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombies in your soup?

BBB wrote a well thought out post here: http://thebigbearbutt.com/2008/10/27/how-about-these-zombies-huh/

His commenters had some* nice replies both for and against. Go read it all. I don't have any real thoughts on the issue on way or another. I love reading everyone else's responses and stories though.

My feelings? Other than the overwhelming anti-zombie bias(CLEANSE KILL PURGE) I'm loving this event. Saturday night me and Moon went into an -empty- Silvermoon City and felt like we were in the ending scene of Resident evil. Everything dead and empty. Then Moon turned a corner and saw them. A *large* group of zombies headed right for him. We spent the next few minutes dodging in and around buildings trying to find a few surviving trainers and shoppies while not getting infected and dead-i-fied.

So yeah I love it. That doesn't stop me from foaming at the mouth and hating all zombies when I walk up to a flightpoint or AH and find it empty. Oh am I furious(CLEANSE KILL PURGE). But I'm just as furious when I get perma stunned while being ganked. And the next day I'll happily brag about my tribulations. So it is still positive.

Anyways I wanted to post my comments on the event.

*Some jerks ignored.

On Hunters Part II



thank you for coming tonight. I invited you all here for an announcement[nervous laugh]. I know I said I hate the ugly hunters... and I do I really do! But....

Well when you party with a hunter you..... well they keep making it hard to stay in melee with things.... and there is a simple solution but...

I mean... its not like I -want- to play one. I don't. They are icky. But their not vile like a lock. If only lock's didn't come with that [shiver] rp. I mean... I'm a good guy... I just don't... lock. So I had to. I had no choice.

It was that or brainlessly follow his pet healing it. And his pet never gets hurt. Or back to the melee thing where he shoots a mob and I spent 8 seconds chasing it doing no damage because I'm not in range. Or play a caster and be out of mana and drinking ALWAYS.

And it is his fault too! He won't play a class that is easier to play with. NOOOOOO he wants to play the hunter.

So I was out of options. No one can blame me.

Xuun is temporarily dropped. Playing a rogue while teaming with a hunter is the most frustrating experiance I've ever had. I loved my rogue when the idiot wasn't around. But when he was... I felt like I was being kited all the time... by my own team mate.

Also at the same time our halo friends found out we were leaving to go to NM. They asked if we would be in Xbox live. I explained that I wouldn't as I spend most of my game time in WoW. Then we all found out that almost everyone in our halo group plays wow. So after breathlessly talking at once about which servers/classes/favorite ability rotations/zones, we(me and moon) decided to use our 300% xp bonus to get a toon up to 60 on Dragonmaw so we can hang with Printessa(the cool chick who heads up the halo get together) and her guild.

So I rolled a Dwarf Hunter with Moon. Much better. No kiting issues. No cussing him out for being stupid. I mean less cussing him out.

But I had to make a post about it, because well.... last week I may have said some things about this :p. But really, the only class I could find that I like playing with moon's hunter is hunter. Which is a crying shame and shows you what a horrible person Moon is. I never have this problem when I party with Wulfa.

We'll still be doing Horde toons on Lhoof. Just dropping Xuun and probably making a Xuune instead. Who will be a hunter for the same reason.*

*Jerkface won't play ANY toon other than hunter and I hate being kited.

Oh and apparently none of my RL friends play horde. None. I think I have the wrong friends.

Moving Days

So tomorrow night is the big day :D Tonight we're packing the car. Tomorrow we're having a last meal with Damm's relatives. Tomorrow night our bed is being sold to a co-worker and we're taking off. I don't tolerate not sleeping on a bed. I had to do it whilst pregnant with the Orclette and I'm just never ever doing it again.

Damm, I know I'd said I'd go camping with you but unless you're going to put me up at a hotel for the night no-can-do.

Anyway, this way the Orclette will sleep for the majority of the trip. And we get there a day early which means more time for me to drag Damm around getting everything in order (his inclination is to relax for a day or two) before I start work on Monday. That will be interesting-it's been 2 years since I could say that I was actively in the work force. Once a week just doesn't count. I'm excited-I've decided that I'm not cut out for the stay-at-home thing. I like working part-time (full-time bleh).

Our WoW play will be limited these next few days. So will blogging, at least on my end. And my brain just gave out and I have ceased to be even remotely interesting so I'll stop the torture. Until we're in New Mexico, fairwell!