Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Okay so... now I know what all I don't know.

Yesterday I cracked open my layout options and clicked on the edit html button. Then I started fiddling. Kinda like a guy opening up an engine and unplugging things to see what they do.... with less damaging consequences.

I need a lot more graphic options and experience. I want to set up tab looking things across the top and have my blog on multiple pages. Not sure how to do that and still have blogger host it. My original idea was simply to host it on ishvi's site* and write a page for each link and fake the tabs... basically make the tabs a picture in the background. Meh....

Just brainstorming here.

Still in the last 24 hours.... and in the past 6 hours worth of study that I've put in I'm -really- happy with what I've learned to do. Html and CSS were never part of my studies in college and I greatly feel the lack somedays.

If anyone knows a good site or book for learning these things I'd greatly appreciate it. I really want tabs that don't require loading the whole page(just the section with tabs) and I'd like to just have a resource so that I don't have to google every question I have.

Well its Kara time for the boss and the mini-boss is exausted and needs agro tanking. Adios.

*not his blog... he has a domain he paid for with hosting junks. I'm not even sure I'm using the right words to describe all this.

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Softi said...

At least nothing's broken, right? ;)

I've found W3Schools to be pretty comprehensive website for html/css et al. ;)