Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sad Times

Bambi does not get along with Tawny, who belongs to Damm's mother. Several times she has been the aggressor and where Bambi goes, that's where Max (her brother and father-in-law's dog) goes. She has always been submissive, sweet, and gentle with us and the orclette. But the latest incident freaked out Damm's mother, and it seems like Bambi must go. I volunteered this solution because it seemed to be the best course of action. I still think it is. But I really wish I hadn't had to make it. So Bambi will go back to the rescue place which I have been assured never puts their dogs down. I don't much feel like getting another dog. And at the moment I hate this fucking place. Again. Please pardon my language, I don't typically use it. Only in stressful situations. Which I seem to be having a lot of.

Getting rid of Bambi, even though I've only had her 2 weeks, is possibly one of the hardest things I've had to do.


Anonymous said...

I found a doggy on 10/17 and immediately fell in love with the little bugger, I had to give him up just 2 weeks later to his original owner and I felt terrible.
Whatever empathy I can provide for knowing you're not alone, at least in the doggy situation, is gratis.

Ruune said...

that sucks wulfa. so sorry to hear this. I am a long time dog person but firmly believe that you can't take chances. Still it hurts. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about it :(

giving up a pet is very hard. i know it all too well unfortunately.

In the end, the choices are made to be for the best of all parties.

*bear hug*

klaki said...

My wife and I send our prayers. Dogs have that "magic" power that make us fall in love with them really quickly. I think it their unconditional love they express that does it. So even if you only had the dog a week, it's hard to let go.

It makes it harder when it's "your" dog. My family has always had a pet either it be a dog, cat, serveral attempts at fish (btw I have no clue why anyone would want a fish as a pet, but thats another story). All of them have been gotten for a particular sibling. The dog my wife and I have is my 1st dog (actually bought for me and my wife, and not someone else) and I can't begin to fathom my lil Angel (lab/border collie mix) not being there.

Hang in there. I know you might not enjoy the situation you're in right now, but its the goal you must keep in mind.

/pray [assist=Wulfa]

ArmsandFury said...

Sorry to hear about it Wulfa. I had to give my dog to my parents when I had Connor because he was prone to growling/snapping. It never bothered me as I had only been bitten 2x in 10 years but I couldn't take the chance of the little guy being bitten even once.

Still, I know how it is when a "new" place isn't working out. Sometimes you do things for the greater good. Sometimes you have to get the fuck out.

btw, the F word is fine with em!