Friday, November 14, 2008

RL intrudes yet again in your WoW blogging readership.

So none of my job leads have paid of so far. We've reached stage 2.

Stage 1 consisted of following up the easy glowing leads and lazily hunting for jobs.

Stage 2 is making a list of 30 places I wouldn't mind working and visiting each one here in Cruces.

Why a list? Because when you don't have a list you stop trying after about 2 because its bloody depressing.

Why 30? Because it was a nice round number. Probably should be 50 or more.

Any bank:
1: Wells Fargo
2: Bank of America
3: Bank of the West
4: Bank of the Rio Grande

Non-fastfood restaurants:
5: Outback
6: Dublin's
7: Lorenzo's

Unfortunately that call center place:
8: Call center place.

9: The university.

Hotels? I don't think they do part time.
10: The E

11: Best buy?

Bleh gonna finish this list after I help my Dad measure the new fence for the dogs who are digging through what little grass he has.

The biggest problem I have is that I don't have a good idea of where to find jobs. Once I know of a job opening I'm usually pretty good about pitching myself I just don't know where to look. Really I think a major requirement at any university should be a course in job hunting. But thats the lazy in me speaking. That guy who found Garcia would have already found 1800 jobs and been hired at 10.

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Barrhona said...

It is indeed a tough time to be job hunting. Say nothing of the economy...

Most companies are running close to their budgets at this time of the year (with the exception of retail, since they typically have fiscal year ends a few months after the calendar year). Thus, they are reluctant to authorize new positions, or often just don't hire ones they are authorized for, suck it up for two months, and make their numbers better.

A high turnover place (like the call center) or seasonal retail might have the highest chance of success.

Good luck and keep your chin up!