Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wulfa is sick.

So I stayed home to help watch the kids so she can at least do her history homework.

I bombed my Diff Eq test today. Bombed it so hard that all my previous bad grades clustered together in fear of this new monster. I'm dropping that class and taking a long look at my grasp of calculus. At least I -can- drop it. Still don't know how I did on my AC/DC Circuits test.

Good old Pike posted a list of hunter pets. Which made me want to play a hunter. Yay and stuff.

Currently have 62 of the emblem things needed to buy heirlooms after I get crusader. 6 of 100 of the emblem things to get crusader. Way more jousting in my future I'm afraid.

Wulfa hasn't really gotten to play because of her heavy workload. I've played for about 3 hours of this week(non consecutive). My /played time shows longer because I walked away afk a few times without logging off. I'm probably going to play tonight. I checked and double checked and have no homework posted yet for any of my classes. I really wish I understood why I'm doing poorly in DiffEq. I feel positive I understand the subject and my workload is NOT heavy. Bah.

Here is a copy of our week showing times from about 4am to 6pm. The red circles are Diff Eq and are probably going to be open after this week. The black X's are open. The green square is a time when my mom helps with the kiddos.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying for crusader.

I think I'm going to start pushing for crusader on Talmmerung. He's already exalted with everyone so all I need is to complete the 4 other faction Valiant of - series. So 20 days if I was a hard core ranger-boot-wearing player but more like 30 most likely for me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Congrats Pat.

Wish my team was 3-0. Statistically that means you've got like an 70% chance now of playoffs.

My DK is 59 now on Cenarion Circle. Also I went through all my alts on Kael'thas and deleted most of the chaff(deleted 2 of 10 toons.... have two others on the maybe list).

Studying Differential Equations for a test on Thursday. The teacher has really pounded details into us, and I think I'm finally adjusting to catching "honest mistakes". Are any mistakes really honest? I mean if you mess up a calculation then you mess it up.... the answer is still wrong regardless of your overall knowledge of the math behind it. Maybe it is a matter of degrees. I wish my previous math professors had been this strict.

I really like the forsaken's posture and stride. I like how they move and how they feel like they are scuttling at great speed over the ground. Their animation is one of my favorite things about the horde.

Speaking of Horde. I'm liking how realID has freed me from having to play alliance to chat with my friends who are allies. It is nice to be able to play whatever faction I want and still talk to my buddies when they get on.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Real ID

We use it.

If you are one of our old guildies who I haven't run into in ages or any of our friends who played with us throw me a line/email and lets add eachother. I've decided that being able to keep intouch was worth more to me than the possibility of keeping my endless level 10 alts secret.

The Truth of the what?

Orclette: "momma, I'm not putting on my makeup again and again. I'm not doing that, ok?"

Me: "Ok ... why are you telling me that?" (I'm thinking she wants permission to keep her sparkly lip gloss; usually we take it away because she reapplies constantly)

Orclette: "The truth of my body is that it hurts and I'm not going to go poopy."

Me: laughter